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Imperial Assault

It's just been a big weekend for releases, it seems. Well, if your wallet can handle even more, Fantasy Flight has new releases for three of their Star Wars games available now. For Legion, there's the Phase II Clone Troopers, B2 Super Battle Droids, and the Saber-Class Fighter Tank. If you're one for Imperial Assault, you can get the new Gray Cap Cantina Raid game mat. Last, but not least, Star Wars RPG players have the new Starships and Speeders book available to them.

When you make a game that's app-driven, you can release new content by simply creating an update for the app. And that's what we have here from Fantasy Flight. They've created a new scenario for Imperial Assault and all you need to do is head over to the Legend of the Alliance app and grab it for yourself. Check out The Gray Cap Cantina Raid.

Happy Friday Eve! I know I'm ready for the weekend, mostly because I get to play some D&D on Saturday. Need to see if we can go get our Rogue back after they got... somewhat-willfully-kidnapped. It's a long story. But anyway, D&D means possibly some terrain, and we want to make sure everyone's gaming tables look as good as possible.

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Happy Friday Eve, everyobody. Also, I realize that it's now spring. A new season is upon us. My week is still extremely busy and just racing by, so let's get you some terrain before we race into the weekend.

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Mondays... I mean, I get why Garfield wasn't a fan. I'm not really thrilled with them, either. But waddyagonnado? To have a weekend, you must have a week. And everything has a beginning. So we're at the beginning of the week. However, I did do some baking over the weekend, and so the office will be able to partake in dark chocolate cayenne pepper brownies, chili powder dark chocolate chunk cookies, and a pumpkin pie (no strange twists on the pumpkin pie. I just like pumpkin pie). And something, something, something, tie-in with terrain.

Today in the terrain corner we have: Fantasy Flight Games Releases Playmat for Fallout Board Game, New Imperial Assault Playmat Now Available, and Pwork Wargames Halloween Sale Coming This Week

As we all expected, the weekend has ended and we're back in the regular week. But it's not all bad. We've got a good week ahead of us. Then we can get back to the weekend in a couple days. And when we get there, we are gonna need some good-looking gaming tables.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Imperial Assault Map Available From Fantasy Flight, Dungeonfog Is Releasing The Dragon, Blue Nebula Gaming Mat Available From Loke Battlemats, Gardbuk Shrine Terrain Up On Kickstarter, and Industrial Ruins Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

Grand Admiral Thrawn.

He's a fan favorite from the Star Wars extended universe that's managed to survive the culling after the franchise was sold, so manic are fans for him. And he's making his way to Imperial Assault tabletops. The Tyrants of Lothal expansion, as well as four more Ally and Villain packs are all available now.

One thing about having a game with a digital app is that you can release new expansions for the game simply digitally. That's the case with the new Jabba's Realm adventure for Imperial Assault. Those of you with the Imperial Assault app can simply download the thing and start playing. As long as you've got the base game and the physical version of the expansion, a whole new set of adventures awaits you.

One thing with having apps for your games is that you can release new content electronically. And that's just what Fantasy Flight has done for Imperial Assault. Those of you with the game, the app, and the Jabba's Palace expansion can get a new campaign to play through. Just download it and off you go! This new adventure will be available at the start of next month.
Ok, so it's Monday, and nobody really likes that. But at least for me, it's going to be a short week at the office. We've got Wednesday off, and then I'm taking off Thursday and Friday for a nice bit of a summer vacation. I'll still throw some posts your way, though. Don't worry about that.
Anyway, as it's Monday, let's make sure your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Imperial Assault Map From Fantasy Flight, New Fantasy Terrain Available to Order From Mantic, Heroic Maps - Explorer: Travelling Merchants, and Urban Ruins MDF Terrain Available From Pwork Wargame.

