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With Coronavirus impacting every aspect of life, that includes not letting people go to work. As such, it's hard to get new things made. In this case, it's WizKids letting us know what products they'll be delaying due to the outbreak. They've posted up a list so you can know what might be affected by these delays.

Want to see what's in the Justice League Unlimited set for HeroClix? Well, WizKids has posted up a bunch of unboxing videos that you can check out. See just what sort of figures you'll find inside those boxes so you can be prepped when you pick some up for yourself.

WizKids' Organized Play events let players get some cool prizes, including minis they wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. They're currently showing off their Green Arrow and the Justice Society OP kit for HeroClix, including, of course, Green Arrow and some of his friends. Have yourselves a look.

Gamers, by and large, want to be the first ones to get the new stuff when it's released. They want the latest figures as early as they can. Well, if you're a HeroClix player, you'll want to know about WizKids' pre-release events for the upcoming Justice League Unlimited set for HeroClix.

Many of us here in North America take a bit for granted that we can usually get the "new hotness" games pretty easily. But that's not always the case all around the world. Well, if you're in Europe and you've been having trouble getting WizKids games, you might be in luck. WizKids has new distribution partners over there and so their products should be more available to you.

WizKids' OP kits for HeroClix are known for containing some great figures. The one they're showing off now revolves around some of the most well-known superheroes in the form of Batman and the Martian Manhunter. Together, they're taking on the mind-controlling Despero. Who will come out on top?

Captain America and the Avengers is the next HeroClix set that will be hitting store shelves. Want to get your hands on these new figures a little earlier than the release date? WizKids has you covered. They've posted up their pre-release tourney info. Find out where they'll be held near you and go grab some of the world's greatest super heroes and their dastardly foes.

Games will always be growing and evolving. Even if something's playtested a bunch, when it gets out into player's hands, there might be things that they find that don't work as intended. That's where updates come in. That's what we've got here from WizKids. They've taken a look at HeroClix Skirmish and have posted an update to the rules.

Let's get ready to- not finish that phrase because of copywrite. Anyway, if you're wanting to bring the hardcore, top-turbuckle flying, suplex, bodyslam, Baby Face Half Nelson action to your tabletops, you can do so with the new WWE HeroClix set, available now. Ridiculously huge belt for the winner sold separately.

No, the dials aren't going to be clear now on HeroClix figures. However, since the dials are printed on the back of the hero's stat cards, WizKids is going to be changing their game rules so that one player can look at another player's stat card whenever they want. Now, many games have such open information already. Now, it's just coming to the HeroClix world.

The starships of the Federation are crewed by the most capable people available. But, they won't get a lot done if they simply stay on the ship all day. Nope, someone's going to have to go planetside and see what's up. And that's just what you'll be doing with your new Star Trek HeroClix Away Team figures. You can pick up these characters from the Next Generation series now.

Let's get ready to... not finish that phrase or I'd have to possibly pay a large sum of money.

Anyway, for those of you WWE fans out there that want to bring your larger-than-life wrestlers onto your tabletop, you'll want to look no further than the WWE Mixed Match Challenge starter set that WizKids is coming out with. It's everything you need to get playing, with four wrestlers, tokens, rules, and a ring in which all the slammin' action can take place.

Can you smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllll what's on Mick Foley's hand? Probably. It's a sock after all, and I don't know how often he washes that thing.

If you're looking to get into HeroClix with the new WWE set, WizKids has a perfect place to do so. They've announced their The Rock 'n' Sock Connection Starter Set with some of the WWE's most iconic characters ready to hit the mat.

Hands up everyone who used to watch the X-Men Animated Series. *raises hand* Yeah, it was a pretty sweet cartoon. And who can forget that blasting guitar intro? Anyway, if you want a bit of nostalgia and also to add to your HeroClix collection, you should check out the Marvel HeroClix: X-Men the Animated Series, The Dark Phoenix Saga (full names are fun!). This new set is available now.

Ooooh yeah! It's time to once more look at the upcoming WWE HeroClix set that WizKids is producing. These high-flying performers have some really wild moves, and translating all of that action to the tabletop is of the highest priority. It's with that in mind that WizKids is showing off their Advanced New Standard Powers that will be showing up on the figures. Check it out and make sure you've got everything planned out right.

The logistics behind getting gaming products out to you, the populace, are huge and complicated. And try as they might, sometimes things don't go as planned. Any small hiccup along the way can cause a change in when product is available. So, with that in mind, WizKids is sad to say that they are pushing back the release of the Marvel HeroClix: X-Men the Animated Series, the Dark Phoenix Saga set until the end of the month.

The WWE is slamming its way into HeroClix. Do a double-flip off the top turnbuckle and pin your opponents. With the new slew of wrestlers making their way to the ring, the game is getting some new Standard Powers to represent the high-flying action. In this article, we get a look at them for veterans and new gamers alike to see what's coming.

The X-Men have been in just about every form of media. Of course, there's the comic books, but there's also movies and, in this instance, TV shows. Raise your hand if you watched the X-Men cartoon. *raises hand and sees most others do it, too* That's what I thought. Well, there's some new figures for HeroClix coming based on that beloved show.

HeroClix is for heroes of all types. It's not just Marvel and DC that get to have figures. In its upcoming set, WizKids is creating figures based on famous WWE wrestlers. They've posted up a preview of the first two, AJ Punk and Eddie Guerrero. Have yourself a look.

For a team, the X-Men never seemed to get along that well. At least, Wolverine and Cyclops certainly never got along. And in the upcoming 3-month long storyline event, Wolverine vs. Cyclops: X-Men Regenesis, that all comes to a head. This new HeroClix event is being previewed now over on WizKids' site.

Many of you have seen Endgame and seen what the movie studios are doing for the Infinity War. Well, what about recreating that on your own tabletop? That's what you'll get to do with the upcoming HeroClix set, and we get a look at some of the figures you'll be finding in this preview.

So, I think I heard something about a new Avengers moving coming out at some point. I've not really looked into it. But, overall, people seem to be pretty jazzed about it. After you're done at the movie theater, you'll soon be able to add more Marvel superheroes to your HeroClix games, as there's a new set coming out soon called Avengers Black Panther and the Illuminati.

The next set for HeroClix is now available. If you're wanting to get some super punching action on, you can now pick up sets of the DC Universe Rebirth set. Full of iconic heroes and villains, including alternate versions of them that you might not readily recognize, you can add them to your collection.

The DC Universe has been blasted apart and put back together several times. In this most recent incarnation, it's being called DC Universe Rebirth, and there's a new HeroClix set coming out celebrating it. WizKids has started with the previews of this new set that you can check out.

When the new set of figures hits the streets, everyone wants to be the first to get them. So, when given an opportunity to get those figures up to two weeks early, it's a good idea to figure out just how you can go about doing that. In this instance, it's the pre-release events that WizKids will be holding for the DC Rebirth set for HeroClix.