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Impact! Miniatures

Wednesday is spelled wrong. - Demitri Martin Yeah, I am sure I've used that before, but I love Ice Bear, so there we are. Anyway, it's the middle of the week. Halfway back to the weekend. Then, Gami
We're halfway there, folks. Halfway back to the weekend. Woo! After this, it's just that slide downhill. I've got D&D coming up. I'm ridiculously happy about that, as I'm hoping we can finish off
Wildspire Hero & Animals & Troll for DND Miniatures 28mm
Impact! Miniatures is no stranger when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns. In fact, they're currently working on their 40th. In this case, it's for a trio of new fantasy football teams. There's the Ogr
Halfway there, everyone. We're halfway there. The weekend is making its way inexorably towards us. And it's a 3-day weekend, too. It's looking like I'll be getting in some Guild Ball on Sunday, along
Halfway there.We're halfway to getting back to the weekend. Methinks I'm going to take it easy this weekend. I found out my LGS is going to be absolutely packed with several events running for games I
This week feels like it's going by quickly. I was waking up this morning and went, "whoah... it's already Wednesday." Seems those podcasts are helping. Either that, or it's because I'm pretty busy ove
The week of "getting back to usual" continues along. Of course, we'll get back off schedule a little, since it's a 3-day weekend here in the States. But still, good to be on schedule while you can. Bu
It's amazing how different a figure can cost when made out of different materials. I know that's pretty common knowledge, but it still often blows my mind. Case in point: Impact! Miniatures and Royal
Well, with a company name like Impact! Miniatures, it seems only right that they've got some teams out there for fantasy football (it's sort of what they were known for before they went into the chibi
As we've seen from time to time here on TGN, games can occasionally go from one company to another to be produced. That happened with Impact City Roller Derby. Impact! Miniatures originally created it
Wednesday already? This week sure seems to be moving along. That's very much not a complaint, mind you. I've got board game day coming up this Saturday. We're also going to be starting our new D&D gam
The work week continues along. It's already half-over, in fact. Hopefully yours is going well. Mine's not been great, but I'm making it through. Got board game day at the library coming up this weeken
The week rolls on. We're halfway there. The weekend is ever-closer as time marches on, and other sayings of "it's not yesterday anymore!" It seems people around me are feeling a bit drained. Tuesday w
Who else here is looking forward to the re-release of Blood Bowl? I know I am. But what if you don't want to use one of the teams that comes with the official re-release? Thankfully, there's plenty of
And now for Fantasy Football of another type. Impact! Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign to get a couple new fantasy football teams created. There's a Human team and a Chaos team they're loo
Impact! Miniatures keeps rolling along with their Chibi Dungeon Monster 2 Kickstarter campaign. They've been headed through stretch goals, unlocking 7 new Chibis. The campaign is just about to enter i
Impact! Miniatures took a bit of a break from them for a while, but now they've launched another Kickstarter campaign. This time it's expanding their Chibi Dungeon Monster range. And it seems people a
Impact! Miniatures got a new Kickstarter campaign underway. This one's for Earthdawn fantasy RPG minis.SourceFrom the campaign:The Earthdawn RPG mixes the familiar with the exotic; dwarves, elves, and
Airships vs. Aliens, from ZN Games and Impact Miniatures, has added a new game system to their Airships vs. Aliens miniatures Kickstarter.What would you rather do, defend the Earth or invade it?Source
Impact! Miniatures has added new insectoid monsters and alien ships to their ZN Games Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:Impact! has added 3 Insectoid dungeon monster miniat
Impact! Miniatures has their latest Kickstarter campaign off the ground. This time it's for fantasy minis and steampunk airships for ZN Games.SourceFrom the campaign:Impact! Miniatures is working dire
Impact! Miniatures has just a couple days left in their Chibi Pony Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. They've made 3x their goal, so check out the unlocks and extras for the campaign before it's too la
Impact! Miniatures has made it well over their goal for their Chibi Pony Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. They're now headed their way though stretch goals, as well as to GenCon.SourceFrom the update
Impact! Miniatures has launched a new Kickstarter campaign. This one's to fund new Chibi Pony Adventurers minis.SourceFrom the campaign:Looking for great adventures and monsters for your next Ponyfind
Impact! Miniatures is in their final hours for their Little Urban Achievers campaign.They've added some new dice.Abide.SourceFrom the campaign:Okay so Chris and I are blown away with how well this pro