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TGN Sunday Snippets

It seems that for most, this long weekend has been a rather rainy one (I know I've had plenty of plans altered by the skies opening up and dumping down rain everywhere). I hope you're keeping dry and safe out there. Might just want to play some games inside. Or you could do like me and cook something. I've got Italian Beef in the crock pot and even though Christmas was several days ago, I decided to make another fruitcake (I enjoyed the first one so much and had enough leftover ingredients).

Speaking of bite-size morsels, let's get you some bite-size stories for your Sunday.

Today we have: Deathball v1.5 Released, Polyversal 6mm Sci-Fi Miniatures System Kickstarter Teaser Posted, New Dice Trays from Tectonic Craft Studios, and Infamy Miniatures Running Goblin Chieftain Kickstarter.

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Infamy Brings The Black Market to Salute 2015

Infamy is another vendor headed to Salute this Saturday, and they'll be bringing the Black Market with them. Not, like, the real black market, or I'm sure the Bobbies would be waiting for them. No, this Black Market is full of steampunk-inspired miniatures goodness. Many of the miniatures are pre-releases that won't be available for general retail until sometime next year. Those that can't make the show can also go online to make orders for certain figures as well, but only on Saturday. check after the cut for details.
They'll also have demos of their game, Welcome to the Big Smoke. Sign up early to make sure you get to try it out.

From the announcement:
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Infamy posts greens, teasers

Infamy Miniatures is showing off some greens, some renders, and some sketch art over on their Kickstarter page.


From the preview:

I'm writing to you from my office in the new Infamy HQ, where there is now the wonder of working internet. Huzzah! This means that I can get on with all sorts of communication type stuff I've been restricted on. What better way to celebrate than with an update?

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New preview renders for Infamy

Infamy Miniatures has posted up some more preview renders for their game.


From the post:

Dave Kidd has finished up the Pigeon on the Tea Machine and it looks bloody amazing! These renders of the final model show two pigeons on top. These are two mounting options and once it's printed I'll work out which will work best. I may include both in the kit, it will depend on castability.

What better way to celebrate the easy availability of a nice cup of tea than taking a look at another model? Having a nice coffee perhaps, but I fear that may be sacrilege around these parts! ;)

The most recent model sculpted by Adrien Debos is Princess Outis. This enigmatic visitor to the Big Smoke is an expert at navigating the waterways of the city. When she's on land she uses her spear gun and trident to pin down or round up her enemies, so she's a really useful addition to your gang if you want an element of control. Her model's looking pretty shiny too!

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Progress and cheeky new shenanigans from Infamy

Infamy lets us know how things are progressing with their Kickstarter campaign with a look at some new renders.


From the post:

Hello everyone,

I know you folks sometimes get a bit restless when there are no developments, so I'm just dropping in to give a bit of an update. Not too much of note to report as for the most part, stuff is just ticking along.

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Mr. Kingdom unchained by Infamy Miniatures

Infamy Miniatures unlocked Mr. Kingdoms over in their Kickstarter campaign. There's only 4 days left. If you want in on the action, you'd better do it soon.

Mr Kingdom


From the campaign:

Stomping in to unleash mechanical retribution on the gangs of the city, Mr Kingdom is going to be an outstanding model - a visual treat! He is quite a specialist - rather too big and stompy to fit into a normal gang (unless the other was to take a Suppressor to counter him, which could be lots of fun!) so like the Suppressor, he has some extra options.

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Infamy posts Kickstarter Q&A

Infamy Miniatures has posted up a Q&A about their upcoming Kickstarter project. Be informed before you pledge!



From the post:

When is the Kickstarter launching?
On Thursday 10th July at 8pm BST (12 noon PDT, 5pm EDT, 9pm CET).

How long will it run?
The campaign will run for 21 days, finishing on Sunday 3rd August at 10pm BST (2 pm PDT, 6 pm EDT, 11 pm CET).

What pledge levels will there be in the Kickstarter?
I have a wide range of pledges ready to go, starting at £1 for Digital (to get access to the living rulebook only) and £3 for Gateway (a basic buy-in where you can then add whatever you choose to your pledge) going all the way up to Lifer at £1,750 (every Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke release forever).

I suspect the pledges folks will be most interested in will be:
Skirmish - £55 - Four regular minis, one large mini and early-access to the Living Rulebook (Save £18 on RRP)
Battle - £85 - Six regular minis, two large minis and early-access to the Living Rulebook (Save £33 on RRP)
Massacre - £130 - Eight regular minis, three large minis, one x-large mini and access to the Living Rulebook (save £53 on RRP)

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Wamp and Infamy offer chance to win free miniatures for life

Wamp has teamed up with Infamy Miniatures to bring a contest that could get you models for life.

From the contest (note, everything is happening over on Wamp, not here):

Wamp has launched it's latest contest sponsored by Infamy Miniatures. The contest features a whole host of prizes. Every entrant will receive £8 Infamy credit, and a chance to win every Infamy release for a year.

There are also prizes for category winners too.

The Best In Show winner will receive a copy of every Infamy Miniature released forever!

For full details visit Wamp

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