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"Third time's the charm" is a rather old saying. Well, here's to hoping that old saying holds true for Hylaria, the card game of storytelling and secret codes that's back up on Kickstarter now. Can yo
You ever have a group of friends that you talk with so often you'll end up coming up with a new language with them? Like, a whole set of in-jokes and phrases that only you really understand? If you do
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!The weekend is halfway done. Hopefully you got a chance to get some gaming in, or will be doing some today. I've got some photos of minis to take. Or at least, that's the plan.
FableSmith has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Hylaria, their new board game. In the game, teams create secret codes (the message is all scrambled, it's actually from Thompson, not to him) in