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Harry Potter Miniatures Game

Knight Models has a huge batch of releases for the Batman and DC Universe Miniatures Games. There's classics like Poison Ivy, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, and The Falcone Crime Family, among others. Also King Shark, because we just passed Shark Week. They are also taking orders for their show-exclusive miniatures, which include Batman (Nightmare) and Luna Lovegood in her lion hat.
Well, I figured out why it's cold (y'know, for Atlanta, at least). It's not because it's getting to be winter. No, that's silly. It's because Knight Models has a new Mr. Freeze gang and extras available for the Batman Miniatures Game!
Ok, so maybe it's actually because it's, y'know, mid-November. But still, there are new Mr. Freeze releases available for the Batman Miniatures Game. Though that's certainly not all.

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