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New All Things Zombie 15mm Available at Highlander Studios

Highlander Studios has completed their Kickstarter obligations for their All Things Zombie campaign and so they've got the models now available over in their webshop.


From the update:

The 15mm All Things Zombie crowd funding project has shipped to all of it's backers. I am now able to offer them for sale to the general public at the Highlander Studios shop.

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Free 28mm Paper Model PDFs from Highlander Studios

Highlander Studios has some new pdfs available over on their website to create some free paper terrain buildings. You really can't beat free.

From the announcement:

I've been learning a few things about texturing 3D paper models here at Highlander Studios. I'm providing the first couple of experiments as PDF downloads for free. You can get them at the blog post.

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4 new set releases for Highlander Studios

Highlander Studios have several new releases coming out this week.

From the website:

The mold maker finished the last 4 production molds on Friday. Production casts of the latest Highlander Studios products should be arriving around the end of this week. They are listed for sale on the site as of today. I'll be shipping at them out at the end of the week or early next week.

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Highlander studios privews Spanish pig and High Queens

Highlander Studios has another set of previews. This time it's a giant Spanish pig and a pair of High Queens.

From the preview:

I slowed down a little after last week's flurry of activity. Took some time to enjoy the fourth with friends, watch some films with ma'honey and go shooting yesterday morning. But I wasn't totally idle. I wrapped up a few more pieces that have been on the table for a while and another that was started last week.

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Highlander Studios previews Victorian Pugilists

Highlander Studios is working on a pair of Victorian Pugilists over in their shop and wanted to show off what they've got so far.
He knew the game of fisticuffs. He knew the game of fight.

From the preview:

I'm not sure when they'll be available. I'll have these cast soon, but I may want to add more to the set. There are some boxing rules from Two Hour Wargames that would probably work well with these guys, but I'm going to dig out an old set that Ed did called Smokers. It was more for back room bare knuckle fights.

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Highlander Studios has new Monkey Boys

Highlander Studios has released some new Monkey Boys (no, not the band. Those were just The Monkey).

From the release:

This week it has been refreshing to get back to sculpting full time. It took a while to build up steam again, but here are a few of the new pieces heading to the caster next week.

You've seen a few pictures of two of these guys before, but here is a group shot of the first pack of Zhuh Zhuhs for Two Hour Wargames' 5150. These mercs will be sold on the Highlander Studios website under the Zap, zap, zap! Die, die, die! science fiction heading.

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Highlander Studios Releases 28mm Goblin Factory Rats

Highlander Studios releases new 28mm Goblin Factory rats:

From their website:

I received a shipment of the new products for the Goblin Factory a couple of weeks ago. I'll be selling them for Don from my website while our web guy is on walkabout. These rats were sculpted by Bob Charrette and are sized for 28mm gaming. They stand between 22mm and 26mm sole to top of the head.

BFR-01 Rat Men w/Swords (6) $15.00
BFR-02 Rat Men w/Spears (6) $15.00

You can purchase these from the Highlander Studios web store. Thanks for looking and happy gaming.


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15mm Space 1889, Space Bugs and Carolee now available

Highlander Studios now has several products available.

From their website:

It's been a busy few weeks here at Highlander Studios. Yesterday I picked up several new product codes that are now on the website for sale. Please follow the links for price and packaging information.

Space: 1889:

ADV-01 Wilderness Adventurers
ADV-02 American Adventurers
BEA-01 Gashant Herd
BEA-02 Dead Gashant
BEA-06 Steppe Tigers

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Space 1889 figure previews

The Space 1889 blog has photos of painted examples of the 15mm Space 1889 figures from Highlander Studios. British Troopers From their website:
Last week I attended Historicon in Valley Forge, PA. Rod Campbell of Highlander Studios was unable to attend due to illness in the family, but he sent me some master figures for approval and just sent pictures of some painted miniatures. I like them a lot, and I'm used to looking at 25mm figures instead of 15s.

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Highlander Space Bug assault troops arriving soon

Highlander Studios are taking pre-orders for their 15mm Highlander Space Bug assault troops. Space Bug assault troops From their announcement:
I received word from the mold maker today that the latest Space Bugs would be ready to cast on Thursday. This means I should have them in my hands by Saturday or next Monday at the latest. These have been added to the Shop and are available for order. I'll be shipping them out on Wednesday of next week. Sooner if possible.

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