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Steve Jackson Games successfully brought back the Dungeon Fantasy RPG through Kickstarter. Now they're looking to do it again, with a new printing of the core book, as well as expanding the line via their Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 book. Who doesn't want more monsters to throw at their players?

It's been quite a long time since I've played in a GURPS game. Though, it actually was a Covert Ops game, so seeing that title available as one of the new ones that are available now to be printed On-Demand from Steve Jackson Games, it hit me right in the Nostalgia Zone. If you've been wanting a copy of GURPS Cops or Covert Ops, now's your chance, instead of having to hunt them down the old-fashioned way.
GURPS has been Steve Jackson's RPG system for decades now. There's been dozens and dozens of supplements put out for it over that time, some of which have been out of print since before many of you probably even started gaming. So, what's a gamer to do when they want to find one of those old supplements? Well, you could try and scour used book stores or gaming auctions. But Steve's here to help with their GURPS On-Demand printing service. The newest addition to it is Banestorm.
Steve Jackson Games has started taking pre-orders for a couple of new RPG books based on some rather popular properties. First off, they've got the GURPS books for both Mars Attacks and Discworld.
One of the first RPG systems I learned was GURPS (I actually learned it long before I learned anything D20-based). The system is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. With that, Steve Jackson is running a Kickstarter for Dungeon Fantasy, an RPG that uses the famously-flexible GURPS system. The campaign's up and running right now.
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Steve Jackson Games has been making GURPS sourcebooks for the Traveller system since 1998. That will be coming to an end on December 31st of this year. This means that SJG will no longer be making or selling those products. If you're a fan of the GURPS Traveller books, but you've not gotten all the books you wanted yet, you've got 5 months to pick the last ones up if you want to get them right from Steve Jackson.
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Now translated into English: Steve Jackson and Topps have announced that they're bringing the wild world of Mars Attacks to GURPS 4th edition.