Plaid Hat Games Previews Harbinger & Kosi From Guardians

In Guardians, a new tactical card game coming from Plaid Hat Games, players take on the role of a unique Guardian. Each one with their own styalized gear and moves. Before the game hits shelves, PHG's giving us a look at all of the different heroes so you can know when the game gets to your tabletop which Guardian is yours. This week, we get a look at Harbinger and Kosi.

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Plaid Hat Games Previews Locations In Guardians

Any good commander or military person will tell you how important knowing the terrain is during a battle. If your opponent knows the lay of the land or the floorplan of a building and you don't, you're going to be at a distinct disadvantage. So that's why knowing the battlefield is crucial. In this preview of the upcoming Guardians card game, Plaid Hat Games gives us a look at the Locations cards and how they affect the fight.

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