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Are you hungry when you get up in the morning? Cthulhu certainly is, especially when he's been sleeping for so long. Now, it's up to the cultists to get him something to eat. That's where you come in
In today's society, damn-near everything you want to do runs on electricity. For electricity to work, electrons need to be able to flow. And making sure they can is what you're trying to do in Flash 8
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook
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A thousand years ago, there was a great empire, ruling over all the land. However, this land of mysticism soon broke apart into the current Kingdoms today. But, each ruler of those kingdoms wishes to
As the weather warms up, the flies come out. It's already gnat season here in GA. You can be just going along your merry way when suddenly what seems like a billion little bugs are buzzing around your
Moriarty, one of the most diabolical characters in all of history, has rigged explosives all around London's greatest monuments. It's up to Sherlock Holmes and his assistants to find them, disable the
With a lot of us stuck inside, there's a chance that your old games may have become a bit stale if you've been playing them a lot. But since we're not supposed to go out, getting new games isn't alway
Normally, when you see a little bunny, you're all, "d'aww! Wookit da widdle bun-bun!" But when your bunny sets off the giant robot alert...
The land has been torn asunder by war. Different regions have been carved out. But each looks to reunite it under one banner. Whose armies will be triumphant in the end and whose kingdom will rule the
These are strange times. Most of us should stay home and just play some games. Well, if you're a fan of King of Tokyo and have been wanting to get the new Dark Edition that's coming out, there's some
King of Tokyo: Dark Edition is a new take on the classic monster-fighting board game. It's a deluxe edition that takes place in a dark and twisted world. iello's showing off the next beast that will b
In a dark and twisted reality, monsters are attacking Tokyo... Which is pretty much like it is in the real world, too, but such is life in King of Tokyo: Dark Edition, a new deluxe version of the game
A good friend of mine got married at the start of last month. To keep him calm before the ceremony, we sat around and played board games. It was my first chance to play Decrypto and I enjoyed the game
Can you figure out the hidden word? That might seem pretty easy. But what if you want to really flex your nerd cred and muscle? If so, you might have to figure out the hidden word in Klingon. Yes, the
Farmini is a new board game from Loki, the more kid-and-family oriented brand from iello (yeah, I didn't really know about them, either. iello had a poll recently asking who did know about them and mo
Bunny Kingdom is a pretty cool drafting game. I've rather enjoyed the game or two I've played. If you've liked it as well and have been wanting simply more, you'll be happy to know that Bunny Kingdom
Who doesn't like getting something for free? Also, who doesn't like winning things? Add the two together and you've got winning things for free. And that's what iello has for you. You can enter to win
It's 2019 and iello wants to start off the new year with a giveaway. They're looking to send you a copy of Heroes of Blackreach just for putting your name in the hat and being the lucky winner. Head o
We're about to hit the holiday season and people will be getting and giving gifts. The folks over at IELLO are looking to get into the gift-giving spirit by giving away a copy of their 8Bit Box game.
Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean that all the treats are gone. Iello is looking to add to your goodie bag with a copy of the Anubis Monster Pack for King of Tokyo/King of New York. Head ove
Who doesn't love getting something for free? And who doesn't love to be a winner? If you're the one who wins the Decrypto Giveaway from Iello, you can be both those things. They're giving away a signe
Saturdaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! All the woo! Continuous woo!And, as I'm sure many of you are well-aware, it's the last Saturday before Gen Con. So get in all the prep you can now before heading out for the sh
Gen Con is still several weeks away. But IELLO thinks that waiting that long is silly. They're already getting prepped and set by having four days of free stuff they're handing out to lucky gamers. He
All those in the room whose first console was an Atari 2600, raise your hands.*raises hand*So, all of you that played those games where 8 bits even seemed kinda crazy, you've probably got some nostalg
Hard to believe, but King of Tokyo has been out for 7 years now. For a game, that's pretty old. Iello is looking to celebrate by adding a new monster to the game. But what monster to add? They've deci