Monday Terrain Corner

Back in the office after a busy weekend. Heck, I was just here the other day, helping to pick and pack orders (or “the ol’ P’ n’ P'” as they apparently don’t call it, much to my disappointment). But it’s back to the regular desk (at least for now), making news posts. That includes letting you know about terrain to make your tables look great.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Happy Seppuku Running MagRelief Kickstarter and Heroic Maps – Christmas Countdown Week 1.

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Friday Snippets

Woo! Friday! Woo!
*runs around with arms over my head*
The Gateway to the Weekend is once more upon us. In just a couple hours, we’ll be enjoying a couple days off to do whatever we want (hopefully that involved gaming). We’d best make sure we’ve got enough strength. That can be gained by noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Viking Raid and Shaleground Flat Bases Now Available From Tabletop-Art, More busts released by Shieldwolf Miniatures, Raging Heroes introduces the Davidians sculpts, Happy Seppuku Texture Presale Happening Now, New Sci-Fi/Modern Minis From Rebel Minis, Barbaric Splendor Kickstarter One – Personalities is now live, RN Estudio Unlocking Stretch Goals In Revenants vs Ancestrals Indiegogo Campaign, and ThunderChild Miniatures Remasters and Releases Gnarly Pilgrims Minis.

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Sunday Snippets

Well, my left arm hurts.
But then again, that’s what happens when you stab it a million times.
And for the next couple weeks I get to have Hibiclens and Aquaphor on my person at all times.

Anyway, while I was changing the face of my left arm forever, I hope you were able to get some gaming in. At the moment, though, we’ve got some bite-sized stories to bring you.

Today’s articles include: New Valhalla Strike Team From Puppets War, New Demonic Ground Bases 25mm From Puppets War, Happy Seppuku Stampede! Pre-order Happening Now, One Page Rules Adds New Fantasy Units, Clash of the Cards – Available on Kickstarter 2-3-2016, Era: The Consortium – The Secret War – Kickstarter 200% Funded, and White Dragon Miniatures Webstore open.

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Midweek Snippets

Well, we’re making our way through the week. My week has been…
So yeah, we’re making our way through the week. Let’s get you some bite-sized stories that we’ve come across recently.

In today’s batch we have: Warbears and Stagriders Kickstarter Announced, New 20mm Car Conversion Set From Ramshackle Games, Good: The Battle Halloween Special Rules Available Now, Geek Fever Games and Firepeng Games Join Forces, Cul-De-Sac Conquest Heading Through Stretch Goals, Ratgard: Badger Multiple Launch Rocket System Now Available, New Infinity Status Discs from Warsenal, Scotia Grendel New releases, Happy Seppuku Passes Kickstarter Goal, Mr. Maksimov’s Manor coming to Kickstarter in January 2016, and Aquelarre Dark & Mature Medieval RPG On Kickstarter.

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TGN Sunday Edition

Welcome to Sunday. We’re glad to have you here. I hope your Saturday was good. Mine involved a Battle Chef cutting down raiders with a Horse Butcher. It was a good time. “Here, eat this.” is apparently going to be a catchprase for him, especially when dealing with the Intelligence 8 Half-Orc Barbarian that’s also part of the party.

But that’s as may be. Let’s get on to a sampler of bite-sized stories for your Sunday afternoon.

A quick one for you today. This batch includes: Happy Seppuku’s Base and Terrain Stamp Upgrade Kickstarter, The Deathless Unlocked in Panzerfauste, and the final week for Smoking Aces on Kickstarter.

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Terrain Corner

Monday, Monday. (ba-la, ba-la-la-laa)
Hopefully you had yourself a good weekend. It was rather busy for me. Lotsa gaming. Lotsa laughs. Lotsa pizza and Dew (because, you know, gamers). Heck, there was even The Gamers.

But that is the past. The present is a new Terrain Corner post, where we gather together the various terrain stories we’ve gotten in the past couple days and bundle them together for you.

