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Black Powder: Epic Battles seems to have gone over well, with players getting all that Waterloo action played out on their tabletops. Well, soon, you'll be able to add various American Civil War battl
Some starter armies. Some new plastic kits. Head on through and check out a bunch of new plastic kits that Warlord Games will be releasing for Bolt Action soon.
Battle Game Mat -3X Double Sided Battle Board
A new Bolt Action starter set is coming out soon and Warlord Games is going all-out with a launch weekend event. Head on over to their page and see what stores in your area will be having this event.
Baueda is looking to bring a new faction to 1-48TACTIC, their WWII historical miniatures game. This time, they're taking to the air with the British Red Devils, AKA - the British Airborne. You can che
Not all soldiers in a conflict are human. My personal favorite example is Wojtek the artillery bear. But there was also Sergeant Reckless from the Korean War. This faithful companion is available as W
Who wouldn't want an Italian sportscar in their garage? I wouldn't mind one (even if I don't have a garage). But getting a fiat from Bolt Action is probably the only way I can afford one. Head over to
Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo, The Hundred Days, is the latest expansion book for the game from Warlord Games. In this article, WG sits back and has a chat with the book's author, Adrian McWalte
A new 2-player starter set is in the works for Bolt Action. It takes players to the Western Desert theater of the war and, along with the various troops, it'll come with new, plastic vehicles as well.
WWII had so many individual battles, skirmishes, and various engagements that it'd be impossible to actually have one company create scenarios to represent them on the tabletop. However, they can give
Warlord Games has come out with an exclusive figure for the month of July. It's Tomorrow's Soldier and you can get one for yourself for free when you make a qualifying purchase in their webshop for al
Fleets in Black Seas are getting reinforcements. Not just new named vessels, but generic ships are also setting sail soon. Head through and check out these new ships and prep for them to hit pre-order
Warlord Games has a special, web-exclusive miniature up in their webshop for the month of June. It's almost summer up here in the northern hemisphere, but down below the equator, it's winter. And this
Broadside: Empires of Steel was a big hit in its digital form. Now, it's steaming you way in physical. The WWI naval combat game is up on Kickstarter with a new starter set. Head on over and check it
The Queen of England has ruled for 70 years. That makes it her Platinum Jubilee and Warlord Games is celebrating by giving us all 15% off in their webshop. Head over and check out these deals now.
Waterloo was an epic battle that set the foundation for European history for the next hundred years. The battle was the location of several large personalities, personalities that will be coming to ta
The Prussians are headed to your tabletops in Black Powder Epic Battles. And just like at Waterloo, you still have a little bit to wait. But they'll get here. In the meantime, check out the rules for
It's time to set sail. New Black Seas releases are available to pre-order over in the Warlord Games webshop. If you're looking to get some new vessels for your fleet, be sure to put your name on the l
Combined Arms is the upcoming WWII board game from Warlord Games. But it also lets players combine all the various WWII minis games Warlord Games makes. You don't have to own each system, though. We g
While most of us think of the Zero as the quint-essential Japanese fighter plane during WWII, there were several that the nation flew into conflict One was the Kawanishi N1K-2, known to Allied pilots
Warlord Games has some more Blood Red Skies squadrons available to pre-order over in their webshop. This time, it's Japan's most famous fighter, the Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero. You can head over and get you
Another of the vaunted fighters of WWII, the Wildcats are headed to your tabletops soon in Blood Red Skies with a new squadron box from Warlord Games. You can head over and get your name on the pre-or
Warlord Games is rolling some new pre-releases out onto the tarmac for Blood Red Skies. First up, they have their F4U Corsair Squadron. You can head over and get this vaunted squadron delivered to you
Warlord Games is expanding the world of Epic Battles with a whole host of new releases. The Prussians are coming! The Prussians are coming! Head on through to check out all the sets that will go up fo
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! Hold Fast!, the new expansion for Black Seas, is setting sail for your tabletops soon. In this preview, we get a bit more of a deep dive into what's coming for th
The Maya are the fourth faction for Mythic America's core rulebook. They're also getting a big release of minis soon. If you want to get a look at these fierce warriors, head on through and check them