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Iron Painter

It's halfway over. The work week is about half-done for most of us. With any luck, you're looking forward to a weekend of gaming. I might be doing some of that. But I can guarantee that I'll be doing some baking. Actually, that'll start tomorrow. We're having a chili and dessert cook-off here at the office on Friday. Then, over the weekend, I need to "pay for" a custom game mat design a friend did by baking him some of his favorite treats and sending them off. Hey, the barter system is alive and well among my friends. You do some graphic design for me and I'll bake cookies and brownies for you. But before we get to those bite-size treats, let's nosh on some bite-size gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Final Days for Cult of Barnacle Bay on Kickstarter, MASK FX Camouflage tape is back, 17 New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures, New Void Elves Available From Raging Heroes, New Orc Mechanic Available From Kromlech, and Voting For Round 1 of Iron Painter Happening Now.

Most painting competitions out there have you paint up a single piece and submit it as your entry. Wyrd's Iron Painter is like that... kinda, except for the fact that you're doing that multiple times in a row, each time with a new piece that has to be better than the last one if you want to advance on. It's painting at your highest level consistently over the course of the competition. Not many can hack it (I certainly can't!). But if you think you can, now's your chance to enter.
As I have mentioned on numerous occasions before, when it comes to painting contests, you need not worry about me swooping in and taking the prize away from you. My talent for the application of colorful goop is "barely passable" at best. So it's all the other great painters out there that you have to worry about, such as for Iron Painter, which is now taking sign ups.
Wyrd is looking for the next Iron Painter. The competition is a rough one, with painters having to produce multiple painted pieces under rather strict time limits (2 weeks per mini). The contest is single-elimination, so if you're not on the top of your game each round, you're out. Pieces can be from any company, not just Wyrd. Pieces have to be uploaded to the proper place on time in order to be judged. Do you think you can handle it? Then sign up.

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