Hollywood Death Race

Hollywood Death Race Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Just a couple years from now, all forms of art will be banned. Bummer. But that does leave a lot of out-of-work actors and actresses without much to do. Those that are hanging around Hollywood's former glorious studios have decided they want to see whose fictional transportation methods are the fastest. They're also on the lookout for Effixium. But really, it's about speed. That's what's going on in Hollywood Death Race, a new board game up on Kickstarter now.

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Mangrove Games Announces Hollywood Death Race

People love to talk about hypothetical situations and see how things would turn out. Like, who would win a race between the Batmobile and the Delorean from Back to the Future? What if the Batmobile were being driven by Elliot and E.T. and the Delorean was driven by Lara Croft? Would that change things? That's the sort of stuff you can find out in Hollywood Death Race, a new game coming to Kickstarter this October from Mangrove Games.

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