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Alright. We've made it halfway through the week. We can make it through the other half, right? Right! I knew you had it in you. As for me, I'm feeling a little peckish. So, before we put our helmet on
Almost there, everyone. We're almost there. Just gotta finish up today and we'll be back to the weekend. I hope you have some gaming lined up. I do. Then we'll see how it goes afterward. Either way, I
Only the 2nd day in the office, but already halfway through the week. That's my favorite part of having Mondays off. I've got a whole weekend of gaming coming up, and I'm excited to get to it as quick
It's a cold and snowy day here over in Atlanta. A thin layer of ice is concealed under a small blanket of snow. As such, it's "work from home" day for the bear. Atlantans tend to have rather dubious d
I just realized this morning that this upcoming weekend is the last one before Christmas.Ok, so, technically Christmas has one more weekend before it, but since it falls on a Monday, it means this upc