There's two ways to play Imperial Assault. You can either go with the board game missions, or you can play as a miniatures skirmish game. The rules are slightly different, as are the objectives. In this preview, we get a look at the skirmish items coming in the Tyrants of Lothal box set.
There are a couple different ways to play Imperial Assault. You can just build your own forces and play against your opponent in a skirmish-style game. However, there's also the narrative campaigns. In this preview, we get a look at the campaigns for both the Rebels and the Imperials in the upcoming Tyrants of Lothal expansion.
Some people might've thought that since Fantasy Flight came out with Star Wars: Legion, that maybe Imperial Assault would get left behind. It does seem like it's been a while since the last expansion came out, but that will soon change. Fantasy Flight's announced the Tyrants of Lothal expansion, as well as several Ally and Villain packs.
It's President's Day here in the States. That means that many people are off of work. Hey, at least that means clearer roads around here today. I can certainly dig that.
But, as it's also a Monday, it means we need to make your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Mos Eisley Back Alleys Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault Now Available; Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Desert City - Streets, Rooftops & Markets Now Available; Frontier Land Games Releases River Town Map; and Frosty Plain Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

Apps can help make your favorite board games run smoother. They can be used to track resources or turns or health or all manner of other items. It can also turn a game from a competitive one into a cooperative one. That's what you get with the Legends of the Alliance App for Imperial Assault. If you want to get in a game, but want to work together as a team, you can just fire up the app and have it take on one side of the conflict for you. It is available to download now.
Games are, by their very nature, competitive. Someone is going to win, in the end. However, some games have all the players working together against the game, itself, instead of against one-another. Imperial Assault wasn't originally a cooperative game. It was one player as the Light side and one player as the Dark side. Well, with the Legends of the Alliance App, coming soon for the game, you'll all be able to join up on the same side and fight together.
One of the most iconic things about the Star Wars universe is the Force. It's basically what makes the space wizards in the setting work. Many of the main heroes and villains have access to this power, and three are making their way to your Imperial Assault tabletops. You can now get Emperor Palpatine, Darth Maul, and Ahsoka Tano Hero and Villain packs.
The Force is a very influential ... umm... force in the Universe. Those who can tap into it gain powers and abilities far beyond a normal person. For Imperial Assault, three new powerful Force users will soon be making their way to your tabletops, two for the Dark Side, one for the Light. In this preview, Fantasy Flight Games gives us a peek at what we can expect.
Gen Con this year has been everything I was expecting it to be. Mostly: filled with awesome stuff to see and filled with lots of people! Saturday has always been the busiest day, and yesterday was no exception. And while there was a mildly-noticeable larger crowd, we weren't all packed in like sardines, for the most part. You could still get around to see all the great booths here at the show. Though taking pictures was sometimes difficult. But take them I did. And here they are for you to see.
Imperial Assault can be played two ways. You can just get your forces together and battle against your opponent as a skirmish game, or you can have more of a board-game feel and go with the Campaign Mode. Well, if you choose to go the latter, you'll be excited to know that a new campaign is coming in the Heart of the Empire expansion. And, we get a preview of it here.
It's back into the office for most of us. Hopefully your weekend went well. I didn't get any tabletop gaming in, but I did have a great time with a friend I'd not seen in a bit. So I can't really complain. Also got a ton done around the apartment. But next week there will possibly be gaming. So, better make sure my gaming table looks as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Survival Range Releases From Antenociti's Workshop, Dust Town: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargames, Fantasy Flight Games Releases Swamps of Nal Hutta Map for Imperial Assault, and British Street Items Available from Warlord Games.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a couple new expansions planned for Imperial Assault. But that's the future. In the here and now, though, if you want some new figures, there's a trio of Hero and Villain packs now available.
Fantasy Flight Games has announced a couple new expansions coming out for Imperial Assault. There's a new big-box expansion called Heart of the Empire, which takes players to Coruscant, the capital of the Empire. As is usual, with the big box comes several smaller hero and villain expansions. There'll be several of those, too, bringing you characters like The Emperor, Ahsoka Tano, and fan-favorite Darth Maul.
The Rebel Alliance is always looking for more people to join the cause. They don't have the rigid structure and industrial capabilities like the Empire, and so each member of the Rebel Alliance must be extra resourceful and capable. That's certainly the case with Hera Syndulla. And don't forget her droid, C1-10P. You can soon add them to your games of Imperial Assault, as they've got an Ally Pack coming out. Take a look.
"Finder's keepers." It's basically the Jawa motto. Certainly, if they come across some droids out in the desert, they're going to claim them as their own. And soon, that "what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine" attitude can make its way to your Imperial Assault games with the Jawa Scavenger.