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Hysterical Games

As the snow gently falls on the bombed-out no-man's-land between the trenches, it almost seems a strangely surreal scene of tranquility among all the carnage. The Great Dwarven War rages on between the Dwarves and the Orcs, the two groups huddled in their own trenches, looking to celebrate Hognachtswatch in their own way. Then, without warning, a futbowel ends up being kicked up across the Orc lines and over to the Dwarven side. As the Orcs duck down, expecting the Dwarf side to open up with machine guns and artillery, instead, there's just call of, "Oi Orcy, doz youz fancy a game?"
That's the story behind Panzerfäuste - Futbowel, a new, stand alone game from Hysterical Games.
It's always great when I hear news about Kickstarter campaigns delivering to their backers. Sure, a lot of them are, unfortunately, late. There's a lot of campaigns that do ship on time. Then you've got the cases of campaigns shipping early. That's somewhat rare, and I think it's awesome and should be pointed out. As such, I say to you that Hysterical Games has delivered to their backers 6 months early and now have Wave 1 of their releases available in their brand new webshop.
Welcome to Sunday. We're glad to have you here. I hope your Saturday was good. Mine involved a Battle Chef cutting down raiders with a Horse Butcher. It was a good time. "Here, eat this." is apparently going to be a catchprase for him, especially when dealing with the Intelligence 8 Half-Orc Barbarian that's also part of the party.

But that's as may be. Let's get on to a sampler of bite-sized stories for your Sunday afternoon.

A quick one for you today. This batch includes: Happy Seppuku's Base and Terrain Stamp Upgrade Kickstarter, The Deathless Unlocked in Panzerfauste, and the final week for Smoking Aces on Kickstarter.

What would the battle of Helm's Deep be like if the Elves had machine guns? What if the Orcs had grenades (you know... besides that one big one)? What if Hobbits came with towed artillery? That's answered with games of Panzerfauste. The game takes place in an alternate WWI-esque world where there's more than just humans. There's dwarves and orcs and elves and all that fun kind of stuff. They're up on Kickstarter now and looking for some funding love.
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You've made it to Friday. Congratulations!
You should reward yourself with some gaming. Or perhaps take in a movie. *opes the paper to see if anything good is playing right now* ;)

However you choose to spend your weekend, be it fighting against robot hordes, or just watching them on the big screen, hopefully you have a good time.
Before that, though, we've got our usual grouping of some bite-sized stories for you.

This batch includes: Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers (Handgunners) Kickstarter On Now, New Pipe Works Terrain System From Mechanical Warhorse, New Pre-painted 28mm Boxes and Crates from 4Ground, Era: Lyres nearing the end of its Kickstarter, New Pulp Alley figures and weapons from Statuesque Miniatures, Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Flamethrowers, Blood and Bone RPG - Goal Surpassed, Hysterical Games previews Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfaüste, Predastore Releases Arrow Predette, Bad Roll Games Previews Junkers Starter Pack Artwork, Dog Might Games launches The Adventure Case Kickstarter, Limana Games posts War of Wonders Kickstarter Preview, MidKnight Heroes posts W.I.P. Leonide, and Dragon War- Riders of Ashara Table Top Miniatures Game Kickstarter Announced.