Hind Commander

Assault Publishing New Project Sale

The folks over at Assault Publishing have always been rather busy, coming out with new minis pretty much all the time. Well, they've decided to be even busier and come out with a new space combat game called Shadows in the Void (I guess you could say that the story is as much announcing that's a thing as well). Well, the folks there are looking to generate some extra funds to make the game a reality as well as need to clear out some warehouse space in order to store it. That's where you, the consumer, come in.

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Sunday Snippets

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!
Or, if you're like me, Happy Singles Awareness Day, everybody! :D
The best thing about Valentine's Day?
50% off boxes of chocolate at the grocery store tomorrow. :P

And speaking of bite-size morsels of joy, let's get to today's Snippets.

In this installment we have: Khurasan releases 15mm Late 16th Century Spanish, Hind Commander Sale Happening At Assault Publishing, Techno Bowl Helmet + Team Preview #2, and Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm and 15mm January Releases Arrive at PicoArmor.

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Hind Commander rules update

Assault Publishing has updated the rules for Hind Commander. This new update adds in two new variants to the mix. They've got the MDD-500 Defender /MH-6/AH-6 and CH-53E Super Stallion, because you can never have enough helicopters.
They have also updated their webshop to now accept payments in Euros.


From the announcement:
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Assault Publishing Celebrating 3rd anniversary

Assault Publishing is celebrating 3 years of being in business. But you're the ones getting the presents.


From the birthday company:

Assault Publishing is running its anniversary promotion!
Until 10 September you can purchase Hind Commander rulebooks, Hind Commander 1/600 miniature sets and AWACS: Gulf War boxed sets with special 25% discount!

Visit the Assault Publishing web page for more details.

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New miniature sets for Hind Commander available now

Assault Publishing has some new miniatures sets available for Hind Commander.


From the release:

Here they come! Finally new Hind Commander miniature sets in 1/600 scale are in Assault Publishing on-line store. They are smaller, more flexible and allow to compose your Strike group in more individual way. They are also very good way of expanding existing Hind Commander collections, as the models come from the same producer (Oddzial Ósmy), but new range bring new possibilities and options.

The models are grouped into 4 main categories:

HCC (26 PLN/set) category groups the stars of the whole show – the helicopters. Most sets consist of 12 helicopters (but there are some exceptions) always in 3 types. For example Soviet/Russian strike set 1 (coded HCC7) consists of 4xMi-24s, 4xMi-28s and 4xKa-50s.
HCU (14 PLN/set) category covers the ground vehicles or artillery pieces and always consists of 9 vehecles/artillery pieces in 3 types.
In HCH (15 PLN/set) category you can find the airplanes: always 6 in 3 types (2 planes per type).
Finally HCJ (14,50 PLN/set) category covers all special models, such like infantry sets or complete SA-2 systems.

The full list of the sets (28 at the beginning) you can find below:

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Hind Commander promo action

Hind Commander will have some new miniature sets coming out soon. In order to make room, they're having a special on the sets they've got now.

From the update:

Although the current battlesets for Hind Commander are one of the best deals on the market and are great products full of the finest miniatures in really good price, due to logistic problems we decided to move to the different system based on smaller sets. The new sets offer also greater flexibility for the customers allowing them to build their strike groups and expand collections smoother.

The new sets should be ready soon, but in the meantime we made the special action!

Go to the Assault Publishing on-line store and type AIR CAVALRY promo code during the checkout and you will get 15% of discount on the all old battlesets, terrain and support pack for Hind Commander. This is also the great occasion to start the adventure with the game as the same code applies to Hind Commander rulebook too! This code may be used once per customer, so place your order wisely!

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DefenseNews reviews Hind Commaner from Assault Publishing

DefenseNews has put up a review of Hind Commander from Assault Publishing.

From the review:

The Mi-24 attack helicopter is squat and double-chinned, and while it may not float like a butterfly, it does sting like an armor-piercing bee. The “flying tank” has terrorized the skies from Afghanistan to the Congo and earned a fearsome reputation — despite laboring under the NATO code name “Hind,” which sounds less like a cannon-breathing predator and more like something you eat at a barbecue joint.

But it wasn’t just the name that drew me to a tabletop miniatures game called “Hind Commander,” or the big red star on the cover. Most hobby war games and, for that matter, most defense simulations are born on the western side of the former Iron Curtain. But “Hind Commander” was designed by a Polish game designer, Marcin Gerkowicz, founder of Assault Publishing.

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Assault Publishing releases Blitzgewitter for Hind Commander

Assault Publishing releases a new miniature battle set for Hind Commander called "Blitzewitter".

