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Hail Caesar

I mean, his name's right there in the title of the game. Rome's legions under the control of Gaius Julius Caesar was one of the most formidable fighting forces the world has ever seen. Sent to conquer
Warlord's combining together a couple previews for us in this post. Though the two previews are for different games (Bolt Action and Hail Caesar), seeing the two together is now making me go, "Hmm...
There's all sorts of civilizations that lived throughout the Mediterranean area during the Bronze Age. Just about every island had their own, unique group that traded with the others. Well, Warlord Ga
Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!Wooooooooooooo!When you're reading this, I'm hopefully using my Battle Chef in combat.But that's me.For you who's here reading the site, I've got your Review Roundup for you.T
The Roman army was quite a formidable fighting force. But that's not to say they weren't impossible to defeat. A group that had somewhat regular success against them were the various tribes in Germani
We're working our way through convention season. Last weekend was KingdomCon. The week before that was PAX East. Next week is CMON Expo. If you're out going to shows, you might have less funds than us
Everyone likes to get more for their money. Whether it's because you don't have a lot and want to keep what you can, or you have a lot but want a whole lot more, we all love to save a few bucks if we
Warlord Games is giving you an opportunity to get into one of their game systems with their Summer Sizzling Starter Sale (holy alliteration, Batman!). Pick up the rulebook for one of their various sys
We have another Warlord Games bit of news to talk about as we continue to travel back in time. This one's going all the way back to ancient times. That's right, we're crossing into BC for a look at th
Warlord Games has some new Thureophoroi Light Infantry available over in their webshop. While not "the world's oldest profession," mercenaries have certainly been around a long time, too. At least, lo
Warlord Games knows that Santa isn't perfect and sometimes he screws up. Hey, there's a lot of homes in the world to visit, mistakes are bound to be made. Anyway, if you didn't get what you wanted, in
Warlord Games expands their Hail Caesar line with the release of a pair of Greek generals: Demosthenes and Theagenes. Though the exact histories of these two seem like they might be the type that I'd
Warlord Games is running their special Christmas promotions now over in their webshop. Go get some minis for cheaper than usual.SourceFrom the announcement:It’s that time of year again – mince pies ha
Warlord Games is running a special sale if you want to bulk up on your Hail Caesar or Pike & Shotte collections and want to get several box sets all at once.SourceFrom the announcement:Till the end of
Warlord Games has some new Bronze Age spearmen available over in their webshop.Levy Spearmen IILevy Spearmen SourceFrom the website:More reinforcements for Bronze Age armies arrive today, in the form
Warlord Games expands their Hail Caesar range with the release of their new Sea People Command set.SourceFrom the release:Lead your Bronze Age Sea People into battle with this new command group.The fi
Warlord Games brings you more Egyptians and Libyans for your ancients gaming needs.WG-EMB-52-Early-Libyan-JavelinmenWG-LBA-09-Egyptian-close-fighters-IIWG-LBA-19-Egyptian-close-fighters-IWG-LBA-20-Egy
Warlord Games expands their Hail Caesar range with several new Hittite box sets.WG-EMB-40-Hittite-SpearmenWGH-CEM-01-Hittite-Chariot-Squadron-b-600x508WG-LBA-01-Hittite-Anatolian-Spearmen-aWG-LBA-36-H
Warlord Games takes to the field in style with some new Hittite or Anatolian light chariots, available now in their webshop.WG-LBA-13-Hitt-Anatolian-lt-chariot-I-a-600x600WG-LBA-14-Hitt-Anatolian-lt-c
Warlord Games released several new Hittite box sets over in their webshop.WGH-CEM-01-Hittite-Chariot-Squadron-a-600x395WGH-CEM-02-Hittite-Archers-a-600x404WGH-CEM-03-Hittite-Spearmen-a-600x405 SourceF
Warlord Games has some new Roman Numeral dice for use with Hail Caesar (or any game that requires D6s, actually) up on their website.SourceFrom the website:Bring an authentic Roman touch to your Hail
Warlord Games has released some new Bronze Age Levy Troops for Hail Caesar over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:More troops for your growing Bronze Age forces, straight from Cutting Edge Minia
Warlord Games brings out the ancient version of the heavy tank with the release of their Sumerian Battlewagon and Platform Cart.SourceFrom them to you:Add some hitting power to your Early Bronze Age S
Warlord Games expands their Hail Caesar line with new Akkadian Later Household Archers and Axemen box sets.SourceFrom the release:Out today are two new sets for Akkadian Early Bronze Age armies – Late
Warlord Games once again returns to their Hail Caesar line and reinforces it with some more Bronze Age squads, including slingers and axe-men.SourceFrom the release:This week we have more new miniatur