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Ground Zero Games Tomorrow's War Figures Available from Ambush Alley Games

Ambush Alley Games now has GZG Tomorrorw's War figures available over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

We're proud to announce that Tomorrow's War 15mm figures from Ground Zero Games are now available to US and Canadian fans directly from the Ambush Alley Games online store! This allows fans of GZG's TW figure line to avoid high international shipping costs.

You can order see and order these great science fiction figures at the Ambush Alley Games online store.

We'll only be selling Tomorrow's War figures to customers in the US and Canada, because we can save provide those customers with savings on shipping costs. Other customers should continue to purchase Tomorrow's War figures directly from Ground Zero Games.

Currently there are four forces represented by the Tomorrow's War miniatures line: The Republic of Arden, The Democratic People's Republic of Glory, the USA, and the alien Darghaur. More forces are on the way (we're currently working on the army of Brazil) and we'll continue to expand these existing lines as well. There's a lot of new stuff in the works from GZG and AAG!

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GZG to produce Tomorrow's War figures

Ground Zero Games will produce official 15mm sci-fi figures for Ambush Alley Game's Tomorrow's War rules. From their announcement:
Ambush Alley Games is proud to announce that it is working closely with Ground Zero Games to produce a licensed line of Tomorrow’s War 15mm science fiction figures. More details will follow soon, but Shawn Carpenter had these comments at Fall Recruits, where AAG and Osprey debuted Tomorrow’s War to a general gaming audience: "I can’t say how excited I am to have the opportunity to work with one of the pioneers of the ‘15mm SF Revolution.’ I’m proud to have Jon Tuffley (owner of Ground Zero Games miniatures) working on figures to directly support our Tomorrow’s War background. Don’t worry, though, the figures we’re working on will be perfectly usable in other backgrounds, too. They’ll be the sort of well-designed military SF figures that are the norm for GZG, so they’ll be at home in any hard military SF setting you drop them into." Watch the Ambush Alley Games website and forum for further news.

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Full Thrust Fleet Packs back at GZG

Ground Zero Games are once again offering their Full THrust Fleet Packs. From their announcement:
A quick heads-up to let you all know that the Intro Fleet, Starter Fleet and Mega Fleet packs are now back up on the store - go to the Full Thrust ships menu and look for the "Fleet Packs" page at the bottom! As we've had to increase prices across almost all of the individual FT ship line, naturally we've had to adjust the prices of the pack deals too - we've done this partly by amending the pack prices, but also in some cases adjusting the numbers of ships in the packs - but in all cases you are still getting a very considerable saving over the cost of buying the ships individually. We have moved the "double pack" fleet deal from the Starter fleets to the smaller Intro Fleets, which you can now buy as a single or double fleet deal. We've also re-listed the FT Mystery Fleet Pack and the FT "Ravagers" Pirate Ship Pack, you'll find these on the same page as the other fleet deals.

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GZG deferred discount vouchers available

Ground Zero Games have begun releasing their deferred discount vouchers. From their website:
All those of you who had February discount vouchers and chose to defer them until June should have received an email from me tonight, giving you a new code unique to your voucher; if you asked to defer a voucher and have not yet had an email from me today, please check your mailboxes and filters, if there is still nothing then please contact me. The new codes can each be used one time only, by putting them in at the checkout stage of any one online order, the store should then deduct the relevant percentage discount from the order value. Please note that the codes are actually valid from now, until the 30th June - so you can start getting your orders together and submitting them if you wish, but please be aware that not much will get shipped out next week because of stock casting and preparations for GAMES EXPO (3rd-5th June). After we are back from that show I will be catching up with dispatches as quickly as possible.

