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Imagine 3D Miniatures

From my experience, every gamer has "a game they're working on" in some various stage of development. Sometimes it's just a different RPG system. Sometimes it's a new card game. Other times it's a ful
It's sometimes rough to try and find just the right miniature for your army or RP character. You can spend hours surfing online, looking through catalogs of figures and never quite find the right one.
Battle Game Mat -3X Double Sided Battle Board
Well, we're mostly caught-up here after the Expo last weekend. Still a few things to deal with, but my inbox was actually down to a manageable level after going through it yesterday. Of course, it's n
The work week is coming to an end. We've once more made it to Friday. *does Friday dance*It's been quite an exciting week, what with all the Zombicide previews. I know a lot of people are excited for
Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope the week has been treating you well. I've... actually been sick this week. Don't worry, I've made sure to disinfect every post just before it goes up, so you shouldn'
Friday has once again graced us with its presence. We may be battered and bruised from the work week, but the end is here and your reward is a couple days to do whatever you want (well, not whatever,