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Grindhouse Games gives us a look at the Incursion Assets cover art in this preview.SourceFrom the preview:We're still nailing down the Backerkit. I guess I was premature when I said 48 hours a week ag
Grindhouse Games is showing off the 3D render they've been working on for the Drop Trooper for Incursion.SourceFrom the preview:Hey all! Jim here. Been on vacation for a few days. Looks like the Drop
Grindhouse Games is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter. They've just broken through their $120k stretch goal but can hopefully go even higher.From the update:John and I have been digging d
Grindhouse Games has posted up a game play video for their new version of Incursion over on their Kickstarter campaign.From the update:100k! Right on! That's a pretty neat milestone. In celebration, J
Grindhouse Games posted their pledge manager preview for their Incursion Kickstarter campaign up so you can see how you can order things.From the update:We have uploaded our pledge manager version 1.0
The Esoteric Order of Gamers recently sat down with Jim Bailey from Grindhouse Games and chatted about Incursion.From the interview:Incursion is back! Grindhouse Games have resurrected this fantastic
Incursion by Grindhouse Games has made it over their funding goal as well as their first stretch goal over on Kickstarter.From the update:Okay, bear with me. I'll try to be brief but we have lots of t
Grindhouse Games has added on some new pledge levels and add-ons to their Incursion Kickstarter campaign.From the update:2 new pledge levelsSNAFU- includes SNAFU, Exclusive Gretel figure (plastic), an
Grindhouse Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd edition of the Incursion board game.From the campaign:Hi there! Thanks for checking us out.My name is Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games an
Grindhouse Games shows off the box contents for the upcoming Incursion set as well as talks about how they see distribution of the game to work after their Kickstarter.From the update:Incursion will n
Grindhouse Games shows off some more artwork for Incursion with a look at Rosie.From the preview:We have a real treat for you all this afternoon. Rosie rendered!
Grindhouse Games has posted up some more preview artwork for the upcoming release of Incursion.
Grindhouse Games is rereleasing Incursion. They've posted up the new box art and wanted to show it off.From the preview:Box art for the upcoming rerelease of Grindhouse Games Incursion
Grindhouse Games is showing off more artwork for Incursion and has set a tentative date to start their Kickstarter.From the announcement:Hey people, we'll likely start the kickstarter August 1st. We'l
West Wind Productions is also offering a sale price on the Incursion boardgame. From their announcement: From now until September16, the Incursion boxed game, normally £35.00 will be available from W
Grindhouse Games is having a sale on their Incursion Weird WWII boardgame. From their announcement: Sale time. Yippee. Okay gang, as you probably know, space at the Grindhouse is a precious commodity
Fenris Games have added 50mm Incursion bases to their online store. From their announcement: We've just introduced a new set of 50mm military industrial bases designed specifically for Grindhouse G
Grindhouse Games have updated their online store with photos of a painted example of the Incursion Gracie walker. From their website: Head on over to the online store and check her out. Tom really
Grindhouse Games have posted photos of a painted example of their Incursion Panzeraffe miniature. From their website: Okay, I know we just did this whole big hooplah thing this morning, releasing S
Grindhouse Games have officially released the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion Weird War boardgame. SNAFU is available from their online store and will soon be available from stores. They have also p
Grindhouse Games have added a free PDF with additional components for the Incursion SNAFU expansion. From their website: Since some of you are starting to receive your pre-orders today, you'll probab
Grindhouse Games have posted a reminder about the upcoming end of the pre-order period for the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion boardgame. They have also posted a preview of a painted sample of the B
Grindhouse Games are extending their deadline for pre-orders of their Incursion SNAFU expansion and have also posted a preview of a painted sample of the new Blitzhund miniature.
West Wind Productions has a pre-order special on the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion boardgame. From their website: Pre-sale ends here, Monday 9th May. Orders ship mid June 2011. Deal contains the
Grindhouse Games is now offering a pre-order deal for all of the items that are being released as part of the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion boardgame. From their website: Pre-sale ends here, Wedn