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Hangar 18 Miniatures

Hangar 18 Miniatures shows off another of their Pinups models with a preview of the 3D render for the WWII Army Ranger.From the preview:Just a quick update to show the 3D render for WWII Army Ranger m
Hangar 18 Miniatures has posted an update about their Hangar 18 Pinups Kickstarter campaign, adding in a $15k mini-stretch goal.From the update:We just added a mini stretch goal of $15,000 to unlock t
Hangar 18 gives you some more backdrop options for you model-photo-takers out there. These have a rather distinct, "out of this world" feel to them.From the update:Hangar 18 Miniatures Galaxy Backgrou
Chest of Colors posted up a review of the Hangar 18 photo backgrounds that we posted up the news story for the other day.From the review:Many of you surely wondered what kind of photographic backdrops
Hangar 18 Miniatures just released some new backgrounds for when you're taking photos of your minis. Hey, it matters, too.From the release:Hangar 18 Miniatures proudly presents new colors and textures
Hangar 18 Miniatures makes photo backgrounds to make sure when you take pictures of your minis that they look their best. They've got some new bigger sizes available over on their website.From them to
Hangar 18 Miniatures is now selling HiDef photo backgrounds for when you want your minis to look their best. Stop using an old bed sheet!From the announcement:Hangar 18 Miniatures proudly presents our