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Hotz Mats

Hotz Mats Felt River Systems is designed to look natural, to look good on any gaming table, to lay flat, and to be affordable: From their website:Geomorphic Felt River System: The river systems sets a
Hotz Mats produces hundreds of game mats, including creating many custom game mat designs for customers all around the world:From their website:The Bargain Game Mats webpage is for Game Mats that are
Hotz Mats now offers weathered felt roads:From their announcement:We had a number of customers request weathered roads because they felt our current line of felt roads were too new looking. We now hav
Hotz Mats have added a small hex based Gladiator Arena Game Mat to their range of felt gaming mats. From their announcement: Small Hex Based Gladiator Arena Game Mat: Especially designed for the sm
Hotz Mats have added a 6mm Paved Felt Road System to their online store. From their announcement: The 6mm Scale Paved Felt Road Systems are 2 inches wide and depict the standard 2-lane highway. Th
Hotz Mats have posted photos of a 1/285th scale sci-fi game using their Dirt Planet game mat. From their announcement: I managed to put on a demo game last Friday, July 8th, 2011 at the Trumpeter C
Hotz Mats have released the Enhanced European Field Game Mat. From their announcement: The Enhanced European Fields game mat was primarily designed for air combat games, but can be used for land base
Hotz Mats have added 2D Felt Craters to their terrain offerings.From their announcement:Over the last few months we have had a number of requests from customers who saw our Dirt Planet, Moonscape, Gre
Hotz Mats have posted a photo of a custom Ocean Front Game Mat they created for a customer using their Dirt Planet mat as a base. From their website: We had a customer request an Ocean Front game mat
Hotz Mats are now offering Command Game Mats with 4" hexes. From their website: We have been working on this game mat for a while, but because of our busy schedule, we didn't get the time to announ
Hotz Mats have announced that they will be releasing three new mat designs in June. From their website: We have been working on three product releases and these should be released in June. One of the
Hotz Mats have released a new game mat designed for use with Command And Colors or similar games.? From their announcement: The Command Game Mat is designed for those gamers who play: Battle Cry, Co
Hotz Mats have released the Green Planet Game Mats. From their announcement: After months in the works, the Green Planet game mats are now available. Green Planet mats are specifically designed for