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Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game

Knight Models is working on a new edition of their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. Though, those that have already been playing and enjoying the game don't seem to have much to worry about. From the announcement, this new edition sounds more like a quality change in ancillary products around the game, and less an overhaul of the game, itself. Though only time will tell.

Knight Models has a new batch of figures they're taking pre-orders for over on their website. If you're looking for more Harry Potter or Batman figures, look no further. Be the first gamer on your block with these minis when they hit the streets. Put your name down on the list now.

Friday Eve. Also Weekend Eve Eve. Whatever you want to call it, the weekend is getting closer. We're in the back-half of the work week and those couple of days off draw ever-closer. I'm ready for it, because we've got D&D again this weekend and it should be an interesting session. Gotta go rescue a party member. That probably means fights. And fights means terrain. And terrain is what we're here to bring you today.

In the Terrain Corner we have: Hogwarts Deluxe Scenery Set Available From Knight Models, Post-Apocalyptic Terrain and Mats Up On Kickstarter, and Terrains4Games Previews Watermill.

Harry Potter fans, there's a bunch of new figures available to order for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game from Knight Models. You've got a whole host of new professors from Hogwarts, as well as a cadre of Centaur figures. Pre-orders are being taken now, with the release on April 1st (no foolin').

Knight Models is running a special webstore exclusive bundle deal for their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. If you want to dive right into the Wizarding War with some units for both sides, this is your opportunity to do so.

The latest batch of Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game are available to order from Knight Models. Pre-orders are being taken now until February 28th, with shipping to start at the beginning of next month. Get your name on the list to be the first on your block with these figures when they hit shelves.

Knight Models has a trio of new releases over on their website that are up for pre-order now. There's a new Dumbledore figure for the Harry Potter minis game. Then, for the Batman Miniatures Game, you can pick up a League of Assassins set, as well as the Ratcatcher.

Lots of new releases up on Knight Model's website for you to check out, available now for pre-order. There's a couple kits for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game, as well as the DC Universe Miniatures Game. So, if you want some wand-waving action, or some superhero stomping, they've got you covered.

Usually, we're all about telling you a new Kickstarter will be launching soon. And for Knight Model's Harry Potter game, we'd done just that. However, we're now here to tell you that the Kickstarter's been cancelled. But the game hasn't. Instead of a Kickstarter campaign, Knight Models is going directly to pre-orders starting next week on the 14th.
Well, it seems as though, as expected, everyone went pretty crazy over the announcement for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Board Game from Knight Models. Well, they've posted up a new preview. Have a look at some of the minis that only got teased a bit in their preview video.
Here's one that I know a lot of people have been wanting to know more about. Knight Models has announced the launch date for their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Kickstarter (March 14th). So you've got a month to get your wands, owls, and brooms together.