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We all know my love of 2-player starter sets. They're a rather economical way to get you and a friend into a game system. Or, even if you don't have a friend to immediately split the cost with, you still get two playable armies that you can use to start teaching others to play. Well, if you're interested in learning to play Gruntz Lite, you might want to check out the Sigma Event 2177 2-player starter set that's up on Kickstarter now.
ClearHorizon Miniatures gives you more ways to play Gruntz with the release of their new SpeCops module. This book is packed with new weapon stats, new rules (including hacking enemy soldiers), new missions (including a new campaign system), and new off-field buffs (because orbital strikes never go out of fashion).


From the release:
ClearHorizon Miniatures now has their Activation Cards for the Gruntz 15mm sci-fi minis game available over in their webshop.


From the release:

The new Gruntz Activation cards are now in stock at ClearHorizon Miniatures!

They are on sale for only $7.00, which is the cheapest price anywhere!

Check out the product page for a video overview of how to use the cards in your Gruntz games by Robin.

ClearHorizon now has the Gruntz 1.1 rulebook available over in their webshop.
Go get your 15mm sci-fi gaming on.



From the announcement:

We now have the Gruntz ver 1.1 rulebook in stock and ready to ship. We are also offering it at the lowest price anywhere for $18.00.
About Gruntz:
Rottenlead Publishing has posted some new activation cards for Gruntz over on Wargame Vault.



From the release:

The Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI wargame now has a set of new mini activation cards which are available in the Wargames Vault as print on demand play accessories.

The cards allow for a random activation sequence, resulting in non I-GO-U-Go type of game where the battle flows dynamically. The cards also ad various buffs to units.

Critical Mass Games has lowered the price on their Gruntz Imperator Mecha as well as now offering the Mecha Battlegroup again.

From the announcement:

We like to work hard to keep things competitive with our miniature pricing though this is sometimes tough with licensed miniatures. We have been working with Robin to bring down the cost of the Gruntz Imperator Mecha so it is now available at the reduced cost of £18.00, down from £20.00.

Whats more is that the Imperator Battlegroup is once again available, priced £54.00, giving you 4 Imperator Mecha for the price of 3!
Check the Mecha out on the CMG store

Gruntz has put their rulebook up on Wargame Vault for your downloading and playing enjoyment.

From the release:

The Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI Wargame is now in full colour printed format and available on the Wargames Vault.

It has grown from an 88 page 1st edition in PDF to a full 135 pages in full colour. Existing owners of the v1 rules are entitled to a free download update of the v1.1 PDF.

Grunts has a sample page of version 1.1 of their book up online for you to check out. So check it out.

From the preview:

Updates and work is still happening for the planned August release of the Gruntz 1.1. rules. This weekend I added the various introduction stories and started to tidy up the core rules. I have a stack of nice new miniature photography to add, along with several new art works which will be nice for owners of printed version of the rules.

This coming week I will be back into the updates again and will post the odd update when I can make the time.

Grunt'o'matic is a free-to-use force builder program for Gruntz.

From the update:

A community effort free on-line Gruntz 15mm unit and force card creator has been released.
The Grunt'o'Matic - online at - is already feature complete. It can create cards and stats for any Gruntz unit type, as well as complete army card sets.
Users can search then view and print other users' cards and forces, or instead create their own.
The Grunt'o'Matic runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android phone, or any other device with a modern web-browser.

Barracks has had a successful IndieGoGo run, but as always, with more funding comes more perks.

From them to you:

It is the last week now of the Gruntz Barracks application and hard copy rules project "kickstarter". You can still pledge on this home stretch and either support the development of the Army creation application "Barracks" or pre-oder the hard copy of the rules.

Gruntz Army Builder keeps rolling along over on IndieGoGo. They've got some news to share about the project as well.

From the update:

Gruntz have updated their Barracks project for a desktop army profile card creator with some new pledges which allow pre-order of the rules.

