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Heresy Miniatures

Heresy Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign for some new minis, but to also bring back some classic, older minis in new, resin bodies.SourceFrom the campaign:I am looking to raise funds to pay
Heresy Miniatures is offering free shipping on all orders for the rest of this week.From the announcement:Hi allI'm taking the rest of the week off to do as much sculpting as I can - this of course me
Brueckenkopf posted another review for you (who can read/translate German) of Heresy Miniatures trooper models.From the review:We are getting back to speed, another review from Brueckenkopf Online, co
Brueckenkopf Online put up another of their model reviews (as always, in German). This one is of Heresy Miniatures' Big Boris.From the review:A barbarian follows another one, here is the 2nd review th
Heresy Miniatures has a couple of new troopers with heavy weapons up on their website (scroll down to the bottom to find 'em). Here's what they look like:From the shop:Give your trooper squads some se
Heresy Miniatures releases new Trooper Miniatures to their website. These March Releases also include conversion bits for the troops to make them fit any platoon.From their release:Troopers PackThree
Heresy Miniatures releases a new gang member, Mr. Smug, to their online store. From their site:He's got the drop on ya, you're dead and you both know it, especially him. This figure comes with a laser
Hersey Miniatures adds Artus, Scifi Roman to their online store. From their site:This time-lost legionnaire seemingly cannot die, always returning to find new ways of meeting his doom.Single piece met
Heresy Miniatures have added the Valkyrie miniature to their newly renovated and updated online store.
Heresy Miniatures is having a sale with up to 42% off some figures.
Heresy Miniatures have released several packs of 28mm Goblin figures as well as a new Hurn Alien Bounty Hunter figure. GOB001 Goblin Archers Randomly supplied goblin archers - we'll try to make sur
Heresy Miniatures have announced a price increase across their range of miniatures. From their website: My heart sank: I felt like I'd been just been told that I had an incurable disease of some sort