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Iron Crown Enterprises

A good RPG is all about immersion. You don't feel like you're a group of gamers sitting around a table (or computers if you're using a VTT), but you're actually your characters out on an adventure. On
The Year of New Editions adds another name to the list. This time it's a fantasy skirmish game that's been around for over a couple decades. When a game's been around for 25 years and hasn't had much
As you've seen me type many times in the past, there's no such thing as "too many resources" for a DM/GM to draw from. Well, Iron Crown Enterprises is here to help with Guild Adventurer #4, available
Iron Crown Enterprises has released the second edition of their popular Eidolon: City in the Sky supplement book for Shadow World. I... wouldn't suggest living there if you're afraid of heights. You k
Iron Crown Enterprises has started up the brand new beta test for the Rolemaster Game System. You can get the rules for free from the Iron Crown website for free and then join in the discussion over o
Iron Crown Enterprises has released their new adventure module, Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn. The module is set for the Shadow World, using the Rolemaster Games System, and takes adventurers into
Iron Crown has released ERA (Electronic Roleplaying Assistant) for Rolemaster over on their website.SourceFrom the release:Want all the detail and excitement of Rolemaster without all the bookkeeping?
Guild Companion Publications has released their Rolemaster Combat Minion .pdf for your game-playing pleasures.SourceFrom the release:Iron Crown Enterprises have just announced the release of Rolemaste
Iron Crown Enterprises has released their Emer III sourcebook for Shadow World, the official setting for RoleMaster.SourceFrom the release:Iron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce that Emer III
Iron Crown is looking for freelance writers to create Shadow World adventures and have put up an open call to those that could be interested.SourceFrom the post:Iron Crown Enterprises have just announ
Iron Crown Enterprises lets you get your hands on a physical copy of their HARP Martial Law book by offering it in both soft and hard cover versions.From the release:Iron Crown Enterprises are proud t
Iron Crown Enterprises is bringing back Rolemaster and they want your help in testing out the system.There are (at least) two ways of rebuilding a game system and its fan base. There is the steady rec