Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla

Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla Savage Worlds RPG Up On Kickstarter

So, it would seem that all the books that H.P. Lovecraft wrote weren't just some crazy stories he decided to jot down. They were, instead, notes from investigations that he was doing into the strange, other-worldly beings that were seen invading into our own reality with ever-increasing regularity. Along with the likes of such people as Nikola Tesla, Amelia Earheart, Harry Houdini, Marie Curie, Babe Ruth, Charlie Chaplin, and many other of the 20's most famous people, it's a race against the elder gods to save the Earth. That's the story behind Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla (which is based on the Action Lab comic series as well). They're up on Kickstarter now.

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