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Ironclad Miniatures

People love a birthday. You get cake. You get all your friends over. You get presents. It's a grand time.
Well, Ironclad Miniatures is turning 10 and they want to celebrate with a sale over in their webshop. So they're having the birthday and you get the presents.
Ironclad Miniatures spreads cheer in the new year with a sale over in their webshop. Saving money on minis is your new year's resolution, right? Well, why not start here?
The sale lasts until the 7th. So you'd better hurry.


From the announcement:
Ironclad Miniatures is having a special Birthday sale over on their website. It runs until Saturday, so better hurry.

Ironclad Miniatures


From the announcement:

As Its Ironcladman's birthday we thought we would celebrate with a bit of a sale. There's only a few days left so come and grab yourself some reinforcements or some of our rather splendid terrain all at 20% off!

Ironclad Miniatures has a new website they're showing off and they've got a sale going on to celebrate.


From the announcement:

After months of planning, coding, cursing, catastrophes and hard work all around Ironclad Miniatures have finally launched our long overdue website and shop. Its a new look and I hope you like it. I think its clearer and easier for you to use which is the important bit.
To say thank you and get the new year off to a good start we are having a post Christmas/New Year/ January/ website launch sale!
Its on for 7 days with 20% off everything.
Sale ends midnight 8th January

Ironclad Miniatures, starting tomorrow, will be holding a 10-day Trenchbuster sale over on their website. Go get yourself some minis for cheaper than you would otherwise.


From the announcement:

It's that time of year again with several large shows appearing over the next few months, Colours, Derby World Championships and Warfare, however it is highly unlikely that we will be attending these shows.
We therefore have decided to put an offer on for this week starting tomorrow the 10th for 7 days ending on midnight the 17th.This offer includes international orders to, because we are real nice guys!

The offer will be a trench busting 20% off on ALL of our ranges,
minimum spend £20.00
please use the code trenchbusting

Ironclad Miniatures gives you some more terrain options for your table with the release of their new barricade and bridge.

From the release:

We also have some new releases, a bit later than originally hoped for. First is the start of a new range for the French & Indian Wars. The first part is the log pallisade walls for a fort. These being based on a sketch by Benjamin Franklin.Plus a small hut or store shed.

We also have a new Stone bridge consisting of 2 ramps and a single span ( extra spans can be added). As a special pre release promotion we are offering 10% off the normal price which is £15.00.

Ironclad Miniatures is having themselves a sale online in their webshop. Go check it out.

We would like to wish all of our customers a Prosperous and Happy New Year and we would like to thank you all for your support and custom during 2012.
Over the next few days we will be having a new years sale this will last for 5 days starting from the 3rd January till the 7th of January
Spend over £10.00 get 10% discount
Spend over £20.00 get 15% discount
Spend over £30.00 get 20% discount
Our next shows are Crusade in Penarth on the 29th of January and Hammerhead in Newark on the 10th of February .
"See us at Vapnartak, York Racecourse, Sunday 3rd February 2013"
It is strongly advised to place a pre-order if there is something specific you would like from us.

Ironclad Miniatures is having themselves a sale. Go get yourself some minis for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.

From the sales sheet:

We have several new releases plus we have added some of the missing packs of figures from our lists.
Unfortunately we will not be attending Warfare this year so we are offering a 10% discount on your shopping basket this week, simply enter the code WARFARE2012 at the checkout. This offer applies to overseas customers as well. So come and fill your stockings for Christmas.
Our new releases are
BR12 Armoured Naval Brigade with rifles
CH29 Mycroft
CH30 Nell
The following packs are those missing from the list:
BR11 British Heliograph team in home service dress.
MAR05 Martian militia
SAN06 Sanwar warriors II
SAN07 Sanwar warriors III armed with hand weapons
SAN08 Sanwar lizard rider

Ironclad Miniatures won't be at Colours (and neither will I... *stifles a tear*...) but they're having a sale in honor of the event, anyway.

Unfortunately will not be attending COLOURS this year but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on getting your hands on any of our goodies. Therefore will be running a COLOURS special offer by giving you a 10% discount on everything in our shop (not including the monthly and weekly deals). This offer will end on Monday night 12pm on the 10th Sept. Oh and because we are all round good eggs this offer applies world wide!

NOTE: When at the checkout use the code COLOURSOFFER.

Ironclad Miniatures won't be at Salute, but that doesn't mean they're not having festivities anyway.

From the announcement:
This year we are unable to attend Salute, so we are offering a 10% discount on all orders over £20.00 from the 13th April until midnight of 20th April.

We are also offering 3 deals, 2 deals of the week and 1 monthly offer with savings of up to 25%.

There’s also some new Normandy houses added to the 15mm buildings range along with a small Russian chapel.

Ironclad Miniatures has posted up their new releases.

From their announcement:

"We are pleased to offer for our VSF range a tunneling machine, this is a 6 piece kit which measures approx 195mm long and 50mm high when assembled.
Also there are 6 characters, some of which are designed with more of a Steampunk flavor."
Ironclad Miniatures have added several new products to their online store. From their website:
First of our new stuff is a shop and a pair of outhouses for the shanty town range. For the VSF range there is Steam14 which can be built in 2 different configurations by adding or leaving of the forward wheel covers and has a choice of 2 guns. We have also added some new figures, ODD06 a pack of 4 civilians and ODD07 4 armed household staff. Also there is the first of the new Selenites.
  • Steam14 - Armoured 3 wheel car
  • ODD06 - 4 Civilans
  • ODD07 – 4 Armed household staff
  • SEL01 – 3 Selenite warriors
  • Shanty05 – Shop
  • Shanty06 – Pair of outhouses
We have finally finished the remastered 15mm dug-in-markers and field positions. The helicopter landing pad for the Vietnam range is done and a new section of Roman road added to the Dark Age range. These will be added to the website next week.
Ironclad Miniatures has posted an update on their website regarding the delays in order processing they have been experiencing. From their announcement:
Firstly I would like to apologise to those customers who have had a long wait for there orders, this has been due to a multitude of problems including several personal problems, a period of ill health, a high rate of moulds failing due to using a different rubber and moving the business from my house to new premises that did not go a planned. As I am only a one man band some of these issues have taken me some time to address but I am dealing with them and they are being resolved. I would therefore like to thank all those affected by this, for their patience and understanding whilst I get back on my feet. I hope to be updating the website over the next few days with some new releases and adding the models that have been out for a while now that I haven't added to the site yet.