Horus Heresy

Horus Heresy Book Six Available To Order From Forge World

It really is the time of Warhammer 30k. It seems we're always getting new things for the Horus Heresy, as opposed to furthering the adventures happening in the 41st millennium. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that, mind you. Just pointing out an observation. If it means cool, new models and books, I'm all for it. Speaking of new books, Forge World is taking orders for The Horus Heresy Book Six, as well as a bunch of new army bundles, over in their webshop.

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Back In The Future, a Review of The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth from Games Workshop

Games Workshop has a brand new stand-alone board game available. It takes place during the tumultuous times of the Horus Heresy, when the various Space Marine chapters split apart, some of them staying with the Emperor, and others following Horus and converting to the powers of Chaos. The wars that would rage on from this split will last at least 10 millennia. One of the biggest events in the Heresy was the Betrayal at Calth when the Ultramarines fought the Word Bearers. The Betrayal at Calth box set lets you play out those claustrophobic battles in the tunnels beneath the planet’s surface.


Games Workshop has been kind enough to send me a copy. I did an unboxing of it last week. Now I’ve had a chance to play the game some and it’s time to give you a look at how it works. So grab your bolter. It’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s Betrayal at Calth.

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Betrayal At Calth Bundle Deals and Give-Away From Forge World

Well, the Betrayal at Calth set seems to be getting a lot of attention, as one would expect. Heck, I spent much of Saturday morning typing about it. Unfortunately, as I was feeling rather under the weather yesterday, I didn't get a chance to put the rest of the set together. That'll be evening plans for this week. Anyway, that's me, but what about you? Do you want to get a set? Do you want to use it as the starting-off point for a larger Horus Heresy-era force? Then Forge World has just the deals going on now. Plus, you could win a free mini.

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Horus Heresy Promethean Sun hardcover available

Promethean SunThe Black Library is now selling copies of the Horus Heresy Promethean Sun hardcover. From their website:
The Great Crusade reaches a feral world known only as One-Five-Four-Four. The forces of the Imperium arrive to deliver the primitive natives from enslavement at the hands of the alien eldar. The Iron Hands of Ferrus Manus and Mortarion’s Death Guard fight in theatres of war across the world, but the most vicious combat takes place in the deep jungles, where Vulkan and the Salamanders bring the Emperor’s wrath to the heathen aliens. Vulkan and his sons must brave the deadly jungles, battle monstrous reptilian beasts and contend with the vile sorcery of the eldar if they are to liberate this world and bring the Emperor’s light to its backwards inhabitants.

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