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Heroic Maps

Well... I'm sick. Woke up this morning feeling worse than I went to bed last night. So, if you get a virus alert when you look at TGN today, just wipe it down with some Lysol and you'll be fine. (ok, actually, if you get a virus alert when you open up TGN, lemme know because that means something's seriously wrong O,o)
So, while I chug this orange juice, work on this bottle of Dayquil, and heat up another bowl of soup, you should check out these terrain articles.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Overpass Available From Battlefront, Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Dry Ravine Bundle Now Available, New Pulp Era Caravan kit from Sally 4th, Brigade Models Releases New 6mm SF Buildings, and Heroic Maps - Drabdon City Sewer Now Available

So, there's currently a storm absolutely blanketing the East coast in all sorts of wintery weather. Stay safe out there, everyone. Might just want to hunker in the bunker and play some games. And while it might be too late to get these terrain pieces for the current winter weather storm, you might just want to pick them up for the next time you get snowed in.

Today in the Terrain Corner we've got: Industrial Ruins Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, Heroic Maps - Castillo de la Costa Rocosa Bundle Now Available, and Tabletop Scenics Previews New Terrain.

Back in the office after a busy weekend. How busy? Well, I made 2 fruitcakes, 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies, 2 batches of gingerbread cookies, 2 batches of cinnamon nuts, and then 1 batch each of salted caramel dark chocolate brownies, chip 'n' mint cookies, nutmeg sugar cookies with egg nog frosting, candy cane cookies, and an extra batch of that egg nog frosting to put on the other cookies. ... Like I said, I was busy.
So, while my coworkers chow down on the fruit(cakes) of my labor, let's get your gaming tables looking good.

Today we have: Wyrd Previews New Terrain, New Footbridges and Road bridges from Sally 4th, Heroic Maps - Giant Maps: Ice Base Khione Now Available, and Erdhexe Battlemat Now Available From Warzone Studio.

It's not just any Thursday. It's also the anniversary of my first post on TGN. 6 years ago, I told you about the new plastic Warp Wolf kit coming from Privateer Press. That was 26,284 posts ago. Oh, how times change. What will the future hold? It's hard to say. But I do have shades.

I also have a couple stories to make sure your gaming table looks better than it did back in 2011.

In the Terrain Corner today we have: Roman Buildings Bundles Available From Warlord Games, Heroic Maps - Storeys: Scrivener Street, New Fence Pieces Available From Acheson Creations, Gunfighter's Ball Wild West Mat Stretch Goal Added To Kickstarter, and New Underhive game mat release from Deep-Cut Studio.

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Back in the office after a busy weekend. Heck, I was just here the other day, helping to pick and pack orders (or "the ol' P' n' P'" as they apparently don't call it, much to my disappointment). But it's back to the regular desk (at least for now), making news posts. That includes letting you know about terrain to make your tables look great.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Happy Seppuku Running MagRelief Kickstarter and Heroic Maps - Christmas Countdown Week 1.

This is gonna be a pretty short week for me. It's like it's already Wednesday, in a way, since there's only 2 more days after this to the weekend. But it's not actually Wednesday. It's Monday. As such, that means my Robin Hood/Star Wars shirt and a Terrain Corner, rather than my Ministry of Silly Walks shirt and a Snippets.

Today in the Terrain Corner we've got: New Wizard Tower and Holiday Sale Happening At Tabletop World, 4Ground Holiday Sale Happening Now, Heroic Maps - Terrain: Nebula Star Field Now Available, New Ruined Homestead Available From Micro Art Studio, and Heroic Maps - Port Fanchone Now Available.

The Monday after a long weekend... I mean, I know many of you out there love what you do for a living (as I certainly do), but there's always just a bit of "erf..." about the Monday after a long weekend. An extra smack of the snooze button. An extra long shower. An extra cup of coffee. You know how it goes. Eventually, we'll make it back around to the weekend. But, in the meantime, let's make sure that when we do get to game again, we'll have some good-looking gaming tables.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Orc Wall Gate Available To Order From Bits of War, Battlefront's 2018 Premium Property Pre-order Deal Happening Now, Heroic Maps - Foxtail Moor: Wyvern Cave Now Available, Acheson Kongo Africa Kickstarter Funded: Unlocking Stretch Goals, and New Tech Coffin and Supply Box Available From Micro Art Studio.

And as happens every week, we've rolled back around to Monday. It was an... interesting weekend. The "chill" did happen. Though I did do some cooking. I made Igor Bars. But not much else... Watched a lot of stand-up comedy on Netflix. Sometimes you just need a "chill" weekend. And that's exactly what I needed. But I still thought of gaming. A Friend came over and we played a bit of Guild Ball on Friday before he had to go. But, seeing as it's Monday, let's get your gaming tables looking good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Plastcraft Games Previews New Post-Apocalyptic Terrain, New Mousepad Mats Available From Pwork Wargame, Heroic Maps - Teoyohtlan Jungle: Cave of the Golden Tombs now Available, and The Bantam Alley - Wargaming Terrain Extras Kickstarter Happening Now.

