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Jinkies! There's a mystery that needs to be solved! In HeroClix, players can use Mystery Cards, a new mechanic. How do they work? Well, we get a look at exactly that in this article.
Earth's greatest super heroes are coming back to your tabletop in a new HeroClix set. It's the Avengers Forever set and WizKids has started taking pre-orders now. Head on over and get your name on the
Metal Polyhedral Dice Set
The latest set for HeroClix is now available. It's the X of Swords set and yeah, the WizKids website still says Pre-order, but the email says released. So, I'm gonna go with the email because it's oft
Wish WizKids sent out the announcement about these at the start of the week instead of the end. But here we are. You've got just a couple days left to get yourself a free Shadowcat figure with a Marve
WizKids is giving us special HeroClix promo figures each week. This time around, it's Thane. Just head over to their webshop and make a qualifying purchase and you can get one for absolutely nothing.
Games Workshop isn't the only company posting up changes to their games. WizKids is at it as well with their updated HeroClix Watch List. Download the latest version and check out any changes below.
Who doesn't love a big, fancy, dress-up party? Well... me, technically... Fanciest thing I own is a kinda-nice shirt and some khakis. But I can still live vicariously through my tabletop minis. And th
WizKids has some new HeroClix products available to pre-order over in their webshop. This time, they're teaming up with Disney+ to bring you some Marvel Studios sets. They've got their regular booster
Wanna get extra free stuff? Sure you do. We all do. And if you head over to the WizKids shop from now until May 6th, you can get extra free stuff. Specifically, a Rocket Raccoon & Groot HeroClix f
With the X of Swords set for HeroClix, WizKids is adding a new Tarot Card mechanic to the game. And while this particular article focuses on competitive play, even casual gamers should take a look and
X of Swords is a new set for HeroClix coming out soon. And while the game obviously isn't a card game, WizKids is adding a bit of a deck mechanic to it with the new Tarot Card Rules. How do those work
A new set for HeroClix is on the horizon. This time around, it's Marvel in the spotlight. And more than that, it's the X-Men and their X of Swords storyline. Get ready to head out and collect a bunch
The Convention Season is upon us. And that means show-exclusive minis from WizKids for HeroClix. They've posted up a preview of what they've got in store.
HeroClix has been going on for a long time. And, occasionally, old figures get rotated out of certain formats of competitive play. WizKids has posted up the 2022 Modern Age Rotation, as well as given
The next set for HeroClix is up for pre-order over in the WizKids website. This time around, it's Marvel with a focus on the Avengers. Particularly, their The War of the Realms storyline. Grab heroes
WizKids has said that they wouldn't put new HeroClix sets in their webshop until they were in-hand and ready to go. Well, after a bunch of waiting, they apparently have them in-hand and they're ready
This weekend only, WizKids is celebrating Disney+ Day with a special Scarlet Witch Heroclix figure with qualifying purchases. Head over and pick up yours now before they disappear.
The Avengers and the Fantastic Four. They're two of the greatest super hero teams out there. And they're coming soon to your tabletop with the new HeroClix: Avengers Fantastic Four Empyre set. You can
A new set is coming soon for HeroClix. It's based on Marvel's new movie, The Eternals. You can head over and get your name on the list for this new set now. Don't wait. While the movie might be called
In case you just got out from underneath a rock that you've been under for the last couple years, there's a global pandemic that's still going on. This has played havoc with production, shipping, and
The Kree and Skrull have been at war for seemingly forever. But now, they've teamed up and Earth is in their sights. That's where the heroes find themselves in Empyre and that's where HeroClix players
Back when I read comics regularly, it was Marvel that I read pretty much exclusively. And the team I followed the most was the X-Men (ok, maybe X-Factor, but X-Men was right there with them). Well, th
Occasionally, sets in HeroClix get rotated out, meaning they're no longer valid to use in regular organized play. But what happens to all those figures that rotate out? Some get still used in a format
It's the set that's bringing a lot of changes to HeroClix and it's available to pre-order now from the WizKids webshop. It's the Wonder Woman set and you can get your name on the list to get these new
Working as an editor, I like to keep wording consistent in rulebooks that come across my desk. But try as one might, sometimes wording gets changed or multiple terms that basically mean the same thing