Gruntz is a 15mm miniatures wargame and they're working on making an app that'll help build and manage your armies. Check it out over on IndieGoGo.

The developers of Gruntz 15mm Sci-fi gaming are running a drive over on IndieGoGo for their cross platform army builder software, Barracks.

There are several perk levels to get what you want, while helping get this great piece of software developed and into gamers' hands.

Gruntz has new tokens and templates available:

From their website:

Sarissa Precision are now producing a set of Laser cut acrylic condition tokens and templates (ruler, area damage, flame weapons).
Rottenlead Publishing have added a free set of Gruntz Condition Tokens to Wargame Vault. Gruntz tokens From their website:
A set of rounded and square tokens in PDF format for printing and use in the game Gruntz. Tokens are needed during the game to represent waxed, suppressed, overwatch, condition brown and down conditions.
Gruntz MechaRottenlead Publishing have posted a preview of the green for a 15mm Mecha miniature they hope to soon publish. From their website:
This 15mm Mech is the first in a potential line of models for the Gruntz game. I am not accepting pre-orders yet because the details of production are still to be settled. It is based on the Imperator mech from the Gruntz rules and should be the first of a line of mecha that are built for the game.
Gruntz 15mm Sci-fi rulesRottenlead Publishing have released a PDF version of the Gruntz 15mm Sci-fi rules. From their website:
Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI is a dedicated 15mm fast play wargame designed for skirmish level play using combined arms. You can use miniatures from any 15mm SCI-FI manufacturer and the rules are not restricted to a set genre or background setting.  You can pick up, learn  and play Gruntz quickly and add to the basic rules with the included optional rules with more advanced movement, turn sequence and activation.  The rules are 88 pages long and in full colour with many examples, photos and map guides to play.  Gruntz has a points system and scenarios with unit builders for each type of vehicle and unit in the game. If you enjoy creating your own weapon payloads for tanks and mecha you can make use of the blank profile cards when creating your perfect unit. Gruntz has been specifically designed to support tanks, support vehicles, air support, mecha and artillery. Vehicle rules are integral to the game and not a bolt on.  It is a combined arms gaming experience with support for all manufacturers of 15mm sci-fi and modern figures. 
Critical Mass Games have added new sections to their online store for Rule books, Infantry Platoon Deals and Gruntz Army Deals.
The Gruntz website has new stat cards for the Critical Mass Games starter armies. From their announcement:
There is a new downloads section on the website with the updated Critical Mass Games starter armies (click on DOWNLOADS tab).   You now get every card you need for the CMG starter army deals in an A4 / Letter landscape page format,  the cards are also more printer friendly (Thanks Michiel!) and each PDF starts with a summary of the army and total points. Where an army has multiples of units e.g. 6 of the same squad I have included six of the card so you can quickly label and use them. One of the armies has 2 Okami walker APC's (the new smaller walker due out on Saturday!). I have included the three weapon variants in this PDF, even though you will only get 2 of the model in the starter amy.
The Gruntz website has a new post showing the progress on the terrain they will be using at their Salute 2011 demo game. Terrain From their announcement:
Lots of work is going into the Salute wargames show terrain layout for Gruntz. The latest update shows some lights which have been wired into the city area. Just a couple more weekends before the show, so we have lots of work to do on the super-detailing.
Critical Mass Games and the Gruntz team are collaborating on starter sets to use with the Gruntz 15mm sci-fi rules. From their announcement:
Critical Mass Games are offering some special bundle army deals based on a set of starter armies for the 15mm SCI-FI game Gruntz. The PDF with the various units from the deals is a free download from the Gruntz yahoo group.
The Gruntz website has an update on the status of the rules as well as an Excel based army building tool. From their website:
A quick update in the build up to Salute 2011.   I finally have my points calculation working!  It took 10+ solid hours in excel but I no longer have to do things manually. I had the method but not the automation which is now in place. It is still a little rough around the edges but will be ready to launch with v1 to aid army building.