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Horus Heresy

A pair of big pre-orders available this week from Forge World. They've got a new Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, leader of the Dark Angels (my old faction I used to play). They also have Book 9 of The Horus
Games Workshop is giving you more ways to customize some of your 40k minis. They've got two new upgrade kits for your Space Marines, as well as softcover variants of Horus Heresy books 1 and 5 availab
It really is the time of Warhammer 30k. It seems we're always getting new things for the Horus Heresy, as opposed to furthering the adventures happening in the 41st millennium. Not that there's anythi
Games Workshop has a brand new stand-alone board game available. It takes place during the tumultuous times of the Horus Heresy, when the various Space Marine chapters split apart, some of them stayin
Well, the Betrayal at Calth set seems to be getting a lot of attention, as one would expect. Heck, I spent much of Saturday morning typing about it. Unfortunately, as I was feeling rather under the we
German gaming site Brueckenkopf Online have posted a review of the Horus Heresy boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games.
The Black Library is now selling copies of the Horus Heresy Promethean Sun hardcover. From their website: The Great Crusade reaches a feral world known only as One-Five-Four-Four. The forces of the I
The Black Library has posted a teaser for an upcoming Horus Heresy book announcement that will be coming on April 15th. No further word on what the announcement entails.