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Hasslefree Miniatures

Is this week going by quickly for everyone else, or is it just me? I woke up this morning and sort of shocked myself with the fact that I was putting on my Wednesday shirt already. We'll be getting to
Hasslefree Miniatures turns 11 years old today! *gets out the cake and party hats and throws a party*They grow up so fast!Anyway, while they're having the party, you get the presents. For today, only,
Wamp is running another of their world-famous contests. This time it's for Hasslefree Miniatures.SourceFrom the contest sheet:Hasslefree!Yup the Whites are back to tempt you with their harem of miniat
Hasslefree Minis has posted up a WIP of the Chaotic Lord they're working on.Looking really good so far.SourceFrom the preview:WIP #2 of our Chaotic Lord. Look at that damn cloak!
Oddity Miniatures has a big announcement posted, the main crux of it being that they were purchased by Hasslefree Miniatures.SourceFrom the announcement:The big announcement!First of all I want to tha
Hasslefree Miniatures is showing off a new walker model they've been working on. It's still in the WIP stages, but looks like it'll be available soon.From the preview:WIP new walker variant. Still to
Hasslefree Miniatures gives us a look at the WIP green for their upcoming Grymn Special Forces figure.From the preview:Final WIP of the first of the Grymn Special Forces. They will be single piece, 4
Hasslefree Miniatures gives us a look at the Modern Assassin model they've been working on with a look at the green WIP.From the preview:Modern Female Movie-Style 'Assassin' WIP 2
Hasslefree Miniatures is showing off the final master for their upcoming Jay "Tron Guy" Maynard miniature.From the post:Finished resin master of Jay "Tron Guy" Maynard!
Hasslefree Miniatures posted up a preview of the green for their Modern Female Trooper mini.From the post:Finished Female Modern Trooper (Other than Kev deciding that a detail so small humans can't co
Wamp is running another of their painting contests over on their forums. This one's Hasslefree.From the contest:Wamp welcomes back Hasslefree Miniatures for the third year. Some great prizes up for gr
Hasslefree Minis gives us a look at what their sculptors have been working on with a peek at a bunch of greens.From the preview:Bit slow on uploading to this one this month due to the fact i have been
Hasslefree Miniatures posted up a photo of some Modern Weapons sprues they're working on.From the website:New guns for the modern troopers...and for Kev to chop around and 'faff' withThe M27 is going
Hasslefree Miniatures is having a sale on their website for all of their Twilight stock. Sale! All Twilight stock reduced by between 20% and 40%. Grab a bargain whilst you can!
Hasslefree Miniatures gives us a look at a trio of soldier models they've been working on.
Wamp is having a painting contest over on their forums. Just paint up your favorite Hasslefree miniature and enter.Wamp's latest contest see the return of the ever popular Hasslefree Miniatures.All Ha
Hasslefree Miniatures posted up 5 previews for some upcoming models they've been working on.
Hasslefree Miniatures put up several new models for their June releases. Not all of them are shown here. Be careful surfing the site at work or you may click on something that your boss may not be 100
Hasslefree Miniatures has a more-complete version of the green of the chainsaw-wielding woman that we previewed before. Here it is.From the update:still needs no silly comments about the fla
Hasslefree Miniatures posted up a bunch of greens over on their Facebook page's gallery under the heading "April 2012 Workbench." Let's go see what they've got in store, shal we?
Hasslefree Miniatures has some new dwarf warriors up on their website. It'd be nice if you took a look.From the update:A total of 3 new male dwarf multi-packs have now been released over the last few
Hasslefree Miniatures has a whole bunch of promotions and other such lined up for Salute. Can't make it? That's ok. They've got stuff for you (and me, by extension, since I won't be able to go), too.F
Hasslefree Miniatures gives us a look at some of their March releases. Don't mess with these girls!From the announcement:As always with news releases I seem to be permanently running 2 weeks behind, I
Hasslefree Miniatures has put up a bunch of new model photos on their Facebook page. Go have a look-see.
Hasslefree Miniatures has a new newsletter service. Though, of course, we do hope you keep coming back to us as well.From their forums:Last week we sent out the first ever email newsletter to all cust