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Guild of Harmony

It's always nice to get something for cheaper than you'd usually expect. Sometimes it's a surprise. Sometimes it's something you've been waiting for something to go on sale. If it's that second and yo
Hand Cannon Online recently sat down with Sebastian Archer from Guild of Harmony. Go check out what they had to say.SourceFrom the interview:I have covered a review on Guild of Harmony before and some
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Guild of Harmony now has all of their steampunk line of models available in pewter.SourceFrom the announcement:ALL the remaining Guild of Harmony steampunk figures have now been released in M E T A L
Hand Cannon Online has posted up a review of the Guild of Harmony Steampunk miniatures line.From the article:The Guild of Harmony stuff is great. If you’re a collector you want some of it. If you’re a
Guild of Harmony has a new steampunk model available over in their webshop. This one's Steampunk Arielle.From the announcement:New release now available for the Guild of Harmony 32mm steampunk range:
Guild of Harmony now offers their Steampunk Alice model in metal.From the release:The metal 'Steampunk Alice' is now available at the Guild of Harmony online store!I know some of you have been hanging
Guild of Harmony is having themselves a sale this weekend. Go get yourself some figures for cheaper than you'd usually be able.From the announcement:It's a long weekend here in Australia, so to celebr
Guild of Harmony have released their steampunk Maria Poppets and Albert now individually.From the announcement:Two new releases for the Guild of Harmony 32mm steampunk range: metal, stand-alone versio
Guild of Harmony has another of their steampunk line of miniatures. This one's Akroyd the Paranormal Investigator.Insert your favorite Ghostbusters line here...From the release:Another 32mm steampunk
Guild of Harmony gives us another model from their steampunk line with Zara Craft, Relic Hunter.From the release:Steampunk 'Zara Craft' is the next limited edition resin release for the Guild of Harmo
Guild of Harmony makes some pretty cool and unique figures. Their latest are a Steampunk Alice and Clockwork Rabbit, now up on their website.From the release:The next Guild of Harmony steampunk figure
Guild of Harmony knows some gamers out there just have to have their models in pewter, and that's fine. So they've releases a metal version of their Steampunk Tinker Belle.From the release:Guild of Ha
Guild of Harmony has the next in their steampunk line of fantasy miniatures with Maria Poppets and Albert.I wonder if their next one will be a man with a wooden leg named Smith.From the update:The nex
Guild of Harmony's 'Steampunk Range' has a new 32mm release: Steampunk Tinker Belle:From their announcement:"So-named for her famed combination of mechanical know-how and feminine charm, Tinker Belle
Guild of Harmony have released a metal version of their Steampunk Dorothy figure. From their announcement: A metal version of Steampunk Dorothy has been released, and is now available from the Guild
Guild of Harmony have added three new figures to their online store. From their announcement: Guild of Harmony has 3 new 30mm metal figures: 'Phoenicia - Arcane Spellcaster', 'Vanys - Dark Elf Blood