From their release:

Today the next, great battleset was added to Assault Publishing offer! "Blitzgewitter" is Hind Commander battleset composed from models of the vehicles used by German arms. But do not worry! It isn't made stylized for exploited '80! Instead you can get the most modern equipment ready for intervention in any conflict!

Every set normally consists of 4xEC Tiger, 4xNH90, 2xPAH-1, 1xChinook, 2xEF Typhoon, 5xLeopard 2A5, 5xMarder I, 5xMAN 7t, 5xFT Fuchs, 5xFH-70, 3xFP Gepard and 15x Infantry teams.

Blitzgewitter may be purchased from Assault Publishing on-line store. Alternatively, if you prefer, you may ask you local retailer or distributor about it.

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PicoArmor is now offering Hind Commander Packs

PicoArmor is releasing Hind Commander packs of strike groups.

From their announcement:

Hind Commander Aircraft Support Pack has enough airplanes for a few strike groups. It is perfect for commanders who want to have wide tactical possibilities.

Hind Commander Artillery Support Pack can be used to bolster your strike groups with various artillery pieces. It has enough models for making a few complete batteries and/or on-table unit.

Hind Commander Ultra-Modern Russian Helicopter/Ground Battle Set is composed of ultra-modern Soviet/Russian made equipment.

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Hind Commander offers S.N.A.F.U. packs

Assault Publishing has created a random model pack for Hind Commander.

From their announcement:

Today Assault Publishing added a little crazy article to its offer.

“S.N.A.F.U.” pack is the pack of 14-16 random miniatures in 1/600 scale (armoured, support, artillery). Althought at glance it looks totally crazy article, in Hind Commander the variety of collection is highly desired and S.N.A.F.U. pack(s) can be distributed in two or more Strike Groups and the models which completly don’t fit can be used to make objective markers or scenery.

Note: sometimes 2 vehicles are substituted by 1 random aircraft model. If artillery is included I try to pack them in 3 pieces to set if possible.

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Hind Commander releases new units

Hind Commander releases new units.

From their announcement:

Today the new units to Hind Commander had been added – directly from the Soviet Union and Russia! The symbols of the Cold War – MiG-25 and MiG-31 interceptors are paired with one of the deadliest AA system in the world – 9K22 Tunguska.

Nobody is perfect and a few (fortunately) minor bugs had been found in the Hind Commander rulebook. They are corrected by tiny errata.

All these documents may be downloaded from Hind Commander free download section.

Please note that there are some cool models from the Birthday action left and you may have them if you place the order quickly!

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Happy Birthday Hind Commander!

Hind Commander turns 31 today and is having a special on their website.

From their site:

Today is my birthday! Because “The state, it is I”, to celebrate this event the first 31 people to place an order for any items worth a total of 96 PLN or more (without shipment) will receive a small present: a free pack of 4 models in 1/600 scale, representing export hits of Soviet industry: Mi-24, Mi-17, MiG-23 and ZSU-23-4 – a perfect addition to your collection or strike group!
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Free downloads for Hind Commander

Assault Publishing have posted several free downloads for their Hind Commander rules. Hind Commander update From their announcement:
On the Assault Publishing web page are the additional rules for Hind Commander . ‘Hind Commander’ is designed as an open system, which means that in addition to the extensive equipment list in the rulebook, extra machines are published on the Assault Publishing web page. All these rules should be counted as ‘official’ ones, and may be used without your opponent’s permission. Todays update includes 3 aircraft manufactured in Europe. The most modern machines are the two version of the Eurocopter Tiger: HAD (Spanish Army version) and ARH advanced recon version exported to Australia.

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Assault Publishing release Hind Commander

Assault Publishing have released their Hind Commander rules. Hind Commander From their announcement:
Hind Commander deals with interesting, but difficult field - helicopter actions over the modern frontlines. The rulebook (fine printed, 100 pages and sheets with full-color counters ) and 1/600 miniatures may be purchased from Assault Publishing web store. Hind Commander has a lot of advantages which make playing it fun, challenging and unique:
  • a pre-planned orders game mechanic,
  • effective, but easy to master fog of war rules,
  • emphasis on the importance of electronic warfare,
  • rules for helicopters, airplanes, tanks, softskins, infantry, off-table support units and many more!
  • a card-based stratagem system,
  • a built-in card-based random battle generator with secret objectives,
  • a doctrines system instead of conventional fixed army lists,
  • a vast, open list of equipment,
  • a complete ruleset with all markers attached.
These features give you significant tactical flexibility: among many courses of action, you may snipe enemies with long range guided missiles, mark targets using your recon choppers and call in artillery bombardments, or simply crush your foe with rockets and machine guns, disembark infantry and finish the assault with a napalm strike – in a truly classical style!

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