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Hind Commander

The folks over at Assault Publishing have always been rather busy, coming out with new minis pretty much all the time. Well, they've decided to be even busier and come out with a new space combat game
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Assault Publishing has updated the rules for Hind Commander. This new update adds in two new variants to the mix. They've got the MDD-500 Defender /MH-6/AH-6 and CH-53E Super Stallion, because you can
Assault Publishing is celebrating 3 years of being in business. But you're the ones getting the presents.AWACS-frontcover SourceFrom the birthday company:Assault Publishing is running its anniversary
Assault Publishing has some new miniatures sets available for Hind Commander.SourceFrom the release:Here they come! Finally new Hind Commander miniature sets in 1/600 scale are in Assault Publishing o
Assault Publishing updates Hind Commander with two new aircraft.From the update:Today two legendary, US airplanes were added to Hind Commander ruleset. First of them is F-14 in A and D variants and t
Hind Commander will have some new miniature sets coming out soon. In order to make room, they're having a special on the sets they've got now.From the update:Although the current battlesets for Hind C
DefenseNews has put up a review of Hind Commander from Assault Publishing.From the review:The Mi-24 attack helicopter is squat and double-chinned, and while it may not float like a butterfly, it does
Assault Publishing releases a new miniature battle set for Hind Commander called "Blitzewitter". From their release:Today the next, great battleset was added to Assault Publishing offer! "Blitzgewitte
PicoArmor is releasing Hind Commander packs of strike groups.From their announcement:Hind Commander Aircraft Support Pack has enough airplanes for a few strike groups. It is perfect for commanders who
Assault Publishing has created a random model pack for Hind Commander.From their announcement:Today Assault Publishing added a little crazy article to its offer.“S.N.A.F.U.” pack is the pack of 14-16
Hind Commander releases new units.From their announcement:Today the new units to Hind Commander had been added – directly from the Soviet Union and Russia! The symbols of the Cold War – MiG-25 and MiG
Hind Commander turns 31 today and is having a special on their website.From their site:Today is my birthday! Because “The state, it is I”, to celebrate this event the first 31 people to place an order
Assault Publishing have posted several free downloads for their Hind Commander rules. From their announcement: On the Assault Publishing web page are the additional rules for Hind Commander . ‘Hin
Assault Publishing have released their Hind Commander rules. From their announcement: Hind Commander deals with interesting, but difficult field - helicopter actions over the modern frontlines. The