Iron Wars

Iron Wars Relaunches on Kickstarter

Ladies and gentlemen, try and keep calm. We've got a giant robots alert. I repeat, we have a giant robots alert. Ok, maybe don't keep calm, after all. Giant robots are awesome. And you certainly get plenty of them in Iron Wars. It's a sci-fi tactical miniatures game where players pilot their mech suits against their opponents, or possibly cooperatively against a common foe, as the game has both modes of play in it. They've relaunched on Kickstarter and the new campaign is going now.

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Juegorama Launches Iron Wars Board Game Kickstarter

Giant robot alert! Giant robot alert! We giant robots spotted off the port bow!
In this case, it's Iron Wars by Juegorama. The game is a tactical board game with both cooperative and competitive modes, including a campaign system. Hop into your mechs, load your weapons, and get ready to fight it out. The game is up now on Kickstarter.

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