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Happy Games Factory

Happy Game Factory has a new figure for Eden available to order up on their website. It's the Avatar of Change. Or, conversely, you can also use it as Varuna, if you feel so inclined. Head on over and
Happy Games Factory is looking to bring you a new fantasy miniatures game. It's called HeroClash and they've got a campaign up and running on Game On Tabletop. You can pick up either of the new factio
It's March. So that means St. Patrick's Day is coming up. Everyone will be wearing green. Even Happy Games Factory's latest release is green. Though that's not so much that they have Irish spirit, but
Happy Games Factory is looking to bring a new faction to their Eden game. It's the Octopus Keepers... because why not? They also have the B.O.R.G. as a limited-edition starter set that you can pick up
Happy Games Factory has launched a ulule campaignf or their Eden Universe Book. For those that don't know, ulule is a crowdfunding website, much like others, but aimed at a French-speaking audience, b
The folks over at Happy Games Factory have launched a quick turn-around Kickstarter campaign for some new miniatures for their Eden miniatures game. The first set is the City of Sagaar. They're a whol
Happy Games Factory is... uh... happy to announce that Escape, their board game set in their Eden universe, is now available. And not content with just one version, they have two available for you to
In the desolate world of Happy Games Factory's Eden universe, many are left hunkering for shelter in underground living spaces. However, there's little to do under there, and many turn to a life of bu
Happy Games Factory is happy to announce that their game, funded via Kickstarter, is now available for everyone. Gnomes & Associates (I think that's the same group that's inside my computer, makin
The folks over at Happy Games Factory know you want your Eden releases as soon as they're available. Well, the September new figures are coming out in 5 days. If you want to be the first gamer on your
Is it just me or, despite how fast it's felt it's gone by, July seems to be just keeping around, too? There's still about a week left of it to go, but that just means there's still plenty of time for
Happy Games Factory is looking to get more people involved in their Eden world, as well as expand the universe into more gaming facets. To get both those in one go, they're running a Kickstarter campa
We're a day shy of halfway through February. If there was a good time for February releases, I'd say this is it. And that's what we're getting from Happy Games Factory. New Releases for both Eden and
We're reading the last bit of October. I know the weather finally caught up here in Atlanta. So it's a good time to have some October releases for your games. Certainly, Happy Games Factory thinks so.
Resistance is futile!Well, the Resistance faction in Eden might disagree with you there. And they're being featured in this month's releases from Happy Games Factory. They are getting a new starter se
Once more it's early in the A.M. and I'm up. That's just my schedule. But I've got another batch of galleries to show off from Day 2 of Gen Con. Remember, the best way to see these immediately is to f
Several prominent scientists and businessmen have warned us about the use of AI. Others are like, "what harm could it really do?" Well, if you have an AI that's isolated from everyone else due to a se
Usually, having burn out for a game is considered a bad thing. But in the case of Eden, it's a good thing. That's because Burn Out is the name of their expansion for the game that's up on Kickstarter
We're starting to wind our way to the end of the month. Just a bit over a week left. Seems like a pretty good time to get the latest set of releases for your game. The folks over at Happy Games Factor
Happy Games Factory had quite a good Kickstarter run for Gnomes & Associates. They passed over their goal easily and went on to unlock several stretch goals. But what if you missed out on the proj
The first month of the year is a bit more than half over, seems like a good time to get out your first releases of 2017. That's what Happy Games Factory has done. They've got new Eden releases availab
The folks over at Happy Games Factory have the latest sets of Eden releases available to order over in their webshop. Nobody can accuse the folks over there from hating Christmas. They've got a specia
There's never a bad time to start planning for the future. Well, next year is almost here and so it's time to fill out your calendar with all the events you want to attend. For those that are a fan of
In the Marvelands, everyone gets along. Well, not really. Disputes aren't divided along creature lines. Trolls, fairies, gnomes, and goblins are just fine with one-another. No, lines are drawn between
We're entering the middle of the month. Seems like a pretty good time to get September releases out to the masses. That's just what Happy Games Factory has for you today. There's a whole bunch of new