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Friday Snippets

I've really been looking forward to this weekend. Not that the work week's been bad, mind you. It's actually gone by in a flash. No, I'm just ready for a full weekend of gaming (and article-writing, which is a direct result of the gaming). What sort of things do you have planned? Whatever it is, we'd best make sure you've got lots of energy, which can be gained from some bite-size gaming stories. We have just that for you here now.

Today there's: Moose Added to Flint and Feather Kickstarter, Final Days for Ral Partha's Kickstarter, New Jet Engines and Bases Available From Hitech Miniatures, New Pathfinder Soundpacks Available From Syrinscape, French & Indian War Canoes On Kickstarter, Khurasan releases support weapons for 15mm Modern US Army, Raging Heroes extends the Free Shipping Offer, and LOAD gives away some of their awesome hero miniatures.

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Ral Partha's Chaos Wars Dwarf, Undead, Troglodyte Miniatures Up on Kickstarter

Ral Partha has been around, making miniatures for... well... just about as long as people have been around making miniatures, really. They have miniatures older than most of the people reading this page. Well, Iron Wind Metals has a Kickstarter campaign going to bring back some of those classic sculpts, as well as bring you a bunch of new ones, along with a set of fantasy miniatures gaming rules.

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Iron Wind Metals Running Ral Partha's Chaos Wars Kickstarter Campaign

Iron Wind Metals has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Chaos Wars from Ral Partha. This is a re-release of the classic fantasy miniatures skirmish game. The 48 miniatures in the set were sculpted by the legendary Tom Meier. The minis for this campaign will be all-new casts of the master minis. The campaign has already reached their funding goal, so it's on to stretch goals, where backers will have a voice in deciding which army will be the next to be released for the project.
The campaign still has another 19 days to go.

From the campaign:
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Iron Wind Metals adds posters to their LAM Kickstarter campaign

Iron Wind Metals only has 5 days left on their Kickstarter project to fund their Spectral LAM models for BattleTech. To help them get that final push, they've added 3 posters that you can add to your totals (some levels get the posters free, too).

From the update:

Thanks to Steven Huda, we will be able to offer posters featuring his 2D art as additional rewards to our backers.

At the $70 and up level, we will add an autographed black and white 11 x 17 poster showing all three LAMs in all three modes.

At the $130 level we will add an autographed 11 x 17 color poster of the Waneta that we plan to use for the project packaging.

At the $185 level we will add an autographed 11 x 17 color poster of LAMs on Patrol. This image is in process, so the final will be a bit different.

Backers who don't qualify for the free upgrade rewards can add $6.00 for one poster, $10.00 for two or $12.50 for all three.

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Iron Wind Metals previews Hauberk Commando con exclusive

Iron Wind Metals shows off a new 2012 con exclusive they've got for this year with the Hauberk Commando.

From the website:

We have another Convention Exclusive for 2012, they will premier at Historicon this week at the IWM booth. They will be released to the web store, but not for several months. The new 28mm Battle Armor is the Hauberk Commando from Technical Readout Prototypes. Details and pictures below.

BT-258 Hauberk Commando 28mm Battle Armor $16.95
BT-259 Hauberk Commando (Running) 28mm Battle Armor $16.95

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Iron Wind Metals previews 2012 LE Atlas Battlemech

Iron Wind Metals has posted up this year's Battletech limited edition figure. It's an Atlas doing a DFA. Who doesn't love that?

From the website:

This year the convention Limited Edition miniature is the Atlas with a Jump Booster pack on. It includes a grasping and punching Right Arm - victims not included.

They will be available at Origins, Historicon, and Gen Con.

The cost is $25.00 each

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Iron Wind Metals BattleTech release schedule adjusted

Iron Wind Metals had had to adjust their BattleTech release schedule. From their announcement:
Due to unforeseen delays with packaging and sculpting, we are forced to push our release schedule back another month. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and thank you for understanding. Any questions, please contact me or Melissa at On or about week of October 10th, 2011… (Formerly September 5th) The Bounty Hunter & Technical Readout: 3058 10-050 The Bounty Hunter Set (2 ‘Mechs & 28mm scale power armor bounty hunter fig): $24.95 Includes B. H. Mad Cat S ‘Mech, B. H. Marauder II ‘Mech, and B. H. Night Hawk Power Armor. 10-051 Bounty Hunter “Companion” Mechs (4 ‘Mechs): $39.95 Includes Phoenix Hawk -3M, Cauldron-Born A, Javelin -11D, and SHD-1 Primitive Shadow Hawk 20-5019 Kestral VTOL (3058 – 25 ton): $8.95

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2010 Limited Edition Thunderbolt TDR-10M Mech available soon

Iron Wind Metals will soon be adding the 2010 Limited Edition Thunderbolt TDR-10M Mech to their online store. From their website:
IWM is thrilled to announce its official limited edition mech for 2010 - the Thunderbolt TDR-10M, 65 tons of leaping air-borne fury, will become available on the web store for the 1st time on Monday 10/31/2011. Previously available only at conventions, the Jumping T-Bolt will retail for $20.00. To celebrate its arrival on our website, IWM will also offer a special deal through the month of November. Customers will be able to purchase both the 2010 Limited Thunderbolt TDR-10M and the 2009 Limited Jumping Hatchetman for the special price of $32.00.

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Mech Scale Leopard Dropship returns

Iron Wind Metals are once again selling the Mech Scale Leopard Dropship for BattleTech. Leopard Dropship From their website:
Iron Wind Metals is happy to announce the return of our mech scale Leopard Dropship. At more than 12" long when assembled, it's sure to make an impression when added to your battlefield. Please note, this is a 9 piece expanding foam and resin kit. It will need assembly and, due to the materials used may have small air-bubbles or other slight imperfections that will need touching up before painting. This is a web store only item, and supplies will be sporadic and limited, so get yours ASAP. Price for this long awaited kit is $59.95 and the item number is MS-010

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June Battletech releases now available online

Iron Wind Metals have now added their June 2011 BattleTech miniature releases to their online store. From their website:
The following June Releases are now available for sale on the IWM online store.
  • 20-5015 Marsden II Main Battle Tank (2) $14.50
  • 20-5016 Apollo Mech Re-Issue (3055 – 55 ton) $11.95
  • 20-5017 Penthesilea Mech (TRO 3085 – 75 ton) $13.95
  • 20-5018 Karhu KHU-R1 $13.50

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