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We've got a whole bunch of He-Man in just a couple days. This time around, it's CMON with their Masters of the Universe: The Board Game - Clash for Eternia. Take up the forces of either good or evil,
Iiiiii haaaaaave the poweeeeeeer!!!!... to go and late pledge for Archon Studios' Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia. And you have that power, too. And you have that power! And you have that p
Metal Polyhedral Dice Set
In Masters of the Universe: The Board Game, players can opt for a 1-vs-many style. That 1 is called the Controller and they have various things at their disposal in order to defeat the others. One suc
I used to have He-Man toys and watch the tv show. I was the cool kid with Castle Greyskull, even. Heck, this entry just took me an extra 5min because I was waxing nostalgic over those times. Anyway, h
Iiiiiiiii have the poweeeeeeeeeer!... to tell you that Archon Studios has announced a new He-Man board game. It's called Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia, and it will bring many of your favo
I was a really cool kid. I had Castle Greyskull. Oh yeah. You can be retroactively envious of me. That's fine. Though I don't have it anymore, soon, I'll be able to relive that childhood as CMON has a