This batch we have: Happy Seppuku has started the presale of the Your Board System, New Heroic Maps – Geomorphs: Wardenhale Sewers, Final Days for Pedion Modular Terrain on Kickstarter, No customs fees for EU, US, and Australian backers of Manorhouse Workshop Kickstarter, New Heroic Maps – The Altar of Tenoch, and Pwork release new wargame mats.

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Happy Seppuku Model Works announces Holiday Sale

Happy Seppuku is having a holiday sale that’ll be starting next week over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is pleased to announce this year’s holiday sale! Use the promo code 2014HOOKUP when you check out to receive 15% off your whole order. The sale is from November 23-December 21, 2014. Come by and check out the entire stamp line, as well as this year’s hit new product our Ready Base Moulds! Ready Base Moulds give you a great build platform to make your own base inserts! All of our products make great gifts, stocking stuffers, and holiday party door prizes for your favorite model builders and miniature painters.

Happy Seppuku’s Your Board in the final week of funding

Happy Seppuku has only 5 days left for their Your Board Kickstarter campaign. They’re over their goal, but they’d love to make it through some of those stretch goals. Only you get to decide if they make it.



From the campaign:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is entering its final week of funding for the Your Board Kickstarter! Thanks to the suggestions from our backers we have made many changes to enhance the Your Board project. The Tile Mould is not more versatile allowing people to easily create perfect 1” or 1.5” grids. It is larger now 6”X6”. We have added some classic stamps to the availability list to add to that versatility. And now we have unlocked our Wall Moulds, allowing people to not just create a dynamic multi-level dungeon, but to start creating terrain for outside the dungeon. The funding of this project will be the jumping off point for a few other new product lines that will help gamers create truly great tables without breaking the bank. Come by and check it out, even if dungeons are not your thing but like where Happy Seppuku is heading, there are plenty of ways to show your support! We are funded but we want as many people as possible to be able to say “That was the moment, and I was a part of it!”

Happy Seppuku updates Your Board Kickstarter

Happy Seppuku has restructured their Your Board Kickstarter campaign to give you a better value.

Happy Seppuku


From them to you:

Happy Seppuku Model Works take pride in being a company that works with its customers and backers to create the tools that they feel will make the hobby they love better. While the project is funded, recently backers for our Your Board Kickstarter, came to us and asked us to do some revamping of the campaign, based on discussions they have been having in their local shops and on the forums they frequent. Working with them, Happy Seppuku Model Works, has implemented some changes including a refocus on the core moulds of the system and increasing amount of rewards our pledges will receive with Location kits . We feel, like our backers, that this should stoke the fire a bit and get funding moving like it did at the start line, so it can be as successful as our last campaign. If you haven’t been by the site lately come by and check it out.

Happy Seppuku’s Your Board Kickstarter funds

Happy Seppuku has made it up and over their funding goal for their Your Boards Kickstarter campaign. So bring on the stretch goals!

Flooring Options


From the campaign:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is ecstatic that we can announce that our backer team crossed the goal line Monday and the Your Board: Create Your Own Dungeon Tile System will be funded! We have also added some stretch goals and additional stamps to the Kickstarter to give people more variety and more STAMPS! If you have not come by lately, swing through and check out update #3 with some close up pictures of the Base Texture stamps now available to be picked up on their own or with Your Board, along with the stamp from our first stretch goal Wood-Splintered Deck.

Happy Seppuku launches Your Board: Create Your Own Dungeon Tiles

Happy Seppuku Model Works launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Your Board dungeon-tile creation system. Make your own dungeon tiles in the comfort of your own home.

Happy Seppuku


From the campaign:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is excited to announce the launch of our Your Board Kickstarter. This time we are taking on Gaming (dungeon) Tiles! Although “Your Board” is NOT A TILE SYSTEM, it is a set of tools to HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN TILE SYSTEM!
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Happy Seppuku previews new Kickstarter teaser

Happy Seppuku has posted up a teaser video for their next Kickstarter campaign.


