Idyllwild Games

Thursday Terrain Corner

We're rocketing our way through this week. I thought weeks before a holiday were supposed to drag on. But that has definitely not been the case. Labor Day Weekend is coming up and that, for those that live in Atlanta, means Dragon Con. I guess it means that for anyone, but especially for those of us here in Atlanta. 400-southbound is generally busy as I'm driving north on my way to the office. Today it was a parking lot, even at 6:15am. I'm sure it'll be that way tomorrow, too, as everyone heads downtown for the party. From what I hear, though, there's already plenty of partying going on, even last night.

But that's not what we're here for. We're here to make your gaming table look awesome. We're here for our Terrain Corner piece.

Today's entries include: Impudent Mortal Entry Level 28mm and 15mm Terrain System on Kickstarter, Idyllwild Games Dark Age Outpost Up On Kickstarter, and Miniature Building Authority's KickStarter begins on September 7th.

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