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Black Friday Sales

Just about every company out there is having some sort of Black Friday sale (many of them already started). Well, I figured I'd help out by collecting a bunch of their announcements into one spot for you.

We have sales from: NonsenseMiniatures, Voodooworx Miniatures, Tercio Creativo, Victoria Miniatures, Deep-Cut Studio, e-Minis, Hydra Miniatures, Micro Art Studio, Kromlech, Hyacinth Games, and Advanced Deployment.

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Hydra Miniatures' Summer Sale

Yes, summer. I know most of you reading this are in the Northern Hemisphere, but we have quite a lot of readers down south of the Equator, mostly in Australia (watch out for drop-bears, mates!). And there, it's getting to be summer.
Thinking about it makes me want to watch The Endless Summer again...
Anyway, as it's soon to be summer, Hydra Miniatures is having themselves a sale.

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Mid-Week Snippets

Wednesday. Is there a day that personifies the progression of the week more than Wednesday? We've made it through Monday and Tuesday. Thursday and Friday are ahead. Stuck in the middle is Wednesday. Saying "it's all downhill from here" isn't exactly the right phrase, but you get the gist of what I'm going for.

Anyway, we've got another set of bite-sized news stories for you for today.

In this bunch we have: Hydra Miniatures posts Retro Raygun Preview Video, Recon Force Alpha PDF From Finger and Toe Models, Alewood - A Modern Tabletop Drinking Game Preview, some new installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Sally 4th Releases Public House from range of photorealistic building kits, Tabletop-Art Previews Upcoming 32mm Bases, Queen of Hearts WIP & New Bases for your miniatures by Kabuki Models, Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Pistols, New Release: 15mm Stalingrad/Russian Buildings from Novus Design Studios, New 6mm scale superheavy tank pre-orders from Gregster's Lab, and New Steampunk Bases From Fat Spider.

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Hydra Miniatures' Week-Long Holiday Sale happening now

Hydra Miniatures is running a sale all this week over on their website.


From the announcement:

Hydra Miniatures is running its annual Holiday Sale with 25% off all items. The week-long sale will start on Friday, November 29th (Black Friday) at 12:01 am EST and will run until Saturday, December 6th at 12:01 am EST. All items are on sale including our new releases listed below:

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Hydra: Holiday Sale and New Products

Hydra Miniatures now has their holiday specials up and running on their website.

From the update:

Hydra Miniatures will be having its annual Holiday Sale starting Monday, November 26th (Cyber Monday) through Sunday, December 2nd. All Hydra products will be 20% off and will include new 30mm Valkeeri support troopers and the Akarr, our first alien race for our new range: Xeno 15.

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New 15mm sci-fi range from Hydra Miniatures

Hydra Miniatures has started up a new line of 15mm Sci-Fi figures. Check out the first releases:

From the update:

For the last few months, the staff at Hydra HQ has been infected with the 15mm sci-fi bug. While there are many exciting 15mm sci-fi manufacturers, we’ve decided to put our own spin on the genre with a comprehensive range of aliens—Xeno 15.

The first releases were sculpted by one of our favorite sculptors: Ben Seins, the “Monster Master.” The Akarr are a race of humanoid aliens who used to be slaves. After overthrowing their masters, they are now raid human settlements to bring human slaves to their homeworld. Their hunting parties are lead by the largest of their kind--the Akarr overlords.

The warriors of the Akarr are arranged into two types: Stalker squads (long range weaponry) and Razor squads (close combat). Heavy firepower is provided by Inferno squads equipped with particle cannons and heavy meson beamers.

These miniatures are now available from Hydra Miniatures for 20% off as part of our Holiday Sale. You can see the whole range here. We hope you enjoy our new Akarr models and we are working on vehicles to support the range. We have two other alien races in pre-production and will be assigning these projects to sculptors soon. Stay tuned for more information about Xeno 15.

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Hydra Miniatures: New Releases and Sizzlin' Summer Sale

Hydra Miniatures has themselves a sale going on in this summer heat. Also, they've got a bunch of new releases. Check 'em all out!

From them to you:

Hydra Miniatures is excited to announce the following new products are available now in our online store:

Retro Raygun
-Optio (robot squad leader)
-Queen Mechanika
-Robot Legionnaire Command Squad

War Rocket
-Space Pirate class 3
-Space Pirate class 4

Primal Dawn
-Ugg spearmen (3 new poses)

In other news, we regret that Hydra Miniatures will not be attending this year’s Gen Con due to prior obligations. However, we wanted to hold a “Sizzlin’ Summer Sale” since we won’t be in attending the con. All Hydra products (excluding new releases) are 20% off. In addition, MiniaturicuM paint racks and Rattrap Productions rulebooks are 15% off. The Sale runs from Tuesday, July 31st until Tuesday August 7th approximately midnight EST.

Thanks again for your continued support!

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Free Space Pirate PDF released for War Rocket from Hydra Miniatures

Hydra Miniatures has a free Space Pirate PDF available on their website for their War Rocket system. They've also got some actual war rockets they're working on as well.