From the post:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is proud to announce a return to Kickstater. For now we have launched a teaser trailer to get people ready, and to give them a taste of what we plan on biting off this time. Our new YOUR BOARD tile system will be a set of tools to allow you to make your own dungeon, starship, lair or HQ from scratch without feeling like you just bought a real building. The Kickstarter will focus on improving from prototype to a clean precise set of tools to help you make your table look like a professional sculpted and produced every tile. As last time one of our favorite things about Kickstater is the amount of input from our backers to help make it their product. We are on track to launch by the end of August, so be prepared, because this time it is bigger than bases.

Happy Seppuku launches new line

Happy Seppuku released a new line of products to help you make inserts for round-lip bases.


From the release:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is proud to announce the first in new line of READY BASE MOULDS available for pre-sale now! These moulds were designed to give miniature artist the perfect build platform to create the ground work for their bases prior to attaching it the base. Each mould is designed to give the artist a clean perfect edge to line up the ground work with their base, either creating an insert for lipped bases or matching to the top of non-lipped bases. There is plenty of run off area for those that like to do ‘oversized ground work’ but still have a bottom that is level to the table.
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Happy Seppuku new stamp pre-orders

Happy Seppuku has some new terrain stamps they’re taking orders for over on their website. Don’t leave your minis on boring bases!


From the announcement:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is happy to announce the upcoming release and presale of two new texture stamps. Ground- Creek Bed contains a mountain creek surrounded by smooth boulders. Ruins- Urban Jungle is the first in our new RUINS category, the texture contains a scene you might see in a bombed out city, including broken concrete, sheet metal, a downed fence and street scraps like a vent/drain pipe and some traffic cones.

Both of these stamps mark a shift in our texture stamp designs. The largest request we receive is to add more variety to our textures. With this release we are going to treat each 3”X5” area as if it was its own little scene. We are still going to make sure there are areas where you can get a “pure pattern” on bases smaller than 40mm’s, with textures that would contain “clean areas”. Accents will still be useful for those wanting to get truly infinite possibilities with their basing but we feel this will give people a much easier time when they are looking to just “stamp and go.”

Both stamps are on presale now at our online store, through their release on June 20th. All orders containing one of our presale stamps will be held until their release until the 20th.

Happy Seppuku Pre-sale

Happy Seppuku is running a pre-sale for their next couple texture stamps they’re coming out with over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is taking pre-sale orders for our two newest stamps to be released on February 14th! The E.M.K. Steam Lab which was our 2013 Kickstarter “my accents” pledge stamp, and Old world- bamboo. All orders containing these stamps will be held until the release date. Oh yeah, and it is an actual sale as well, these two stamps will be available for $10 during the pre-sale, February 14th the go back to the standard $12.50.

Happy Seppuku Model Works launches webseries

Happy Seppuku has launched a new webseries channel over on YouTube.


From the announcement:

Happy Seppuku Model Works has started a You Tube channel! As part of our last Kickstarter we have published the first two videos of a new web series that will focus on using Happy Seppuku’s tools to make great looking gaming tables with out spending an arm and a leg. The first two 15 minute videos cover the basics of using texture and accent stamps, from basic stamping through pining your model to using accent stamps to create bits. Future videos will cover making fully realized bases & terrain, new tools as they are released, and tips and tricks that involve more than just our tools. Come by check them out and subscribe!

Happy Seppuku holding Stocking Stuffer Sale

Happy Seppuku is having a stocking stuffer sale going on now over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Happy Seppuku is holding a “last minute” Stocking Stuffing Sale. Now through the 15th of December costumers that enter the promo code GIFT during check out will get 15% off their whole order. Stamps make a great stocking stuffer, of course no one said it has to be someone else’s stocking.

Happy Seppuku is relaunching store

Happy Seppuku is relaunching their webshop after working on all those Kickstarter pledges they had. Don’t miss out.


