Haste Games

Haste Games launches The Empire Kickstarter

Haste Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their The Empire line of miniatures.


From the campaign:

The empire is a modular 28mm heroic scale faction for a game of medieval fantasy massive battles. The boxes of regiments compose ten, fifteen or twenty units of hard plastic with a number of modular components to configure armies uniquely.

The miniatures will come in plastic sprues, from which the components should be separated, glued and painted. Each box will also contain an instruction sheet in several languages and the corresponding bases.

Our rules will be available for free on our website to anyone who wants to download them.

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Everyone loves Sword & Board

Haste Games is showing off some concept art for some swordsman minis they're working on.


From the preview:

We are presenting a comparative between the conceptual design and the 3D design of the empire's regiment of swordsmen. What do you think?

This will be the first regiment of the empire, and like all other regiments, all the components fit perfectly together and can create completely unique armies with the highest level of customization.

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