Inuds Miniatures

New Elephant miniatures avialable from Indus Miniatures

Indus Miniatures has new elephants miniatures over in their webshop.
All you Romans better be on the lookout.


From the announcement:

Indus miniatures has released there first series of elephants. Their are two resin bodies and two resin heads so you mix and match. The crew will sold individually so you can create your own.

ELE01 Unarmored trunk down
ELE02 Unarmored trunk raised
ELE03 Unarmored Body A
ELE04 Unarmored Body B
ELE05 Mahout
ELE06 Drummer
ELE07 Standard bearer
ELE08 Musket firing
ELE09 Bow
ELE10 Holding musket
ELE11 Spear

Thanks for looking.

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New releases from Indus Miniatures, Ghazis

Indus Miniatures has new Ghazi miniatures available over in their webshop.


From the release:

These sculpts are meant to represent Muslim warriors called Ghazi's. They were mostly of Arab, Turkish, Persian and Afghan origin. They were used as raiding parties to demoralize the enemy. The can be also used as fanatics. They can be used from 1500 till 1900.

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Indus Miniatures holding their 2-year Anniversary Sale

Indus Miniatures is having themselves a sale in honor of their 2-year anniversary.

From the announcement:

To celebrate our Two year anniversary I am offering 20% off everything in the whole store!

I started this out as a personal project since I thought India was not well represented in miniature wargaming especially in 28mm. At that time I was going to make the miniatures just for my personal use but then decided to offer them to the public as a part time venture. Well since then of course my “day job” has had me so busy I have yet to play a game with my own figures I have created! But I am committed to completing the range with all the unique fighting units of India. The elephant masters are cast in resin. Just waiting for the crew to be completed. The will also be elephants with howdahs added and armored elephants as well.

I want to thank everyone for their support and business and look forward to another year of exciting releases.

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Indus Miniatures offering free shipping for all of September

Indus Miniatures is offering free shipping for orders over $30 for the whole month of September.

Free shipping on all orders over $30 for the month of September at Indus miniatures. This includes all US and overseas shipments.

Also sign up for the email news letter to stay up to date with the latest releases and sales.

Cheers AShok

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Indus Miniatures having a summer sale

Indus Miniatures is having a red-hot sale in honor of the red-hot temperatures outside.

From the update:

We are having a summer sale here at INDUS miniatures. Everything in the store is 20%off through August 18th. Now is a great time to purchase some of the the recently released codes. To receive some your discount just use"Summer20" at the check out.

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Indus Miniatures releases Indian Rocket Men

Indus Miniatures has released some new Indian Rocket Men over on their sight, burning out their fuse up here alone.

From the release:

Indus miniatures releases Indian Rocket men. These can be used through out India from teh 1600's through the 1700's. They were used against European armies as well during this time. They would also be interesting additions for Pulp or Imagination armies.

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Indus miniatures new releases: Indian Infantry and Commanders

Indus Miniatures have new Indian Infantry 10-packs as well as new Indian Command units.

From the announcement:

Indus miniatures releases multi part Indian Infantry . These figures can be used from 1600 all the way through the Indian Mutiny. They come with arm and shield options. They can also be used for any Pulp or Imaginations army.

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Indus Miniatures Workbench Update

Indus Miniatures have posted some work in progress pictures of projects they are working on:

From their website:

Indus miniatures is developing multi part Infantry for India that can be used from the 1700's through the 1800's. They can used for Palssy, Assaye, Indian Mutiny, Imaginations, Pulp gaming...what ever you decide. The Shields are optional and the right arms can be positioned how ever you desire.

Thanks Ashok

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INDUS Miniatures is Offering a Sale on Select Products

INDUS Miniatures is offering special deals on select items from their webstore:

From their post:

25% off Sale on select codes!

IND01 Hindu/Indian Militia 3 different poses w/ sword shield 3 pack
IND02 Hindu/Indian Archer Standing Archer 3 pack
IND03 Hindu/Indian Archer Kneeling Archer 3 pack
LDR02 Leader Armored leader/chainmail over face single
LDR03 Leader Armored leader/helmet with point single
LDR04 Leader Militia leader sword raised/looking back single

Thats only $1.50 a figure. Just use the coupon code "CRAZY25" at check out

This sale is good through 2/5/12 Midnight EST.

Regards, Ashok

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INDUS miniatures new releases

INDUS Miniatures releases new miniatures, including a cannon, its crew and a bodyguard.

From their announcement:

Indus miniatures has just released two Indian cannons with crew. These can used from the 1700's all the way through the 1800's.

Also released were Silaposh Bodyguards - these were picked men of the Indian Raja's. These can be used for actions during the 1700's.

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INDUS Miniatures releases Indian Cavalry

Indus Miniatures releases new 28mm Indian Calvary models on their website.

From their announcement:

INDUS miniatures releases Indian Irregular cavalry or Pindari. These are meant to represent the Irregular cavalry that fought in the various wars through out India. They would have served in the armies of the various Princes, Mughals, Europeans, Sikhs etc. They can be used from 1650 -1850's.
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INDUS releases The Marathas

INDUS Miniatures have released their Marathas figures. Maratha cavalry command From their announcement:
INDUS Miniatures releases "The Marathas" of India. The Maratha Confederacy was an Indian imperial power that existed from 1674 and 1818. It was founded by Shivaji. He waged war with the Mughals for 27 years from 1681 to 1707. The longest war ever waged in India. They also fought three wars with the British.

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INDUS Miniatures now open for business

INDUS Miniatures is now open for business offering a range of 28mm miniatures for the War in India period. Indian Rajput Leader From their announcement:
Indus miniatures will be producing 28mm miniatures for "War in India". We will be covering from 1650 to 1850 but some of the figures could be used for earlier or later periods. We will be producing elephants, camels and artillery. These figures are being sculpted to be compatible with most other 28mm ranges on the market now. The Maratha Infantry and cavalry are off to the caster and should be available in the next couple of weeks. Indian Light cavalry and/or Pindari are on the workbench now. Best Regards, Ashok

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