From the announcement:

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Happy Seppuku Model Works is re-opening their online store. We now have 18 textures and 7 accent stamps! Come see what you can create. There is something for every genre of miniature.

Final days for Happy Seppuku up on Kickstarter, DVD unlocked

Happy Seppuku is in their final days over on Kickstarter for their base stamps. They’ve come a long way, unlocking lots of new goodies, including most recently a DVD about how to make professional-looking bases for your minis.

From the announcement:

Happy Seppuku Model works is in the final 48 hours of the Kickstarter campaign to upgrade our base stamping system. We are on our way to our next stretch goal at $35K unlocking a Treasure Hoard stamp! We have also unlocked a DVD on making great miniature bases. Right now it is an add-on, and the “I want it all” pledge level is receiving a free copy. Other pledges will receive free copies if we make it to some higher stretch goals. Come by and check it out, and get in before the campaign is gone!

Happy Seppuku posts new stretch goals on Kickstarter

Happy Seppuku has posted up some new stretch goals in their model base stamp Kickstarter.

From the update:

Happy Seppuku Model Works had hit the $27.5K stretch goal which increases the size of the “pledge sampler stamp” from 3.5″ square to 4.5″ square, allowing each of the four textures included to stamp up to a 50mm base! The campaign is going into the final week and we have added a few more stretch goal including one that would lead to the creation of a DVD to help people take their basing to the next level! Stop on by and get that pledge in before it is all over!

Happy Seppuku previews Swamp Stamp WIPs

Happy Seppuku is showing off some previews of their Swamp Stamp WIP that they’ve closing in on over in their Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

Happy Seppuku Model Works’ Kickstarter to retool our stamp molds is coming up on the 25K stretch goal mark. This will unlock the the Accent- Swamp Things stamp. To that end we have posted an update to preview the in progress work being done on the Swamp Things stamp. If you have not been by in a while we have added a lot to our front page over the past week that should really help get those creative gears moving! Come on over and check it out, once we hit 25K our next goal will be at 27.5K to increase the size of the sampler stamp.

New unlocks and stamp previews in Happy Seppuku Kickstarter

Happy Seppuku reached a new stretch goal level and unlocked the diamond pattern stamp. They’ve also previewed a nautical accessory stamp they’re working on.

From the update:

Way to go everybody! So we are actually going to do a bit of a shake up with this update. First we all know this now unlocks the Tile-Diamond pattern that we previewed in Update #9 and we will show the image again here. Also we are changing something up, we had mentioned in a previous update that we were going to try and throw the “I want it all” pledges some bases, we are swapping that, instead we are also with this 20K goal unlocking the Steel- Diamond Plate! And remember “I want it all” gets one of every stamp we create with this Kickstarter, so yes to be clear “I want it all” is getting both stamps we have just unlocked. We looked things over and figure most people would rather have a new stamp over a few extra bases. Also since we launched we have been flooded with requests (both privately and publicly) for more Sci-fi, especially diamond plate. So, we are listening.

Happy Seppuku updates Kickstarter project with more previews

Happy Seppuku has had a busy weekend, showing off some more stamps and bases over in their Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign:

We have also promised some tile images for you this weekend. Since we have had more than a few people asking about it and we are so close to the Stretch Goal, we have decided to post the Diamond Pattern first. Lets see if we can unlock it by the end of the weekend. And for those with the I want it all level, we have been listening and for your patients in getting to this point we will be throwing some more bases your way when we hit 20K goal.

Thanks Team, keep getting the word out, we’ll keep working on getting stuff to get your minds a buzzing with basing ideas.

Happy Seppuku breaks another stretch goal, adds free stamp to some pledge levels

Happy Seppuku made it through another stretch goal on Kickstarter and so certain pledge levels get a free stamp of their choice.

