Blighted Ogrun Added to Iron Kingdoms RPG

Everblight has spread his vile corruption all across the north, bringing the northern elves under his control, along with the ogrun that inhabited the region. These already-really-hearty creatures were made even tougher and more fierce. If you'd like to torment your players with these lumbering behemoths, Privateer Press is here to help.

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Privateer Press Posts New Blindwater Info for the IKRPG

The Blindwater Congregation is easily my favorite faction for Warmachine/Hordes. Sure, I might own more Cygnar, but I mean... c'mon! Gatormen! And with the release of the new box set, more people than ever are getting into that faction. And they want more! And PP's here to deliver. They've posted up a bunch of expanded info for using the Blindwater in your games of the Iron Kingdoms RPG.

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Privateer Press Holiday Sale Happening Now

Privateer Press is getting into the holiday season with their Holiday Sale happening now. If you want any Privateer products, or have been wanting to try out their various game systems, they've got quite a lot of bundle deals going on.

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Privateer Press Announces December Releases

Privateer Press is letting people know what sort of things they can expect to be released in December. Hey, fall's here. So that means Christmas is coming (as are the other winter holidays, of course). Start making your list for the gamer in your life. If they play Hordes, Warmachine, or the IKRPG, there might be something there for them.

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The Undercity and Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Skorne Empire are now Available

The Iron Kingdoms seems like they'd be a pretty terrifying place to live. You've got all the countries you know of at war with one-another. There are hidden armies everywhere that don't belong to any particular nation that just like to rampage around. There's all manner of frenzied beasts that lurk in the shadows. And even in the center of "civilization" in a big city, the tunnels and sewers are filled with horrific things. Thankfully, there are brave individuals who are ready to take on such menaces.

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Photo Galleries from Day 2 of Gen Con

Day 2 is about to be in the books (as it's only got about 15min. left and then I'm going to go to sleep). It was quite a wild and busy Friday. The frantic-ness of Thursday turned into a more calm, but no less busy Friday. Everyone was buzzing about the games that they'd picked up the day before or tried overnight.

I, of course, once more made my rounds of the place and got some galleries of photos over on the TGN Facebook page.

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Review Roundup

Hey there everyone. Welcome to Saturday. Hopefully you're having a good day. If you missed it, be sure to check out the Age of Sigmar rules that Games Workshop posted.
If you're in the US and you're celebrating Independence Day, be sure to be careful with those fireworks.

I'm taking a moment from the cooking that I'm doing. What am I making? Well, I've got hamburgers and hot dogs that I'll have later. I'm going to make some crawfish gumbo. On the sweet side of things, I'm making cheesecake with strawberry glaze and then chip'n'mint cookies.

But that's as may be. At the moment, we've got our Review Roundup.

This weeks reviews/previews include: Unleashed RPG, Spyfall, Cockroach Poker Royal, Specter Ops, Ember: Shadow of the Demon, Star Realms: Crisis Expansion, Tuscany, Patrol Angis, Don't Be That Guy, and Swords and Bagpipes.

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Bad Moon Rising Adventure for IKRPG Now Available

Theeeeeeere's a bad moon on the rise.
Or, for those that like misheard lyrics, "Theeeeeeeeere's the bathroom on the right."
I wouldn't go out tonight... instead, you can stay in and play the new adventure for the Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press. The adventure's titled Bad Moon Rising. And in a world where werewolves are not-all-too-uncommon, I'd say that if something called the "bad moon" where anywhere near around, going out is bound to take your life.

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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

I hope Saturday is treating you well and is currently, or soon will be, full of gaming goodness.
I've got a little hobby project I'm working on for an upcoming review article. Obviously, details on that will be made specific soon when the piece goes up on the site.

Anyway, it's time again for another Review Roundup, where we take all the gaming and hobby reviews we found throughout the week and present them to you here.

In this batch, we've got reviews/previews of: Warlord Games' Wrecked House terrain piece, Citadel Crusade Figure Case, Forbidden Desert, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics - The Spanish Army Expansion, Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit, Dreams of Dystopia, Gamboni, Barnyard Legions, Dogs of War, Cthulhu Wars, and DC Dice Masters.

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Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Core Rules Released

Privateer Press lets you take a walk on the wild side with the release of their Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Core Rules book. Effectively the "Hordes" side of the IKRPG, Unleashed gives you and your players lots of new options for gaming in Western Immoren. Want to fight Bog Trogs? You can. Want to fight Gatormen? You can. Want to be a Farrow? You can. Go wild! Really wild! You can download a preview .pdf from their website to check it out, too.

From the website:
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Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit Available in Stores Now

Privateer Press has released their Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit (you could say that the kit, itself, has been unleashed). Inside you'll find all you need to get some games of the IKRPG going (with an emphasis on the Hordes sides of the Iron Kingdoms). There's an abridged rulebook, pre-generated characters, miniatures for heroes as well as villains, a ruler, maps, and tokens. Let out your wild side.

From the announcement:
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Privateer Press Announcements from TempleCon (UPDATE)

Privateer Press has announced Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG. This is the Hordes side of the IKRPG. There's a special variant cover also available for the book as well. Check below the cut for an intro video.


Update: Here's a link to the Keynote address from Privateer Press from the show: Keynote

From the post:
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Iron Kingdoms RPG Review posted on Play Board Games

Privateer Press shows up again on Play Board Games as their Iron Kingdoms RPG book gets reviewed.

From the review:

The Iron Kingdoms RPG sets you on your way to discover this world of fantasy, sorcery and technology. Magic and machine meet and you can use them as you set off for adventure in this mystical and mechanical world.

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Privateer Press announces Book 2 for the IKRPG

Privateer Press has announced the second book for the IKRPG. This one's called Kings, Nations & Gods.

From the announcement:

Take your adventures to new heights with this exhaustive guide to the people and nations that form the heart of the Iron Kingdoms—Cygnar, Khador, Llael, Ord, and the Protectorate of Menoth. Explore the steam-driven core of a world of conflict and epic adventure with a wealth of information that brings these nations to life in stunningly vivid detail.

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