Imperial Skies

Imperial Skies Rulebook Now Available

It's the end of the 19th Century. Technological innovations have made it so man and machine have taken to the skies in large numbers. Smoke-belching behemoths ply the airways as they patrol for enemy flying ships. The enemy is spotted! To battlestations! Wings of smaller aircraft take off, looking to intercept the enemy forces. Massive flying battleships, dreadnaughts, cruisers, and destroyers engage in combat far above the Earth's surface. That's the story behind Imperial Skies, which is available now.

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Imperial Skies Wargame Up On Kickstarter Now

Up, up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful ballooooooon!
Granted, I doubt in that song they expected that the balloons would be equipped with cannons and having to worry about returning fire against an opponent. Well, that's what the airships in Imperial Skies have to deal with. It's a new alternate-history game that's up on Kickstarter now.

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