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Four new Guardians are making their way to your tabletops in, well, Guardians by Plaid Hat Games. The new Retribution Hero Pack is available now. Get yourself Jupiter, Ryker, Therion, and Warhead to a
Not the way most people want to start out their day, with bad news, I know, but still. For those that play Guardians from Plaid Hat Games, they're sad to say that the Retribution Hero Pack is being de
If you're still looking for that holiday gift for the gamer on your list, Z-Man games has a pair of new releases you can pick up now over in their webshop. They're Gen7: Breaking Point, and the new ex
The Uprising Hero Pack for Guardians will bring new Guardians to your games. But who are these new Guardians? What do they do? What are they like? How do they play? Those are the sorts of questions th
Guardians is out there on store shelves. You can pick up your copies now. But, as with many games, it's getting expansions. In this case, it's the Uprising Hero Pack, which, as the name implies, gives
Plaid Hat Games has quite a big release day going on. They've got two new games as well as a pair of decks for a classic. If you want to try out Neon Gods, and get your own 80s retro-cyberpunk-style-g
Plaid Hat Games' upcoming tactical card game, Guardians, is about to hit shelves. But there's still time to check out the last set of the titular Guardians from the game. Have yourself a look at Ronin
Plaid Hat Games' upcoming card game, Guardians, pits players against one-another in sci-fi, futuristic arena combat. They've been going over the different Guardians in the game, and this preview they
In Guardians, players take on the role of a hero fighting against the others in an arena-combat style contest. Each of the different Heroes plays a little differently, with their own specializations,
In Guardians, a new tactical card game coming from Plaid Hat Games, players take on the role of a unique Guardian. Each one with their own styalized gear and moves. Before the game hits shelves, PHG's
Z-Man Games will soon be coming out with their new tactical card game, Guardians. In it, each player takes on the role of a different Hero as you fight against one-another to see who's the best. In th
Each Guardian in Guardians has their own repertoire of special moves and an arsenal of personalized weapons. In this preview, Plaid Hat Games has posted up a preview giving a look at the various Actio
Guardians is the new card game coming from Plaid Hat Games. In it, players take on the role of the titular guardians, fighting against one-another. As they fight, they'll utilize all sorts of differen
Whenever a game comes out, there's a lot of gamers that go, "Yeah, that's awesome, but can we get some more?" Because gamers are like Oliver Twist. Well, Plaid Hat Games isn't some stingy lunchroom se
Any good commander or military person will tell you how important knowing the terrain is during a battle. If your opponent knows the lay of the land or the floorplan of a building and you don't, you'r
At the center of a game of Guardians are the Guardians (it's kind of right there in the name). In this first preview for the game, Plaid Hat Games goes right in with a look at how these Guardians card
The Guardians are elite super-soldiers, each with their own unique style, equipment, and specialties. And they helped created the new world government. But 30 years have passed, and the Guardians are