It's a rainy Monday here in Atlanta. I actually love the rain. If there's one thing I'm annoyed at, it's that it wasn't raining yesterday where I could stop and appreciate it more, as opposed to, y'know, driving through it to and from work. Ah well, not everything is perfect in life. But we try where we can. Just like how we try and make our gaming tables look perfect. And that's what we're here to help with today.

In the Terrain Corner we have: Adventure Forge 3D Map Maker Up On Kickstarter, Heroic Maps - The Lich's Lair Now Available, Manorhouse Workshop Forgotten Halls and NoLands Comics at Essen, and Battlefront Offering Free Gaming Mats to Gaming Clubs.

We're making our way through the work week. The weekend is coming soon. A little more and we'll make it there. And with the weekend (hopefully) comes gaming. I know my LGS is going to be packed, with 2 different tourneys going on. And you know the tables are going to be looking good. So, let's get your gaming table looking just as good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Starfleet Deck Tiles Available From Modiphius, Tabletop Scenics Now Open, Custom Mat Printing Now Available From Deep-Cut Studio, and Heroic Maps - Storeys: Hadeshill Abandoned Asylum Now Available.

This shortened week is coming to a close. Well, eventually, anyway. Did yesterday seem to take 2 days to anyone else? It started out with, "Woo! It's Wednesday!" and ended with, "... wait, it's still Wednesday?!" Ah well, the day did, eventually, end. So now we're in Thursday. I've got my Thursday shirts on to prove it. Also, it's time for a Terrain Corner. Extra-size, since we didn't have one on Monday, even!

Today we've got: Acheson’s Kongo-Afrika KickStarter to launch November 3, New Normandy 44 Mat Available From Warzone Studio, Fogou Models Releases New Post-Apocalyptic Shacks, Tabletop Workshop Running Modular Dungeon Kickstarter, Plastcraft Shows of Gothic Millennium Terrain, and Heroic Maps Halloween Sale Happening Now.
The work week continues along. We're in that second-half slide towards the weekend. And I'm excited for it, since I've got a great weekend lined up. My new gaming mat should be here today or tomorrow, and I've got lots of baking to do. I mean, what could be better? Nothing. That's what. Speaking of gaming mats, let's get your gaming tables looking as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Unlocks and Stretch Goals Posted For Dragonlock 3, StudioLevel Terrain Coming To Kickstarter, and Heroic Maps - Storeys: Harwenna's Tower Available Now.

And here we are, back at Monday. Thinking back, this is the first Monday in the last 3 that I've been at the office. Last week was the storm, and the week before was Labor Day. My Monday shirts got a bit of a vacation, I suppose. But they're back it today, and that means getting your gaming tables looking good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Final Days for ESLO Terrain Printable Ships Kickstarter, New Mousepad Material Mats Available From Pwork Wargame, DRAGONLOCK™ 3 Kickstarter launches September 19th, Dungeon Box RPG Scenery by Custom Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Normandy Church Terrain Available From Tabletop-Art, Forge Prints Running Adventurescapes Kickstarter, and Heroic Maps - Storeys: Pyramid of the Sun Priests Now Available.

The work week rolls along (that's a pun for my friend Gavin who just dumped a bunch of ball bearings on the floor, apparently). We're another step closer to that always-anticipated weekend (at least, I always am anticipating it). Here's to hoping yours is filled with gaming (mine will probably be filled with baking). And when gaming, it's good to have as good-looking a gaming table as you can. So let's help with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Brigade Models Update, Heroic Maps - Spacecraft: HLS Perceptas Now Available, Sally 4th 28mm scale US Arts & Craft Style Buildings Released, Table of Ultimate Gaming Huge Campaign Detail Update Completed, Cobblestone City: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargames, and Samurai Fleet Available From Papierschnitzel.

It's Monday morning here (though I know this is going to be posted in the afternoon). I'm trying to type up as much of my posts today before the storm gets really bad, just in case power and/or internet goes out. Also, working from home since they closed the office. But neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor slush shall keep me from getting you those gaming news stories. At the moment, it's making sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Test of Honour Lantern & Katana Ruler Set, Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Mossy Dungeon Corridors Now Available, Acheson Creations to Launch Kongo-Afrika Kickstarter, Terminus Segments Industrial Set Available From Micro Art Studio, and The Valley:Fantasy Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargames.

Sure, it's Thursday, but for some reason, I was thinking it was already going to be Friday at this point. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It's already a short week, what with having had Monday off. But it still felt like it should already be Friday by now. However, it is not Friday. It is Thursday. That means it's time to make all your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Outpost Bazaar: Open For Business, Heroic Maps - Spacecraft: Greywing Map Released, Heroic Maps - Spacecraft: Old Scoter Now Available, Star System Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, Roads of War Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, and Deep-Cut Studio Releases Aerial Game Mat For WW2 Themed Dogfights.