From the update:

Congrats everybody! We smashed through the second stretch goal! That means that everybody at the “Gain a little ground” and the “Whole Nine Yards” level (including the early backers) now get and extra stamp choice. That means “Gain a little ground” now gets five (5) stamp choices plus the sampler. “Whole Nine Yards” now gets ten (10) stamp choices plus the sampler! Now onward toward the Third Goal, where we will open up a whole new stamp design, Tile- Diamond pattern. When we do the “I want it all” level will automatically get this stamp included with their pledge!

Happy Seppuku breaks first stretch goal, previews render of next stamp on Kickstarter

Happy Seppuku made it through their first stretch goal over on Kickstarter. They’ve also got a 3D render up of another stamp they’re working on. This one’s good for bricks.

From the update:

Happy Seppuku Model Works has already hit their first Kickstarter stretch goal on day four! Now all pledge levels $25 and over will receive 20 blank bases and the putty needed to stamp them! The next stretch goal will unlock an extra stamp choice for two of the pledge levels.

Happy Seppuku passes funding goal, shows off more photo examples of product

Happy Seppuku made it up and over their funding goal on Kickstarter. So it’s 26 days of stretch goals. To help out, they’ve posted more photos of the new stamps as well as base textures made with the stamps.

From the update:

Happy Seppuku modelworks has made their $10K goal in just under 36 hours! The first stretch goal, will throw in some bases and extra putty for pledges, and it is looking in sight already!

Happy Seppuku Model Works is a company that is dedicated to helping others in the hobby we love. We like to find new and inventive ways to improve the models and scenery of their games, all while trying to help our customers save money in the long run. We have been producing our base texture stamps for two years now with great success; however we are ready to step up our game a bit. This means improving our tools and offering an even better product than what our customers are already raving about.

Happy Seppuku launches Base Texture Stamps Kickstarter campaign

Happy Seppuku launched a Kickstarter project in order to help fund new base texture stamps. Don’t leave your models on boring, blank bases anymore!

From the campaign:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is a company that is dedicated to helping others in the hobby we love. We like to find new and inventive ways to improve the models and scenery of their games, all while trying to help our customers save money in the long run. We have been producing our base texture stamps for two years now with great success; however we are ready to step up our game a bit. This means improving our tools and offering an even better product than what our customers are already raving about.

To this means we have launched a Kickstarter campaign from June 14th to July 14th! Come by and check out what we plan to do to help you create a better looking game with out breaking the bank!

New base stamps from Happy Seppuku

Happy Seppuku reminds us that properly-based figs are happy figs. You want your figs to be happy, right? Happy Seppuku does.

From the release:

We are releasing the first of our Base Accent Stamps starting with our Sewers and Grates. They will allow people to take base stamping to the next level. Now people can add details to their bases and make them each a unique base.

Seppuku Modelworks has new base stamps

Happy Seppuku Modelworks reduces the price of their best-selling base stamps and has two brand new ones coming at you!

From the announcement:

Happy Seppuku Modelworks is announcing a change to their popular base stamps! They will be switching to a new urethane rubber that will drop the price of the stamps to $12.50 from the original $15.00! Also they are releasing two new stamps Flagstone and Square Cobblestone both of which have been the most requested patterns since the last release.

Happy Seppuku Model Works open for business

Happy Seppuku Model Works is now open for business and selling a set of base stamps used to create your own textured bases.

Base stamps

From their announcement:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is proud to announce the release of their first product line, Base Texture Stamps. After two years of product development, Happy Seppuku’s Base Texture Stamps allow members of the miniature hobby to use any two part sculpting putty to add simple textures to the bases of their miniatures. Each of these silicon stamps allows the user to press a specific texture pattern into the putty. Stamps are large enough to allow for variations by pressing the next base in a different location on the stamp.

The initial release of five stamps include 3”X5” textures of a fishscale style brick, mud/snow, asphalt, wide wood planking and a 5”X5” sampler stamp that includes the four most common paving brick patterns (each sample large enough for a 50mm base.) Happy Seppuku hopes this will provide a simple and fast way to create artistic looking bases for the customer’s favorite miniatures. Base Texture Stamps are now on sale at