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Highlander Studios

Highlander Studios has completed their Kickstarter obligations for their All Things Zombie campaign and so they've got the models now available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the update:The 15mm All
Highlander Studios has some new pdfs available over on their website to create some free paper terrain buildings. You really can't beat free.From the announcement:I've been learning a few things about
Highlander Studios have several new releases coming out this week.From the website:The mold maker finished the last 4 production molds on Friday. Production casts of the latest Highlander Studios prod
Highlander Studios has got some mounts they're working on over in their workshop and wanted to show off how it's going.From the preview:After the last flurry of sculpting I settled down to finish up s
Highlander Studios has another set of previews. This time it's a giant Spanish pig and a pair of High Queens.From the preview:I slowed down a little after last week's flurry of activity. Took some tim
Highlander Studios gives us a look at one of their next models: BinkyFrom the preview:All right, the main projects I wanted completed are done. But while I was working on them I couldn't help but star
Highlander Studios is working on a pair of Victorian Pugilists over in their shop and wanted to show off what they've got so far.He knew the game of fisticuffs. He knew the game of fight.From the prev
Highlander Studios has released some new Monkey Boys (no, not the band. Those were just The Monkey).From the release:This week it has been refreshing to get back to sculpting full time. It took a whil
Highlander Studios releases new 28mm Goblin Factory rats:From their website:I received a shipment of the new products for the Goblin Factory a couple of weeks ago. I'll be selling them for Don from m
Highlander Studios, Inc. Announces Restocks of Their Lines:From their announcement:Yesterday I received a restock of most of the Highlander Studios figure lines. The most notable are the Space: 1889 f
Highlander Studios now has several products available.From their website:It's been a busy few weeks here at Highlander Studios. Yesterday I picked up several new product codes that are now on the webs
The Space 1889 blog has photos of more 15mm VSF figures being produced by Highlander Studios.
Highlander Studios have posted photos of the greens for some upcoming 15mm Space Bug Heavy Weapon figures.
The Space 1889 blog has photos of painted examples of the 15mm Space 1889 figures from Highlander Studios. From their website: Last week I attended Historicon in Valley Forge, PA. Rod Campbell of H
Highlander Studios are taking pre-orders for their 15mm Highlander Space Bug assault troops. From their announcement: I received word from the mold maker today that the latest Space Bugs would be r
Rebel Minis is now offering the Conquistadwarves from Highlander Studios for the Mighty Armies fantasy system. From their announcement: We are proud to announce another Mighty Armies box set. This
Highlander Studios have added several new products to their online store. From their website: I received master casts from the latest mold on Friday. I painted a few up over the weekend. I have som
Rebel Minis have added a new Mighty Armies Box Set consisting of figures from Highlander Studios. From their announcement: We are proud to announce another Mighty Armies box set. This one is from R
Highlander Studios is having a sale on painted miniatures and terrain. From their announcement: I've just had a new module installed for the shopping cart at Highlander Studios and I need to test it
Frank Chadwick has announced that Highlander Studios will be producing a range of 15mm miniatures for his new Space 1889 rules.From their announcement:I’ve just closed the deal for a new line of Space