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Hotz Mats

Hotz Mats Felt River Systems is designed to look natural, to look good on any gaming table, to lay flat, and to be affordable:

From their website:

Geomorphic Felt River System: The river systems sets are geomorphic, which allows you to make rivers in endless lengths and gives you an endless array of layout possibilities.

Hotz Mats Felt River Systems sections come ready to use: no cutting or painting is required, they lay flat on any gaming surface (works best on gaming mats and/or flat carpets), are easy to transport and store, folds/creases that may develop during storing are easily and quickly ironed out, designed to last many years of normal gaming use and look great! This product is designed to be light weight, take normal gaming punishment and should last you a very long time.

Felt River System Sizes: The Felt River System come in 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 inch widths, which are the most common widths required for most games. Other sizes will be released at a later date.
Hotz Mats produces hundreds of game mats, including creating many custom game mat designs for customers all around the world:

From their website:

The Bargain Game Mats webpage is for Game Mats that are either a little less than perfect due to minor imperfections, were prototypes/experimental for later production game mats, or were customer orders where the customer changed their order after their game mat had already been produced. In many cases, the customer changed their minds at the last minute on the hex size they wanted on their custom game mat (this happens more than we would like). In most cases the game mats listed on the Bargain Game Mats webpage are perfect, flawless game mats. If there are imperfections, these are noted in the game mat description. The game mats listed on this page tend to sell quickly so do not hesitate -- what is listed today, may be gone tomorrow.
Hotz Mats now offers weathered felt roads:

From their announcement:

We had a number of customers request weathered roads because they felt our current line of felt roads were too new looking. We now have weathered roads available, although due to the heavy volume of Christmas orders were are receiving at this time, these are not currently listed in our purchasing pages. To purchase, just send us a price request to:

Our felt road systems are inexpensive and give you a lot of product. With our 6mm roadway set, you get 27 feet of roads (2 inch wide); our 25mm roadway set No.5 gives you over 33 feet of roads (6 inches wide). Both scales of felt road are available as weathered roadways.
Hotz Mats have added a small hex based Gladiator Arena Game Mat to their range of felt gaming mats. Gladiator Arena Game Mat From their announcement:
Small Hex Based Gladiator Arena Game Mat: Especially designed for the smaller gladiator combat games.
  • Game mat measures 14x14 inches/40 x 40cm (approx)
  • Arena is 12 Inches across (x12 one inch hexes - measured flat-side-to-flat-side)
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy store
Hotz Mats have added a 6mm Paved Felt Road System to their online store. 6mm Paved Felt Road System From their announcement:
The 6mm Scale Paved Felt Road Systems are 2 inches wide and depict the standard 2-lane highway. The 6mm roads vary in length from 7 to 22 inches in length and come in sets. Each 6mm set gives you over 27 feet of roadway for $35 USD. These roads can be custom ordered so ALL the road lines are printed in white and can also be ordered weathered to appear as if they are an older roadways (this is great for Sci-Fi games). Our road system allows you to make a highway road system as big or as small as you need. Roadways are designed to be geomorphic and therefore gives you an endless array of roadway layout possibilities. Hotz Mats Paved Felt Highways sections come ready to use: no cutting or painting required, they lay flat on any gaming surface (works best on gaming mats and/or flat carpets), are easy to transport and store, folds/creases that may develop during storing are easily and quickly ironed out. Unlike printed paper roadways, which often do not last beyond one or two games before they have to be reprinted, our felt road system will last a life time and beyond.
Hotz Mats have posted photos of a 1/285th scale sci-fi game using their Dirt Planet game mat. Dirt Planet game mat From their announcement:
I managed to put on a demo game last Friday, July 8th, 2011 at the Trumpeter Club, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This proved to be a fast paced, fun and fierce playing game. The miniatures shown in the photographs are all 1/285th scale, including the terrain (trees, resin building models, rough terrain markers, roads, etc). All game mats used in this game: the Ocean Front Game Mat, the Dirt Planet Cratered Game Mat, and including the Felt Highways System, are produced by Hotz Mats. The Craters on the game mat are actually 2D craters airbrushed onto a Dirt Planet game mat. This is our standard Dirt Planet game mat with craters. Our 3D cratered Planet game mats are only 2, they just look 3D! Our game mats are available with or without craters, or you can purchase the craters separately as individual pieces.
Enhanced European Field Game MatHotz Mats have released the Enhanced European Field Game Mat. From their announcement:
The Enhanced European Fields game mat was primarily designed for air combat games, but can be used for land based "hedge row" fighting typical of the Normandy region of France, but can also serve as anywhere in the world where fields and hedge/tree rows are common. This game mat not only features airbrushed fields and pastures but also has airbrushed trees/hedges that commonly line the edges of fields and pastures. The 1, 1ˆ and 2 inch hex pattern is perfect for 1/300th and 1/600th scale games; 3 and the 4 inch hex pattern is the perfect match for air combat games in both 1/300th and 1/144th scale games; whereas 5 inch hex mats are great for use with 1/144th and 1/72nd, all the way up to 15mm scale games land based games.
Hotz Mats have added 2D Felt Craters to their terrain offerings.