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GZG new online store is open

Ground Zero Games have opened their new online store. From their website:
OK everyone, the new store is open for business! Just click the "online store" link above and it should take you to the NEW store instead of the old one! Just before you all do that, please read the notes below: 1) We've worked hard on the new store (especially Paul with doing all the techie stuff), but inevitably there will be some things we've missed, bits that don't work quite as they should yet, etc. If you find anything that doesn't work properly, or that you find particularly confusing when using it, please let us know - our email addresses are in the "contact us" section. 2) The new store is still a work in progress - one of the first things you will notice is that there are STILL quite a few items (mainly in the older ranges) without decent pictures; yes, we are aware of this and I'll be trying to take some new shots and get them uploaded as time allows. Some of the pics that are up are the best we have of old items, they need improving but will have to be better than nothing for the time being! There are also a number of things not currently on the store that WILL be coming back - in particular all the FT Fleet Deals, 15mm Platoon Packs and 15mm Battleforces are not currently listed, because I need to reorganise and modify a lot of these and I simply haven't had time to do that yet. They will be added back as soon as possible.
Check out their website for full details.
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GZG online store almost ready

Ground Zero Games have almost got their new online store ready for operation. From their announcement:
We are now almost at the point of being able to go live with the new store, at long last. Just a few more bits and pieces to sort out, some testing to make sure the processing systems are all working OK, then we should be able to switch it on. Bear with us for just a few more days, I'll update this as soon as I can...... Just to avoid confusion, I will explain that the main website part (the bit you're reading now) will stay the same - but when you click on the "Online Store" link in the main menu on the left of this page, you will be taken to the new store rather than the old one. More news very soon.

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GZG order status update

Ground Zero Games have posted an update on the status of their order backlog. It seem as if they have finally cleared it all! From their website:
Apologies for delay in posting another update, I've been spending the last couple of weeks frantically doing stuff rather than writing about it. Salute went off very well, it was great to see so many of our customers there and the day went really smoothly - everyone there was amazingly patient and supportive of the transitions we're going through with the store. Since returning from the show, I've been working solidly to get the last of the order backlog cleared (which included some VERY large orders - several in the £500+ range - that got placed in the last couple of days before we closed up the old store). I can now very happily announce that the whole of the backlog has been cleared and virtually* all orders dispatched.
Check their website out for full details.
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New GZG 15mm releases

Ground Zero Games have announced several new 15mm sci-fi releases. From their website:
Now, the very good news is that there are some new releases. Now that they are finally done I can give you some hints as to what they are - I didn't want to mention specifics before in case some things didn't mould properly and had to be delayed. So, at the show we will have stocks of all the following: 1) Three new packs of UNSC-Light troops - a Command/Comms pack, a pack of prone riflemen and GMS/P operators, and a support weapons pack with GMS/L teams and Gauss HAMR teams. I know a lot of you have been waiting for these for ages, and I'm very happy that they are finally available. 2) The Hover Truck that we previewed a while ago, available in open pickup or closed van versions - great as a civilian or military vehicle, and the open version can take any of our standard weapon mount fitments (as used on the Bulldog trucks).

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GZG final Salute update

Ground Zero Games have posted their final Salute 2011 update. From their website:
Well, it's now midnight on Thursday 14th, and all the casting that can be done is finished. Tomorrow morning (Friday), everything gets loaded into the van and it's off to EXCEL for the show! The news on the stock situation for the show is that I've managed to get plenty of 15mm stuff done, so that should all be OK. We will also have good stocks of the most popular FT fleets, though availability of some of the older and/or minor power fleets may be rather patchy. For 25mm figures we will have a good selection of ready-packed blisters of Stargrunt figures, though some of the codes that we still sell as single figures may be limited or out of stock - I'm afraid that time simply beat me as far as they were concerned, and that is also the situation for the 6mm and 2mm lines - I didn't even have time to look at them, let alone cast any, so I'm going with what is currently in the stock drawers; some codes will be available, some won't. Apologies in advance for any disappointment this may cause, but there just wasn't enough time available to restock everything!

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GZG Salute news and update

Ground Zero Games have posted an update on their plans for Salute 2011. From their website:
The most important thing is that we WILL be at Salute! We're on stand TJ15, our usual spot on the central aisle not far from the Bring and Buy area. When you come in the main entrance, go straight ahead to the Warlords info stand in the middle of the hall, then turn right. After all the changes and upheavals we've gone through in the last few months, preparations for this year's show have been terribly rushed and last-minute; at this point I am still casting frantically  to get enough stock done, and I'm prioritising the lines that I know are the most popular.  IF there is time next week I will get onto the other stuff, but I can't guarantee it - so my apologies in advance if we don't have every single thing in our range.
Check their site for full details as the post is quite extensive.
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