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Inuds Miniatures

Indus Miniatures will have themselves a Black Friday sale over in their webshop.SourceFrom the post:We are offering 20% off all codes now through 12/5/13. Hope everyone has a great holiday.
Indus Miniatures has new elephants miniatures over in their webshop.All you Romans better be on the lookout.SourceFrom the announcement:Indus miniatures has released there first series of elephants. T
Indus Miniatures has new Ghazi miniatures available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:These sculpts are meant to represent Muslim warriors called Ghazi's. They were mostly of Arab, Turkish,
Indus Miniatures is having themselves a sale in honor of their 2-year anniversary.From the announcement:To celebrate our Two year anniversary I am offering 20% off everything in the whole store!I star
Indus Miniatures has several new squads of infantry available now on their website.From the announcement:Indus miniatures has just released Baluchi tribesmen. These can used for any wars in India from
Indus Miniatures didn't want to wait until the pumpkin pie was digesting to start their Black Friday sales. So, they started early.Black Friday comes early to Indus miniatures. Everything in the store
Indus Miniatures is offering free shipping for orders over $30 for the whole month of September.Free shipping on all orders over $30 for the month of September at Indus miniatures. This includes all U
Indus Miniatures is having a red-hot sale in honor of the red-hot temperatures outside.From the update:We are having a summer sale here at INDUS miniatures. Everything in the store is 20%off through A
Indus Miniatures has released some new Indian Rocket Men over on their sight, burning out their fuse up here alone.From the release:Indus miniatures releases Indian Rocket men. These can be used throu
Indus Miniatures have new Indian Infantry 10-packs as well as new Indian Command units.From the announcement:Indus miniatures releases multi part Indian Infantry . These figures can be used from 1600
Indus Miniatures has some new French and British Sepoy models to add to your collection.From the release:These new codes now available:Early Sepoy HeadswapsSEPY04SEPY05Hindu Archer HeadswapsIND04IND05
Indus Miniatures have posted some work in progress pictures of projects they are working on:From their website:Indus miniatures is developing multi part Infantry for India that can be used from the 17
INDUS Miniatures is offering special deals on select items from their webstore:From their post:25% off Sale on select codes!IND01 Hindu/Indian Militia 3 different poses w/ sword shield 3 pack IND02 Hi
INDUS Miniatures releases new miniatures, including a cannon, its crew and a bodyguard. From their announcement:Indus miniatures has just released two Indian cannons with crew. These can used from the
INDUS miniatures Announces a Sale:From their announcmeent:INDUS miniatures is having a 20% sale on everything in the store good through 11/28 midnight EST. Just use the coupon code on the website.
Indus Miniatures releases new 28mm Indian Calvary models on their website.From their announcement:INDUS miniatures releases Indian Irregular cavalry or Pindari. These are meant to represent the Irregu
INDUS Miniatures have released their Marathas figures. From their announcement: INDUS Miniatures releases "The Marathas" of India. The Maratha Confederacy was an Indian imperial power that existed
INDUS Miniatures is now open for business offering a range of 28mm miniatures for the War in India period. From their announcement: Indus miniatures will be producing 28mm miniatures for "War in In