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Corvus Belli has the next season of their organized play going for Infinity. Head on through and check out everything, including new rules downloads and scenarios to check out.
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert this time is being set off by the new releases coming for Infinity this October from Corvus Belli. I think it's pretty obvious which of the figures I'm m
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We got a first look at what's coming for Infinity from Corvus Belli, but now we get some more, including a look at the Beyond Operation Blackwind box and a couple other kits.
Well, the pre-order has been going on for a while, but August will finally see the release of Operation: Blackwind for Infinity. Check it out and other things headed for store shelves this month from
The Operation Blackwind pre-release continues. Those that sign up for it can get some free limited edition minis. One of which is Helen of Troy. Get yourself a look at this exclusive mini this preview
Blackwind Operation is the new box set coming for Infinity CodeOne. You've got just a couple more days to get in on the action. To help entice you a bit more, Corvus Belli is showing off an exclusive
I know, we just hit August, but over the weekend, Corvus Belli got their July releases out for Infinity and CodeOne. Head on over and get these new figures now.
With the release of the upcoming Operation Blackwind box for Infinity CodeOne, Haqqislam will be making its way to that game's tabletops. In this preview, we get a deeper look at what minis are coming
The new box set for Infinity CodeOne goes up for pre-sale tomorrow. It's the Operation Blackwind set and it's bringing both Haqqislam and ALEPH to your tabletops. Get a look at the box's contents as w
Are we a week and a half into July? ... Yes, yes we are. But I can't help it when companies post their news, and it was just over the weekend that Corvus Belli posted their June Releases article. Anyw
I have always loved the aesthetic of Infinity. They really have, to me, some of the coolest minis out there. And the Bultrak is no exception. Coming out in just a couple days, you can get a closer loo
"Get me a jury and show me how you can say, 'IN July' and I'll... make cheese for you." Expect to see that one a lot in the next month or so. It's one of my favorite lines. But, IN July, we'll be gett
I'm not entirely sure if this should be setting off the giant robot alert or not. I know, a lot of the things that set that off are technically not robots, but are suits or vehicles of some kind. But
Looking to give your Nomads force a bit of a leg-up in Infinity? Then Corvus Belli has just the set for you. It's the Nomads Booster Pack Beta and we get a little look inside of it in this preview.
A new set for the Ariadna force is coming soon from Corvus Belli for Infinity. If you're looking to give your collection a bit of a boost, this is just the set for you. Head on through and take a look
What's coming for Infinity this June? Glad you asked. Corvus Belli has posted a gallery with a look at these upcoming figures.
Later this month, Infinity players will be able to get their hands on the ITS Season 13 Special Tournament Pack. Want a closer look at some of the minis coming in it? You're in luck. That's just what
Come what May? These come. From Corvus Belli anyway. They've posted up their Infinity releases for you to check out and start saving up your nickels for.
Lots of new renders to look at for some upcoming Infinity figures. Corvus Belli is showing off the upcoming Morat Aggression Force Action Pack units.
Some new Infinity releases are on the horizon. Just what's in store? Well, glad you asked. We've got a preview of these upcoming figures just a click away.
Yes, we're more than a week into April. Look, it's been a rough couple of years. Getting stuff at all sometimes seems like a miracle. Anyway, Corvus Belli has their March releases up in their webshop
At Adepticon, Corvus Belli showed off a preview video of some stuff they're working on for Infinity. If you weren't at the show (like I wasn't), then you might feel that you missed out. Well, now you
The Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack is a new kit for Infinity that's available to pre-order now from Corvus Belli. In this article, they take a deeper look at all the minis therein. Also, if you p
The Raveneye book for Infinity is up for pre-order now. And you want to get your name on that list to get the book because that's the only way you can get a pair of exclusive minis. We get a deeper lo
Pre-orders were just opened up for Raveneye, the new book for Infinity. But, if you're looking to get one for nothing at all, you can head over and put your name in the hat to win one from Corvus Bell