Another month is coming to an end. August has been quite the month. Gen Con was simply amazing, as always. But as we move into September, with the temperature falling along with the leaves from the trees, we're entering my favorite time of the year. However, it's always a good time of the year to have cool gaming tables. And that's just what we're here to help with.

Today in the terrain corner we have: Ice Planet Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, Acheson Creations Releases 7 New 28mm Plastic Accessories, Urban Sector Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, and Heroic Maps - Spindlecave River: Rogue's Nook Now Available.

As I work at catching up with all the everything from the past week, here's a mix of the terrain articles from the past couple days, along with some bite-sized gaming stories. I certainly can use the energy.

Today we have: Syrinscape Creating Soundtracks for Starfinder, Acheson Creations Releases second set products from Dungeon Worlds 3 Kickstarter, Manorhouse Workshop Update 17 – Forgotten Halls: Into the Boxes, RPG WorldBuilder Up On Kickstarter, Heroic Maps Releases Upper Lockgold Street Map, Ogroid Chief Available From Brother Vinni, Brigade Models Releases New British Assault Ships, and RPG Player Kits from Crit Games Up On Kickstarter.

It's Monday. But it's not so bad. I'm working from home today. And many of us here in the states have tomorrow off. So, as I said, it's not such a bad way to start the week. Though the system eating the Review Roundup was a bit annoying to discover. But waddyagonnado? You're gonna post about terrain articles, is what. Well, I am, anyway.

Today we have: Heroic Maps Hinterland Map Bundle Now Available, Woodland: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargames, and Terminus Segments Modular Mat - Industrial Available from Micro Art Studio.

The week rolls along. It's been a busy one for me, occasionally getting to the office at 4am to get started on various articles, proofing projects, and, of course, making sure you get the news. But today wasn't so bad. I got here at the regular 5:45am, as I usually do. ;)
Also, it was pointed out to me that "I've not" and "I haven't" are the exact same thing.
So, we've got a new edition of 40k coming out in a couple days. Let's make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible for when you start throwing down.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Industrial Ruins Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, WWII German Town Kickstarter Happening Now, and Heroic Maps - The Duke's Stronghold Now Available.

I guess it's Thursday... My regular schedule's so wonky this week, it's been hard to tell which day is which. But, according to the calendar, it is Thursday. So I suppose I should tell you about all the cool, new terrain kits and maps and such that are out there.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Lots of new items from Thomarillion, Heroic Maps Releases Modular Kit: Town - Disasters, Outlander Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, New light up Holo Billboards up for Pre-Order From Battle Kiwi, and New Blue Nebula Rubber Battle Mat from BattleMats

Well, we knew it was inevitable. The weekend has come to an end and we're back at the start of the work week. Though, at least for me, this is no ordinary work week. CMON Expo is this upcoming weekend. If you'll be in the Atlanta area, you should stop by and say, "hi."
But before we get to that, we still have our regularly-scheduled posts to make. That includes today's Terrain Corner.

As such, we have: Sci-Fi Scenery Added to TerrainCrate Kickstarter, Large Desert Building Available From Battlefront, Terminus Segments modular mat and District 5 Catwalks Available From Micro Art Studio, Heroic Maps' St Olfryc's Priory Bundle Now Available, and Cyber City Game Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

The busy week of being busy continues on. Yesterday was more of the same. The one thing that's nice is that, sure, it's been busy, but it's been the good, productive kind of busy. So even though it's a huge checklist I'm working through, things are being checked off. The next thing on said list is to give you stories about terrain. So let's get to it.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Heroic Maps Foxtail Moor: Ruined Watchtower Available Now, Acheson Creations LLC Releases 15mm Medieval Thatched Wattle & Daub House, Ruined Complex: Pwork Wargames gaming Scenery Set Now Available, and Mantic Games' TerrainCrate Up and Funded On Kickstarter.

It's just another Manic Monday...
No, really. It's busy over here. I'm looking at getting the posts done quickly so I can go work on some proofing projects and some writing projects. Anyway, let's get you a quick Terrain Corner piece for today.

We have: Heroic Maps - Explorer: Wild Places 3 Now Available, Badlands Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, New Rubber Gaming Mats now available from BattleMats, and Tiny Furniture Launching Barren Lands Terrain Indiegogo Campaign Next Month.

Much of the week was going along just fine. But I don't know why, but I felt like yesterday should've been Thursday already. I mean, I was in my Wednesday shirt and all, and the first part of the week seemed to be moving along at a normal pace. But then... yeah, didn't we just do Thursday yesterday? Apparently not, because today's Thursday. And that means we need to make your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Menhir Games Posts The Reinforced Concrete Bunker Kickstarter preview, Pwork Wargames Fantasy Football Mats Now Available, New Game mats for Runewars from Deep-Cut Studio, Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Dark Starship Corridors Now Available, and Miniature Building Authority is out of the 15mm market.