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Heroes of Armageddon

The winners of the Heroes of Armageddon fundraiser have been announced as has the total amount of money they raised for Doctors Without Borders.
The Heroes of Armageddon blog has photos and details of the four finished 40K armies they are giving away as part of their drive to raise funds for Doctors without Frontiers.From their website:The wai
Heroes of Armageddon have posted details of their week eight prizes. From their website: People have been emaling me all the time, wanting to help out with the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Drive. Tod
The Heroes of Armageddon fundraising effort is having its third weekly prize draw. From their announcement: As promised, we offer a wonderful prize every week until July 1st for all you generous re
The Heroes of Armageddon fundraising project will soon be having their second weekly prize draw. From their website: This week we will be holding our second weekly drawing as a way of saying thanks
The team behind the Storm Wardens army building charity fund-raiser are now working on a bigger project to try to raise even more funds for charity - Heroes of Armageddon.From their website:In the las