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Iron Wind Metals

Here's another chance for you to possibly break into the world of hobby gaming. Iron Wind Metals is hiring. They're looking to add a new mold maker/caster to their team. You could be part of one of th
I've really been looking forward to this weekend. Not that the work week's been bad, mind you. It's actually gone by in a flash. No, I'm just ready for a full weekend of gaming (and article-writing, w
Ral Partha has been around, making miniatures for... well... just about as long as people have been around making miniatures, really. They have miniatures older than most of the people reading this pa
Iron Wind Metals has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Chaos Wars from Ral Partha. This is a re-release of the classic fantasy miniatures skirmish game. The 48 miniatures in the set were sculpted by
Iron Wind Metals only has 5 days left on their Kickstarter project to fund their Spectral LAM models for BattleTech. To help them get that final push, they've added 3 posters that you can add to your
Iron Wind Metals launched their Kickstarter project to fund a 9 new BattleTech Word of Black Spectral LAM minis.From the project:Pewter Waneta, Yurei and Pwwka Spectral LAM mechs in ground, hybrid and
Iron Wind Metals shows off a new 2012 con exclusive they've got for this year with the Hauberk Commando.From the website:We have another Convention Exclusive for 2012, they will premier at Historicon
Iron Wind Metals put some new turret weapons and new bunkers into their webstore.From the update:The turrets for the Bunkers are for sale on the webstore now.99-602 Large Missile Launcher - $4.0099-60
Iron Wind Metals put up some new online exclusives in their webstore. Have a look-see.From the update:The following is for sale in the webstore now.BT-256 Branth Aerial Beast Infantry - In Flight $6.9
Iron Wind Metals put up some new bases and some new bunkers over on their website.From the update:We have added two new bases, Small Round Base for $0.50 and Large Round Base for $1.00.Also, we have a
Iron Wind Metals has posted up this year's Battletech limited edition figure. It's an Atlas doing a DFA. Who doesn't love that?From the website:This year the convention Limited Edition miniature is th
Iron Wind Metals had had to adjust their BattleTech release schedule. From their announcement: Due to unforeseen delays with packaging and sculpting, we are forced to push our release schedule back a
Iron Wind Metals will soon be adding the 2010 Limited Edition Thunderbolt TDR-10M Mech to their online store. From their website: IWM is thrilled to announce its official limited edition mech for 201
Iron Wind Metals are once again selling the Mech Scale Leopard Dropship for BattleTech. From their website: Iron Wind Metals is happy to announce the return of our mech scale Leopard Dropship. At m
Iron Wind Metals have now added their June 2011 BattleTech miniature releases to their online store. From their website: The following June Releases are now available for sale on the IWM online store
Iron Wind Metals have posted details, and photos, of their two 2011 convention special BattleTech figures - jumping versions of the Rifleman RFL-7X and the Rifleman IIC.
Catalyst Game Labs have posted details of the two upcoming BattleForce Starter Boxes coming from Iron Wind Metals. From their website: BattleForce is the BattleTech game of lightning-fast combat. Th
Iron Wind Metals have announced an increase on their range of BattleTech miniatures. From their announcement: Rapidly rising pewter prices have necessitated Iron Wind Metals to do an in-depth check o
Iron Wind Metals have added several new BattleTech miniatures to their online store. From their website: The following releases have been made available for sale on the web store. 20-5009 Quasit Mil
Iron Wind Metals have posted a new list of online exclusive products they are offering. From their announcement: The following items have been released as Online Exclusives; BT-217 Dragons Breath SSP