From the announcement:

Hydra Miniatures is pleased to release Space Pirates, the first fleet supplement for the War Rocket. This FREE 14 page PDF details the history of space piracy in the War Rocket universe, features rocket stats for the Space Pirates, and introduces new crew and equipment customizations. The Space Pirate PDF also includes the Squadrons of Infamy—three new pirate fleets from our Space Pirate Clan Contest winners as well as a short story from War Rocket creator John Douma. You can download the Space Pirates PDF from the “Downloads” section of our website.

We are also excited to show you the first official images of the Space Pirate class 3 and 4. These models will be available for purchase, along with new models for Retro Raygun and Primal Dawn, starting Tuesday, July 31st. We will also have a special announcement on Tuesday. Stay tuned!

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Update from Hydra Miniatures HQ and preview of Robot Queen

Hydra Miniatures might not have been posting much lately, but that doesn't mean they haven't been busy.

From them to you:

Although things seem dead at Hydra HQ, we have been very busy creating new products. We are putting the finishing touches on the free Space Pirate PDF and will be releasing the Space Pirate class 3 and class 4 in a few weeks, probably the week of July 16th. In addition to the Space Pirates, we are also releasing a few new Retro Raygun miniatures. We are especially excited to be releasing Mechanika, Queen of the Robot Legion sculpted by the immensely talented John Winter.
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Hydra Miniatures has new exclusive UK retailer

Hydra Miniatures has a new exclusive distributor in the UK!

From the announcement:

Hydra Miniatures is proud to announce that Wargames Emporium is now our exclusive retailer in the United Kingdom. Wargames Emporium has been a major retailer in the UK gaming scene for over 16 years. They have two stores with the main shop in historic Sheffield and the other shop in Mansfield.

Wargames Emporium are active convention retailers and will attend 18 wargaming shows in the UK this year. The conventions they attend include 'Salute' which is the biggest UK show as well as 'Claymore', the largest show in Scotland.

Wargames Emporium stocks the entire War Rocket range as well as a large assortment of our Retro Raygun range. Their have an online store at www.wargamesemporium.co.uk and a direct link to Hydra products can be found here.

We are excited to add Wargames Emporium to our worldwide network of retailers which also includes MiniaturicuM in Germany and Phoenix Forge in Australia.

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Hydra Miniatures Announces War Rocket “Pirate Clan” Contest

Hydra Miniatures is holding its first contest in which they ask the fans to create their own pirate clan:

From their website:

Attention, Pirate Lords!
The vast universe is filled with numerous bands of marauding space pirates. Each of these space pirate fleets is unique and led by an infamous individual who has proven themselves to be skilled and "honorable" to the pirate code. Hydra Miniatures is asking its fans to contribute to the world of War Rocket by designing a Space Pirate clan. The winning fiction and images will be used in the upcoming Space Pirate PDF for War Rocket.

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Hydra Miniatures Announces Thanksgiving Sale and December Releases

Hydra Miniatures Announces Thanksgiving Sale and December Releases:

From their announcement:

It's that time again. Hydra Miniatures is running a Thanksgiving weekend sale that includes all items in its online store. The four-day sale will start on Friday, November 25th (Black Friday), and will run until Monday, November 28th (Cyber Monday.) All War Rocket, Retro Raygun and Primal Dawn miniatures and rules are 20% off, including the following new releases:

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Hydra release Valkeeri and Space Pirates

Hydra Miniatures have released their 28mm Valkeeri and Space Pirates figures. Valkeeri From their announcement:
Hydra Miniatures is pleased to announce that the 30mm Valkeeri troopers and Space Pirate class 1 rockets are available for sale in our online store. The Valkeeri were masterfully sculpted by veteran sculptor John Winter of TinMan Miniatures. John did an amazing job of capturing the natural beauty of the women of the ’40s and the ’50s, and has sculpted a total of six Valkeeri miniatures. War Rocket fans will be excited to know that the Space Pirates are ready for launch. Although the full Space Pirate fleet is still in development, the Space Pirate class 1 rockets are being released. Sculpted by David Leppink (Sublimate), these sleek dart-like rockets are armed with unique weaponry on their wing pods.

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Hydra Miniatures GenCon preview 3

Hydra Miniatures have posted their third preview of figures they will had available at GenCon 2011. Valkeeri Leader From their announcement:
Hydra Miniatures is extremely excited to present our third and final Gen Con Indy preview featuring our latest 30mm range: The Valkeeri. The name of these buxom but deadly space amazons will be familiar to War Rocket fans. These curvy women were masterfully sculpted by veteran sculptor John Winter of TinMan Miniatures. John did an amazing job of capturing the natural beauty of the women of the ’40s and the ’50s, and has sculpted a total of six Valkeeri miniatures for our initial offering. Our two leaders are supplied with separate capes, so you can attach them or not. Our four troopers will be available as single miniatures or as a unit with one of the two Valkeeri leader variants.

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