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During WWII in the Pacific, the Japanese had gone from island-to-island, taking it over and setting up bases. For the US and the Allies, that meant hopping island back towards Japan, capturing as many
The folks over at Gale Force 9 have opened up pre-orders for their upcoming World of Tanks: Miniatures Game. You can get your name down on the list to be the first gamer on your block to get the new s
The Allies faced stiff opposition when they hit the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. If you're a Flames of War player and want to play as those defenders, you're in luck, as there's new German forces and
The Spanish are headed to war. A whole host of new infantry figures are available for your Black Powder games from Warlord Games. Fusiliers and Grenadiers are going to rank-up and keep Spain free from
Of course, we've had a lot of American and British D-Day releases lately from Battlefront for Flames of War. Well, as anyone will tell you, the Allies didn't exactly take a leisurely stroll along the
Cavalry units were some of the most important and powerful units to fight on battlefields for thousands of years. That certainly was the case during the Napoleonic wars. And soon, some new Prussian Ca
A new German trooper figure is available for 1-48 Tactic. His name is Grenadier Gerhart Kegler and he's part of the 26th Volksgrenadier division. If you're looking to add a new body to the line, here'
Napoleon was originally an artillery commander. That's where he got his start in the military. And it was his brilliant use of heavy guns that won many battles for the French. Soon, you'll be able to
The Americans are rushing across the plains of Europe as the Cold War has turned hot and the world is once more engulfed in conflict. At least, that's what's happening in Team Yankee. Battlefront has
Prussia was one of the military powerhouses of Europe for the longest time. Their army was feared among many of the other nations. And you can bring some of that might to your tabletops soon, as Warlo
A quartet of new squadrons will soon be available for Blood Red Skies, Warlord Games' WWII aircraft and dogfighting miniatures game. If you're looking to control the air over places like Stalingrad, y
In WWII, the aircraft carrier was one of the most vital ships in a fleet. While battleships were still seen as the dominant force on the waves, those in the know were seeing that it was the carriers t
Suffice to say that 2020 hasn't gone as anyone expected it would (apparently, nobody had 2020 vision). Many things have been delayed due to the pandemic. That includes Victory at Sea from Warlord Game
Black Seas and Black Powder are the games getting new figure kits coming out soon. And they're sort of at two ends of the spectrum. For Black Powder, there's new Spanish infantry. For Black Seas, it's
Warlord Games is looking to expand the rules they have out there for Bolt Action: Korea. There's some new equipment. There's some new units. There's lots going on. If you're looking to try out some ne
The British are coming! The British are coming!Ok, so that's the wrong war, but still, the British aren't just coming, they're already here! Battlefront has some new D-Day British releases for Flames
Thursday. Gateway to the gateway to the weekend. Friday Eve. Just a little longer and we'll make it back to the weekend. As always, I'm excited about that. I've got D&D both Saturday and Sunday. I
We've made it halfway through the week. If we've made it this far, we can definitely keep going until the end. Though anyone will tell you that resting along a journey is vital. So is staying well-fed
In Team Yankee, WWIII has started and the various factions are hitting the field. Of course, the Americans are out in force, ready to use all that equipment they've been building up during the Cold Wa
I like big guns, and I cannot lie. During the D-Day invasion, while the initial wave of troops only had naval bombardments to help out, it was imperative to get some heavy artillery pieces set up on t
Humans haven't been able to get along for pretty much forever, with different factions fighting for different causes all throughout history. The Commands & Colors Tricorne series takes you to thos
I've got a psychobilly playlist going on while I am typing up these posts, and that means a lot of Reverend Horton Heat. One character that shows up a lot in his music is the devil. The devil is also
WWII was not the first time fixed-wing aircraft were used widely in combat. That would be WWI. However, with the pressure that war puts on innovation, planes from the start of the conflict were prop-d
While many WWII naval combat games focus on battleships, destroyers, and aircraft carriers, there were countless smaller vessels that fought and were just as pivotal to the conflict. Cruel Seas brings
Warlord Games has a new Italian tank kit for Bolt Action available over in their webshop. You can head over there and pick up the Carro Armato/Semovente Platoon box now. There's a lot of different way