2D Felt Craters

From their announcement:
Over the last few months we have had a number of requests from customers who saw our Dirt Planet, Moonscape, Green Planet and Ice Planet game mats, to produce individual 2D felt craters. As individual pieces they can be placed onto a game mat, which adds to the flexibility of our game mats by allowing the customer to use a game mat with or without craters.

  • 2D Felt Craters are crater artwork airbrushed onto felt to look 3D and are designed for use with 6mm to 30mm scale games.

  • Felt craters ship flat so they won't wrinkle or crease and they are inexpensive: each crater is around 0.90¢ USD.

  • Each Felt Crater Set contains twenty-two craters in four sizes: x12 small (2.75 inch width), x5 medium (3.5 inch width), x3 large (4.5 inch width) and x3 very large (6.0 inch width) craters.

  • 2D Felt Craters won't interfere with your miniatures' placement or movement because they will lie flat on the gaming surface.

  • 2D Felt Craters come in Earth Green, Moonscape Grey, Dirt Planet Brown, Desert Brown, Mars Red, and Ice Planet White. The crater colors are designed to match our line of game mats perfectly.

Ocean Front Game MatHotz Mats have posted a photo of a custom Ocean Front Game Mat they created for a customer using their Dirt Planet mat as a base. From their website:
We had a customer request an Ocean Front game mat. The customer wanted this game mat to be 72 x 36 inches without a hex or square grid. The customer wanted a beach front mat that could be placed over his Dirt Planet game mat, but to have the ocean wrap around the craters on the mat. In other words, he wanted an ocean front mat that could overlaid onto of another mat, but to make the two look as if they were one single mat. We liked the results so much that we made one for ourselves.
Hotz Mats are now offering Command Game Mats with 4" hexes. Command Game Mats with 4 From their website:
We have been working on this game mat for a while, but because of our busy schedule, we didn't get the time to announce this its availability until now. We now make Command Game Mats with both 4 and 5 inch hexes. For more information and photo gallery, go: Here. Purchase pages can be accessed: Here
Hotz Mats have announced that they will be releasing three new mat designs in June. From their website:
We have been working on three product releases and these should be released in June. One of the new products was actually completed in July 2010, but because of the complexity of the product, we needed to set up additional equipment. Hopefully, this will be completed before the end of this month. Our new print screens should be in our studio by Friday after which we will conduct tests to ensure they are working properly (last month one of our new print screens had to be sent back due to an error; this caused us a two week delay too production of the product).
Hotz Mats have released a new game mat designed for use with Command And Colors or similar games.? Command And Colors style Game Mats From their announcement:
The Command Game Mat is designed for those gamers who play: Battle Cry, Command and Colors Ancients, Command and Colors Napoleonics, Memoir'44, Anticamente or similar games and want to play their games using miniatures. Our Command Game Mats will accommodate 15mm, 20mm or 28mm miniatures. Command Game Mat are 13 hexes in length and 9 hexes in width and are available in Earth Green and Desert Brown. All game mat surfaces are lightly airbrushed to create a varied textured surface, have a darkened airbrushed boarder area, and are available with or without the two flank lines. These game mats are currently only available with 5 inch hexes, but 4 inch hexes will be made available soon. With 5 inch hexes, the final game mat measures approximately 45x72 inches in size and with 4 inch hexes the game mat measures approximately 36x57 inch
Hotz Mats have released the Green Planet Game Mats. Green Planet Game Mats From their announcement:
After months in the works, the Green Planet game mats are now available. Green Planet mats are specifically designed for those gamers who want to play on an Earth like environment, jungle planet, etc. These mats are available with or without craters, and with or without hex/square grids.  Maybe also good for WWI or WWII games?