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Hex Encounters Podcast

Hex Encounter has put episode 11 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure. In this episode:This podcast covers wargames of the board variety.This episode features an interview with desig
Hex Encounter now has episode 4 of their podcast available online. In this episode:This episode a fantastic interview with Joel Toppen, designer of the soon-to-be-published GMT solitaire game Navajo W
Hex Encounter has the next episode of their podcast up. In this episode:This episode features an interview with wargaming legend, Dean Essig and a review of Stalingrad Pocket 2nd edition.
Hex Encounter is a new podcast out there. Go have a listen.In this episode:Hex Encounter is a new Wargaming podcast focusing on Wargames of the boardgame variety.Their second episode features an inter